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March Favorites: Healthy Junk Food

After sharing some of my favorite fashion, food, and fitness-related products over the last few months I decided to focus on healthy junk food this month. {If you missed them, check out January and February}

So what is junk food to me? It’s something processed or pre-made that’s not necessarily great for you. This post is all about junk food with a twist though. That means goodies that aren’t quiiiite as bad for you as other choices out there. A little guilt-free indulgence is the key to any healthy living routine.

Lentil Chips – I am a chip girl. In fact, I take chips very seriously. Chips are my favorite food group and if left unsupervised, I can quite easily finish a family sized bag in a sitting. One bag = one serving in my brain. A good solution? Veggie and non-potato variations that offer you the salty, fatty, amazing crunch you’re craving, but without using up two meals worth of calories in a few minutes of munching. Enter the Lentil Chip – Tasty, satisfying & not nearly as bad for you as their fried potato counterparts.

March Favorites Healthy Junk Food Snacks Vegan Vegetarian Gluten-Free Paleo San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Arctic Zero – If you’re a sugar junky, this probably won’t taste very good to you. It’s not an intense flavor, but for someone like me who doesn’t eat much in the way of processed sweets, it’s the perfect amount of sweetness to kick any post-dinner cravings that may arise. My favorite flavor so far is salted caramel – By a long shot!

FluffButter – I raved about this fabulous product in my January Favorites post, but I’m going to rave again. In terms of background, I LOVE peanut butter, but can’t be trusted to have jars of it at home. Enter Fluffbutter – A thick, creamy, protein-packed alternative. If you’re counting macros or trying to add a little protein to your life, this is a great option. I love to add it to protein pancakes on weekends!

What’s YOUR favorite healthy junk food? What do I need to try?

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February Favorites

Welcome to my February Favorites round-up! After sharing some products, snacks, and accessories I was loving at the beginning of the year in my January Favorites post, I’m back to share a few more Must Haves!

SweetGreen – I knew that I was going to love SweetGreen after hearing raves from my New York friends, but was still blown away when it finally came to San Francisco. My favorite bowl? Right now I’m loving the Spicy Sabzi.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pore – I loooovvveee this mask. I’ve used this in the past and really enjoyed it, but I also like trying new products so I’ve gotten away from using it regularly. I just reordered it from Sephora and I’ve already fallen back in love.

Origins Charcoal Face Mask Beauty Skin Care Makeup Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger February Favorites

{Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pore}

Sweet Potatoes – I’ve always loved sweet potatoes, but have rediscovered their amazingness lately. From orange to purple – I’ve been adding them to everything!

Barre – From Avant-Barre to Dailey Method, I’ve been loving getting my booty kicked at barre classes lately. I love the low impact side of these workouts, but they still KILL you!

Trade Joe’s Ginger Pear White Tea – I’ve been taking a break from caffeine and love this mellow blend. It smells delicious too which is always a bonus.

What was on YOUR hit list for February? Any reoccurring favorites?

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January Favorites

One of the new series that I’m going to be working my way through this year is a round-up of my monthly favorites!

From new beauty products I tried to all-time favorites in the kitchen to workout classes to new restaurants.  I’ll be checking in each month to give you a peek at what I loved and couldn’t live without during the previous month.

No Cow Bars – I try a lot of bars. They’re great if I need a little protein boost to hit my macros at the end of the day, and they’re a total lifesaver when I’m traveling or running around like a headless chicken on weekends. Bars are great because they’re easy to store, and a quick/easy source of healthy nutrition. I have recurring favorites that I buy time and time again, but I really like giving new brands a try as well. These No Cow Bars are an unusual texture, but really tasty and filling. My favorite flavors so far are Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Dark Raspberry Truffle.

January Favorites Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Vegetarian Beauty Skin Care San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Products

Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream – I talked all about my Winter Skin Care Routine a few weeks ago and one of the real favorites from that all-star line-up was the Shiseido Eye Cream.

Adidas Neo Sneakers – If you follow me on Snapchat {if you don’t – it’s moicontrelavie} you’ll know I’m a huge fan of my Adidas Neo sneaks. I have them in three colors. Since foot injuries ruined my love affaire with ballet flats and heels {The Painful Truth About High Heels} I’ve been wearing my Neos daily. They’ve held up wonderfully and are still cute and comfy!

Fluffbutter Salted Caramel Sundae – Oh. M. Geeee. This dairy-free protein peanut butter is amazing. But, full disclosure, the bf made a face when he tried it… But he has a sugar addiction so I’m pretty sure his taste buds are shot. 🙂

Finding Ultra by Rich Roll – I’m a huge fan girl when it comes to distance runners and after finishing Born To Run I ordered a bunch of other running books that I’ve spent years going through. More recently I read Eat and Run by Scott Jureck and after that ultra marathoning love fest, I had to read this one.

What were YOUR January favorites? What do I need to add to my Must Try list for February?

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