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Feel Good Friday

After a long couple of weeks and nothing but work, work, work on the brain, I have come to an important realization. In order to live a happy, healthy, productive life, from time to time I need to get back to basics and spend a little quality time with myself celebrating life.


What does that mean exactly? That means relaxing. That means slowing down. That means self-indulgence. That means instituting Feel Good Friday! 🙂

My goal for today is to convince all my lovely readers out there that you too could use some “me time.” If we’re not loving every minute of our lives, what’s the point?


So with all of this in mind I’m hoping that my weekend will include – In addition to some work, bien sĂ»r – Some much-needed girl time, a lovely pedicure, a relaxing massage, and a bit of time spent writing just for myself.

Writing is my catharsis. It has been since I was a child and first started writing stories. Whether it’s journaling or writing another chapter for one of my books I’ve been writing for years. It clears my mind, gets all of my pent-up emotions out, and most importantly, it reignites my passion for life.


{Images from my Inspiration board}

So I am officially declaring today Feel Good Friday! So tell me…  What can YOU do this weekend that’ll make you feel good and remind you why you love life?

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