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Getting Fit | What You May Not Know

In Part I of Getting FitKickstarting a Healthier Lifestyle – I talked about some tips for starting, or restarting, your healthy living journey. Today I’m going to be telling you a few things that you may not know yet about what may happen when you start on this new lifestyle.

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It Takes Time – We live in an age of instant gratification. You can have your food delivered, have a car arrive at your front door, or even have online orders delivered within minutes. But the truth about getting healthier is that it takes time. And there’s no crash diet or workout routine or magic pill or drink that will circumvent that time.

Weight Isn’t Everything – This tip is a two-parter. First, building lean muscle can result in gaining, not losing, weight. It may seem counterintuitive that you’re gaining weight as you get healthier, but it’s a natural side effect. Don’t be alarmed and don’t skip weight training out of fear of weight gain. And second – Don’t weigh yourself daily. That’s more likely to increase your stress, make you feel like the process is hopeless, or even lead to disordered behaviors. Instead, try taking progress photos or measurements that you can review every few weeks or once a month. That’ll show you the progress you’re making without letting yourself get upset about (completely normal) daily fluctuations in weight.

You’ll Eat More – When you workout more, you eat more. The key is to reach for healthy, whole food-based meals and try to get protein in each meal. Don’t think that because you worked out, you can reward yourself with a pizza or takeout or ice cream. Remember – You can’t out train a bad diet.

The Bloat Is REAL – One of the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle is cutting out processed foods and increasing your consumption of whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. And while that helps your body get the micronutrients that you need, it can also lead to bloating. One way to help with the bloating is to ease into whole foods little by little. Another tip is to increase your water intake.

You’ll Need to Shop – While gaining muscle and losing fat are wonderful things, they can often mean a shift in your body type and proportions. Which means clothes that you love or that have always fit, may no longer be comfortable. Rather than seeing it as a bad thing or being frustrated that you can’t wear anything but yoga pants, you can set a challenge and reward yourself with some much-needed shopping.

Dry Shampoo is Life – My sweaty sisters out there will already know this, but once you amp up your workouts, you’ll find that your hair can be a bit of a mess. You’re not going to wash your hair daily or restyle it after every workout – Enter dry shampoo!

Do YOU have any tips for people working on getting fit?

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3 Fun Ways to Get Fit | Active Living

Blue skies and warmer weather mean one thing to me – It’s time to get outside! When the rainy, cold days of San Francisco Spring are further and further apart, I like to start taking my fitness outside.

All year long, I enjoy socializing with friends in active, healthy ways – Check out some tips in Social Fitness & Workout Dates. During the colder, darker months it’s all about Barre and Barry’s Bootcamp dates to catch-up. But this time of year – We can head outside for fun fitness dates!

Here are three of my favorite ways to head outside, stay fit, and spend quality time with friends or family, all at the same time.

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This is a family affaire.

My extended family’s favorite activity is hiking. Our holidays usually begin with a hike – Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to all meet somewhere for a hike followed by brunch. I also spent a good chunk of my childhood hiking around Northern California with my parents and brother. And my dog Molly. And on top of all that familial programming, one of my best friends is basically a professional hiker.

As an avid walker, I’m beyond lucky to live in the Bay Area – I can walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, get lost in the Presidio, or wander for hours in Golden Gate Park, just as easily as I can drive to the Marin Headlands or south of the city to a handful of state and national parks.

The options are endless and there’s a walk to be had regardless of how much time I have available and whether I’d prefer roads or trails.


Outdoor Bootcamps:

Regardless of where you live, there’s probably a crop of outdoor bootcamps springing up this time of year.

I regularly see three different bootcamps on my walk home – A kettlebell class on the Embarcadero, a mommy fitness group meeting in the park near Brannan Street Wharf, and a bodyweight HIIT class in the Financial District.

These are great because they offer a variety of styles of workouts – From resistance bands to bodyweight to kettlebells – And usually no membership is required, just a one-time drop in fee when you have time for a class. So take some time and do a little research on your city to see what’s available!

Running Stairs:

While I love running and enjoy a group run on occasion, I’ve found that most of my friends – Even the ultra fit ones – Don’t love running as much as I do. Turns out, there are fitness-minded people and then there are runners, and it would seem that those are two separate though occasionally intersecting groups. 🙂

That being said, however, I have discovered that even people who can’t/won’t go for a long run can appreciate the benefits of stair sprints! Planning an early morning stair run/interval session is always a popular activity this time of year.

Bonus points if you can turn your stair sprints into a HIIT workout! Add a little circuit of jumping jacks, squat jumps, and alternating reverse lunges after each stair sprint.

What’s YOUR favorite healthy outdoor activity?

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Part III

This post is devoted to the lines that I’m just discovering – Hey I never claimed to be on top of everything – and the designers are that just starting to hock their wares at New York Fashion Week. You can catch up on the earlier posts that you missed to see reviews of dozens more fashion shows – New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Part I &  New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Part II.

Veronica Beard:

This two-year old brand put out a lovely collection for Spring 2013 – Twenty-one looks that included colorful day dresses, loungewear, smart blazers, chic suits, and light outerwear.

You could see the Moroccan influence in the vivid colors and prints, and in the loose silhouettes and pajama-like styles of some of the pants, jumpsuits, and short suits.

