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MCLV Travel Diary | What’s in my Carry On

Packing my suitcase may be an adventure for each trip, but my carry on bag is a breeze to pack, because it’s always the same.

What can I say? I’m a creature of habit.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s in my carry on:

I always take my large Givenchy Antigona – It’s the perfect size to fit my computer and all the essentials, and it has a zippered top which I need when I’m traveling. I also like to keep everything in pouches and bags to avoid spillage and to ensure that nothing gets lost or smooshed at the bottom.

Givenchy Antigona Bag Carry On Travel Wanderlust San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Makeup Bag – All the goodies that I shared in the My Daily Makeup Routine blog post will come along for the ride.

Beauty Bag – As I’ve gotten more interested in skin care, my in flight beauty routine has evolved. For long flights I’ll fly sans makeup and add moisturizers, maybe a clear mask, and try to keep my skin hydrated in flight.

Wallet – I still haven’t gotten round to getting a new wallet and have been using this cute little monogrammed GiGi New York pouch for over a year now.

Snack Bag – Nuts, bars, and supplements are on me at all times. Check out my Travel + Macros post for more on how I stay healthy while I travel.

Miscellaneous Bag – This bag actually lives in my purse regardless of the destination. It has everything I could need throughout the day from feminine hygiene products, Motrin, and nail files to a mini flashlight, ear plugs, and pasties. Like I said. Miscellaneous.

Cord Bag – I put my laptop cord, charges, my external hard drive, and other phone, pad, or laptop paraphernalia in this bag.

Laptop & Tablet – Entertainment on the go.

Last item in my bag? I always grab the biggest water bottle that I can find while I’m at the airport and shove it into the bag. I hate buying plastic bottles, but I do this when I fly so I can use the bottle for the rest of the trip without worrying about losing one of my favorites.

What’s in YOUR bag?

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Carry On Packing

It’s important to start a trip out on a positive note. There’s nothing worse than being beside yourself with excitement over a trip and then having a series of unfortunate events put you in a horrible mood. Whether you’re hoping on a 60 minute flight or jetting across the globe, ensuring that your carry on has everything you need is important to set the tone for your vacation

What should you pack? Read on for some of my tips & suggestions.

When I travel I’ll have a purse and a carry on bag. That’s all. Truthfully, I haven’t checked a bag since I came back from 6 months abroad when I was in college.

Traveling Carry On Packing Toiletry Kit Travel Must Haves

{Some of my favorites – Sophistry eye cream & oil cleanser, Kora Organics & The Balm}

Toiletry Kit:

Want more tips? Check out Things I Love: Travel Edition!



  • Electronics – Laptop, iPad, phone & my cords all get packed neatly in my purse. This is where little pouches & zipper bags come in handy, personally I’m a Longchamp girl.
  • Books & magazines – I love reading fitness magazines on the plane, not only are they thinner than fashion mags, but they’ll often contain tips & relevant information for traveling which can help keep you on track. I’ll also pack my iPad with Nook app and at least one book.
  • Notepads – I’m a writer through-and-through. I always have my planner and 1-2 notepads in my purse at all times. Taking notes, journaling, planning my trip, scheduling…

Kate Spade Passport Cover Traveling Carry On Packing Toiletry Kit Travel Must Haves

{Kate Spade Carlisle Street Passport Holder}

I’ve been traveling solo since I was 21 and moved to Rome to study art history. Over the years I’ve created some simple rituals and routines that help me get through my flights in relative comfort.

Here’s my tried & true international travel routine:

Attire – Comfort & layers are key. I’ll usually wear stretchy, comfortable black pants, a tunic, blazer, and carry a pashmina {the perfect alternative to the itchy, icky plane blankets}. I’ll also wear slip on shoes and have a thick, cozy pair of socks in my purse to change into once the wheels are up.

Read more about my Travel Style here.

Beauty – Once we’re in the air I’ll head to the restroom, wash & clean my face, and apply this divine Eve Lom rescue mask. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is life altering, your skin will thank you. I’ll also brush my teeth & slather coconut oil on my skin.

Food & Drink – Water, water, water. I can’t emphasize the benefits of guzzling water enough. It will save your skin, encourage sleep, and even help you fight jetlag! Skip the caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and sugary beverages. Not only will they dehydrate you, they can also mess with your sleeping patterns.

I’ll pack a healthy, nutrient-rich snack for the plane – Celery & carrot sticks are a great source of hydration and a homemade nut, seed & dried fruit trailmix will give you some protein to fill you up.

Extra long flight? Protein bites are a great energizing snack.

Sleep – I’m not a good sleeper under the best of conditions but I try to book overnight international travel to give myself a chance to snooze on the plane to fight jetlag. Here are my top sleep-encouraging tips:

Check out more of my Top Travel Tips here.

What’s in YOUR carry on?

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