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Apartment Decorating

I’ve been wanting to do a home décor post since I moved into my “new” place this past November. So when the fabulous Miss Lydia Hudgens came out to San Francisco recently I decided to take the plunge.

Which meant, naturally, running around like a lunatic the night before to finish hanging shelves and building bookcases…

Apartment Decoring Home Decor Design Interior Decorating San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Black & White

When I moved last year I decided to donate of all my furniture and get a fresh start in the new place, so it took some time to accumulate all the pieces.

A simple black & white color scheme was my go-to with some fun metallic accents like pillows and small glass tables.

Apartment Decoring Home Decor Design Interior Decorating San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Black & White

In the bedroom I stepped up the metallic touches with fun, eye-catching mirrored bedside tables and a matching oversized dresser {which you’ll see when I share my jewelry collection!}

The black & white stripes and bold silver furniture struck me as a great combination and I was quite pleased with how everything came together. Even if I did have to assemble the doors and drawers for the bedside tables…

Apartment Decoring Home Decor Design Interior Decorating San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Black & White

{Photos by Lydia Hudgens Photography}

The layout of the apartment is long and skinny so I wanted to keep clutter to a minimum and not inadvertently overwhelm the space. Minimalist black & white prints and mirrors help with the flow of the space.

Sorry about the funny angles for all of these images, it’s clearly quite a challenge to photograph small, narrow spaces!

What’s YOUR decorating style?

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Restaurant Review: Kokkari Estiatori

Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I had a fantastic dinner with our friends Mark and Liz at a Greek restaurant called Kokkari which is highly recommended by my colleague Marilyn who not only met her husband at the restaurant, but later celebrated her wedding there.

It’s a large, darkly lit space with a great rustic decor – including a huge fireplace near the entrance with spit-roasted game hens, country-style woodblock tables and giant, aged vases.

After catching up and getting the oh-so-important wine ordering and bread buttering out of the way our little food-obsessed group ordered some excellent appetizers for the table followed by some superb main courses.

The Kolokithokeftethes (say that three times fast!) are crispy zucchini cakes that came with a side of pickled cucumber slices and a yogurt & mint-based dipping sauce. Absolutely scrumptuous, perfectly crispy and delicious. The cucumber slices were pretty tasty as well.

Feta sto Furno is baked Feta with tomatoes and capers – a gooey masterpiece that everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

The Gigantes were by far my favorite (I had two orders – shhhhh) which are oven-baked giant beans dripping in delicious tomato sauce and olive oil. Yuuum.

The Makaronia was roasted butternut squash ravioli with feta and covered in three different varieties of mushrooms.

I’m not going to lie, when the Psari Psito was brought out I had flashbacks of a family trip to the Yucatan when my parents accidentally ordered fish with heads the entire trip because none of us spoke Mayan. As you can see, this dish was a whole fish grilled with braised greens & lemon.

Sean got the special of the night, which was a large, piping hot braised goat stew with orzo, gobs of goat cheese and a variety of grilled vegetables.  

Clearly we hated our food.

Then we had an important discussion on the merits of different methods of decreasing the drag on napkin airplanes…

In addition to a fun environment, amazing company and delicious food, we had a great waiter who made excellent recommendations and entertaining conversation. Overall it was a great evening and I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in the area – it would be great for a business meal or a fancy evening out on the town with your favorite someone.

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