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Juice Cleansing

I get asked about juice cleanses pretty regularly and having just embarked on another one, I thought I’d stop and share a few of my thoughts on the whole process.

I’ll preface this by saying that subsisting on juice and/or doing cleanses aren’t a fulltime way of life. They’re not sustainable and it can be unhealthy and dangerous to do them long-term.

That being said, I definitely see the benefit of a short juice cleanse every once in a while. For most people. If you have blood sugar issues or are training/working out a great deal, you should probably try a clean plant-based diet rather than strict juicing.

When it comes to juice cleanses – You get what you put in. If you take it seriously, adjust your habits, and drink tons of water, you’ll feel amazing.

I like a short cleanse (1-3 days) as a quick detox to help me get back to healthier habits. After a wonderful Summer filled with weekend trips and new experiences, I’m feeling a touch sluggish. A few too many delicious meals and bottles of vino over the last few months probably…

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So I signed myself up for a three-day green juice cleanse through San Francisco-based Project Juice. Not only do I enjoy their juices and their approach to healthy living, but I love getting a chance to support a local company.

  • I took supplements daily, including calcium and iron
  • Drank tons of lemon water plus some kombucha & coconut water
  • Had no energy crashes
  • No GI issues
  • Slept really well

Overall this was a great experience and I’m glad to head into Fall on a healthy note!

Have YOU done any cleansing?

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