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Fitness Friday Spotlight: TRX

I’ve been hearing great things about TRX for a few years now – Clearly it wasn’t just a short-lived trend. In fact, I’d even walked past a giant TRX gym and watched with wide eyes as the participants bungeed their way through a workout hanging from brightly colored suspension cords.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I discovered that my local Bodyfi gym had a TRX class and eagerly signed up with absolutely no idea what I was in for. What can I say? I live on the edge! 🙂

The class was a combination of floor work and suspension moves, including everything from lunges and squats to rows and chest press to v-ups and burpees. It was fast-paced, intense, and a serious, sweat-drenching workout.

Fitness Friday Workout Spotlight BodyFi Financial District TRX Fitness Class San Francisco Workout

I’m hooked and here’s why…

  • It’s a 30 minute class offered at various times throughout the week. That means I can squeeze it in when I don’t have time for a full hour of yoga or Pilates but still want to get my sweat on.
  • You feel like you did a serious workout when you’re done. I LOVE that feeling. Give me a sweaty, endorphin pumping workout afterglow and I’m a happy girl.
  • The instructor at BodyFi is great – Funny, enthusiastic, and bouncing/dancing/jumping around through the workout. He’s great at not only keeping you going, but distracting you when the going gets rough.

TRX Studio: Financial District BodyFi

TRX Fashion: It’s always good to wear comfortable clothes to workout in, but with TRX it’s even more important because if you’re hanging from a bungee cord you can’t adjust! My recommendation would be to wear something fitted that stays in place. I’ve been LIVING in my black & white Lorna Jane tank and Zella Capris. {These Zella workout leggings are killer and on sale – I highly recommend them!}

TRX Fuel: When it comes to high-intensity workouts you don’t want to eat something immediately before or you run the risk of it not staying down. I’ve been enjoying a tasty protein pudding {Vegan ice cream + protein powder – Official recipe coming soon, promise!} or a green smoothie post-workout. They’re both refreshing, delicious ways to replenish your fluids and reward your body after a job well done.


{Images from Workout Motivation Pinterest Board}

Leave a comment below if you have any questions and be sure to stay tuned for my next installation of the Fitness Friday Spotlight! If you’re a fan of yoga check out Fitness Friday Spotlight: Yoga.

Have YOU tried TRX? What did you think?

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