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2016 Wardrobe Detox

One of my major goals for 2016 was to simplify my life, and part of that was reducing the quantity of my material possessions. Enter the wardrobe detox.

Yes, I’ve cleaned closets and gone through my storage, and even donated unused kitchen accessories. But one of the most dramatic places impacted by this year’s detox, was my closet.

I was amazed by the sheer amount of things I had stashed away and completely forgotten about. Once I really got into it, I was surprised by how overwhelmed I was. After a few false starts I finally got started tackling the project, so I wanted to share my approach!

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First off, I sorted everything into three categories.

  1. Poshmark – This is the pile for pieces that are new or barely worn, and that are either super classic or super trendy. (I tend towards the first one for the most part)
  2. ThredUp – This was for “fast fashion” pieces, which I’m thrilled to say there were very few of, and some nice, lightly worn, workwear and daily life basics.
  3. Goodwill – This is where everything else ended up! I must have done five separate trips to Goodwill this year. A few just for clothes, but also for housewares, kitchen goods, and other miscellaneous items that ended up in front of me during my cleaning frenzy.

This category system helped me stay organized and not completely lose my mind whilst sitting crosslegged on my floor surrounded by clothes and accessories and paper bags of possessions.

Secondly, I had to actually send/drop things off. And I’m not going to lie, there were bags of clothes sitting around for weeks. In fact, I STILL have a “Poshmark bag” for all the items in my Posh closet so that they’re ready to go out when someone buys them. Luckily, ThredUp makes things exceptionally easy, and you can order a selling kit online. You receive a postage-ready bag to fill and voila!

Finally, and this was actually quite challenging, I had to fight to change my shopping mindset. I’ve gotten in the terrible habit in recent years of just ordering pieces that strike my fancy without really thinking it through. And while the instant gratification was nice, the end result, as I had just witnessed, was a great deal of clothing that I barely, or never, wore.

My plan for 2017 is to continue with simplifying my life when it comes to my wardrobe, and putting thought and consideration into my purchases going forward. That means focusing on quality, not quantity. And no spur of the moment impulse purchases!

Closet Detox Spring Cleaning Handbag Accessories Clothing Storage Closet Porn San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Shopping Poshmark ThredUp

{Drool-worthy images are, tragically, not from my real life, but from my Closet Porn Pinterest Board}

In summary – This was a massive project that took a lot of time and energy, but it was totally worth the effort and surprisingly cathartic. I was totally ready for my move by the time I was done, and I knew I wasn’t carting any unnecessary crap to the new place. I love a fresh start!

Need some more closet clean-up tips? Check out these posts {clearly I LOVE this topic!}: Spring Cleaning Recommendations, Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks, and Spring Cleaning: Closet Detox.

Have YOU ever done a wardrobe detox? Any tips?

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Spring Cleaning: Closet Detox

I love Spring Cleaning. Love it.

I probably go through this similar ritual at least once a quarter. It’s cathartic. I love getting rid of clothes and doing deep cleans and rearranging my things. Somehow it gives me a different perspective.

In years past I’ve focused on reorganizing my closets and storage spaces, but this year I put in some much needed effort on the curating side of things. I went through every single piece in my closets and in my drawers to see what I wanted to keep, what I’ve never worn, what can be sold, what should be donated… It was quite a process but the end result of was an amazing sense of accomplishment and sartorial peace of mind.

Now I know if I reach for something it will fit and won’t need to be tailored or sent to the dry cleaners prior to being worn. Everything is current, and ready to wear.

Spring Cleaning Closet Organization San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

So how did I get through this process? Read on!


I talked a bit about my first time using Twice here – Girls Night Out Fashion – And I’ve had nothing but great experiences since then. You order a selling kit online, fit the bag with clothes, shoes & handbags from approved brands {everything from Zara to designer pieces}, and then you’ll get an email with an offer for your order. Easy peasy Japanesey.


Poshmark is, without a doubt, the easiest and best way to sell your clothes and accessories online. The app makes it super easy and effective to not only sell, but shop as well.

You can check out my closet here under the username Moicontrelavie.


The rest of the clothes and accessories from my closet cleaning whirlwind were donated to the Goodwill.

Spring Cleaning Closet Organization San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

{Images from Closet Porn Pinterest Board}

Getting rid of so much this year was really cathartic, I somehow feel lighter and more free, and an added bonus is that now I can actually move the hangers in my closets!

Want more Spring Cleaning suggestions, not to mention a killer dose of interior decor inspiration? Check out Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks and Spring Cleaning Recommendations.

How do YOU approach Spring Cleaning?

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Closet Organization

Is there a more intimidating or thankless project than cleaning out your closet? I have to confess that I usually have it on my To Do list for weeks before I get up the courage and fortitude to tackle the project. Don’t get me wrong, I adore a well-organized closet and am somewhat OCD about keeping it clean day-to-day, but a full-on closet organization project can be intimidating.

I’ve found that approaching the project with a three-fold plan of attack is what works for me. That and spending days hours on Pinterest drooling over beautifully organized closets to get me in the mood… <3


  1. Love It or Leave It – First you need to go through every single piece in your closet and decide whether you want to keep it. Tears optional.
  2. Share The Love – Once I’ve created a pile of pieces that need a new home I set up a Closet Party with some friends and after that any remaining items will be donated to the Goodwill.
  3. Live The Dream – Finally, when your closet is filled only with the pieces you’ll be holding onto, it’s time to sort, organize, rearrange, and plan for the future.

Need more details? Read on…

Love It or Leave It:

I become somewhat attached to inanimate objects so after years of carrying clothes that still have the tags on them from one apartment to another, I have had to set rules for myself. If I haven’t worn it in the last year – It has to go. End of discussion.

You may have a home with more storage space or larger closets and be able to keep more clothing and accessories, it’ll be dependent on what you have available to you and how much of a “clothes horse” you are. In general, if you can’t remember the last time you wore something, you probably don’t need to hold onto it. If your shoes are falling apart, you can probably let them go. If a piece has needed hemming or tailoring for as long as you can remember and you still haven’t taken it in, you guessed it, you should probably put it in the “out” pile.


Share The Love:

My favorite thing to do once I’ve created a pile of things that I’m not going to keep is to plan a closet party – I invite some friends over for cocktails or champagne and free reign of my closets. It’s been a tradition for a few years now and I love to include new friends, it’s a fun bonding event. And what’s left over after the closet party gets dropped off at the donations center of Goodwill.


Living The Dream:

Now that you know what you’re working with you can figure out how best to approach the cleaning of your closet. I like to tackle the reorganizing process in three steps:

  • First I rearrange by type & color {i.e. pants with pants, solids from black to white, then prints}
  • The second step is to consider the season and organize your closet so that the clothes & accessories that you’re wearing now are most readily available. This can mean deploying under-bed organizing trays or boxes to be stacked on shelves out of reach in your closet if need be.
  • Finally, after all of that work, I like to take stock of what I have and how it’s arranged and implement some changes to make getting dressed run more smoothly – Like adding accessories holders, changing hangers, or separating work clothes from play.


{Images from Pinterest}

You can find some other tips and suggestions in Sincerely Jules’s Details or Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Closet Clean-Up or her Operation Organization: Closet Edition.

So tell me, how often do you overhaul your closet(s)? Do you have a specific process whenever you get started on this project?

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