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Fitness Friday: Boxing

If you’re keeping up with my Fitness Friday series for July you’ll know that I’m having a blast trying different classes offered by Fitness App Vint. After meeting the team for a workout and launch party, I took on the challenge of giving some of their trainers a go. First I tried the strength training class – A mix of rings and body weight moves, and then I got to try the class I’ve been most excited about – Boxing!

After a blood pumping warm up we worked on form and footwork. It was almost like one of those motivational training montages from a sports movie. Except that by the end I could barely lift my arms.

Fitness Friday Boxing Vint Fitness App Workout Gym Working Out

But even as I jabbed and shuffled and crossed, I had a grin on my face. This is a workout that’s not only great for toning your whole body, but incredibly fun.

Luckily I have some solo exercises I can practice on my own while I schedule my next session!

Have YOU ever boxed?

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