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How to Bounce Back from the Holidays

While it’s always nice to start the new year feeling healthy and happy, it’s also really lovely to just relax and enjoy time with friends and family and food over the holidays. But, once those holidays pass, it’s time to bounce back to healthy habits and take advantage of the fresh start that is 2018.

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Here are my top tips to help YOU bounce back from the holidays:

  • Step one is an easy one. Start chugging! Water that is. You can hydrate your body and flush out toxins by upping your water game on a daily basis. Bonus – It’ll help your skin too!
  • Step two is all about your living space. It’s time to clean out your fridge and cupboards. Making healthy choices is a million times harder when you have open boxes of See’s candy, baked goods, and ooey, gooey leftovers filing your fridge. Donate or bring unopened items to the office, and toss the rest.
  • Make time to move. If you took some time off at the end of the year, you may want to ease back into a routine, but the goal should be to move for a minimum of 20 minutes every day. That can mean a long walk at lunch, or a yoga session in your living room, or a class after work. Pencil it in and make the time.
  • Sleep! During the stress of the holidays it can be hard to get your allotted 7-8 hours, but make it a priority. In fact, if you only tackle one item on this list during the first week of 2018, make it this one. Sleep!

Do YOU have a go-to trick to help you bounce back from the holidays?

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