Jil Sander Navy:

I’m not sure why, but I’ve never checked out the Loobook for Jil Sander Navy before – Thus its inclusion in the “new to me” Part III review of NYFW – And I enjoyed what I saw. The collection was full of crisp fabrics, clean lines, and basic separates that are the building block for every modern woman’s wardrobe.

When I look at this Lookbook I see all the casual but chic and stylish pieces that you need – Tennis skirts, sleeveless blouses, car coats, shirt dresses, patterned jackets, mod-inspired collarless shifts, and knee-length skirts – All in navy, white, red & blue with stripes and florals thrown in for good measure and paired with sporty wedges, t-straps, and platform tennis shoes.

I look forward to seeing what this brand comes out with next!


This was a pretty collection of pretty frocks in neutrals with hints of Spring-appropriate pink and green. Nature-based prints, lace, and brocades gave this collection a very sweet vibe – Everything looked fresh and ready for next Spring.

Light colors, delicate fabrics, and slightly oversized silhouettes gave many of the pieces the illusion that they were preparing to float away. In addition to satin pumps there were classic sandals in white and powder blue. I loved the shorts, pants, and high-neck blouses they were sweet and dreamy but still contemporary enough to imagine in your own closet.

Holmes & Yang:

Miss Katie Holmes continued to shed her Mrs. Tom Cruise title and joined with her long-time stylist to create a cute, functional group of looks for an early morning NYFW showing.

The clothes were chic and wearable with flats & heels, handbags, flowing silk maxi dresses & maxi skirts, slouchy cropped pants, cute day dresses, short suits, and plenty of fun prints and leather. The first look was my favorite, I liked the loose wide leg pants and the quilted motorcycle jacket.

Pierre Balmain:

While Balmain is the go-to brand for sexy, rock n’ roll fabulousness, its new sister line Pierre Balmain may become the go-to for chic, ladylike separates.

The 66 look collection featured Parisian black & white, pops of pink & yellow, peplums, lace, leather & eyelet, menswear, denim, all-over prints, and a great collection of blazers & jackets in varying lengths and fabrics. While Balmain pieces can often look more like couture than street wear, these clothes were ready to walk straight from the catwalk to the sidewalk!

Theyskens’ Theory:

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve never taken the time to look at Oliver Theyskens’ collection for Theory before. The shame!  And it was no surprise that I liked what I saw when I finally did.

It was a dark hued, wet looking group collection – filled with elegant suits, sleek leather, chunky knits, and some slouchy Alexander Wang-style separates, all paired with strappy heels and oversized, borrowed from the boys outerwear.

Thakoon Addition:

Cute. Feminine. Wearable. These were the first thoughts that popped into my head when I saw this collection – Nothing innovative or provocative, just stylish, contemporary separates and dresses for the modern girl.

The eyelet and mini flower prints were Spring-ready and the bloomer-style short shorts and long, open sweaters gave the collection some fun silhouettes. I especially liked the print mixing and the striped, open sweater-sets.

Katie Gallagher:

NYFW newbie Katie Gallagher was quite the topic of discussion this season and stood up to the scrutiny by showing a black & nude collection full of draping, swimwear, and cutouts.

Peplums, sheer fabrics, chainlink belts, lace-up strappy sandals, asymmetrical hemlines, shrunken outerwear, bathing suits, retro bandeau tops, and textured fabrics kept the collection from being boring.

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela:

The perfect Paris-meets-New-York-City looks this season came from MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, new to NYFW and one of the hottest tickets in town.

Urban cuts, dramatic drapping, and loose silhouettes featured heavily in the Lookbook, with washed out greys, browns, and white, all paired with over-the-shoulder and messenger bags.

Charlotte Ronson:

Flirty florals, calming deep blues & greens, multicolored stripes, colorblocking, rompers, sheer blouses, mesh, jumpsuits, and cute shrunken blazers all made an appearance in the Ocean themed collection.

The separates here really stole my heart, I loved the print mixing & matching, the layering, and the sweet patterns that she used. I was also a fan of the handbags and ankle strap platforms that accompanied the looks. These are the perfect types of pieces for throwing on during the Spring & Summer – Bathing suit cover ups, hot Summer nights, vacation clothes – Cute, easy, and wearable.

Sources: Style.com, Fashionologie, The Stylist, & Tom & Lorenzo

Previous NYFW Collections: New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Part I, New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Part II, New York Fashion Week Fall 2012, Pre-Fall 2012 Part I, Part II, Part III, and NYFW Spring 2012 Round-Up.

Additional reviews, photographs, shows, and videos: The Huffington Post’s New York Fashion Week 2012: The Top 5 Trends, The IFB’s Spring 2013 Collectionson Pinterest, or The Stylist’s The Pit, Model Critiques And More: A New York Fashion Week Photographer Diary (VIDEO).

What was your favorite trend so far from the Spring 2013 collections? I think I have to agree with Mr. Blasberg about one of my favorite emerging trends for next Spring – “NYFW trend: Long live the sexy secretary skirt! Low on the hips at Marc Jacobs, unzipped at Michael Kors, and in python at Reed Krakoff.” Looking forward to seeing how this trend is translated in London, Milan, and Paris.

Be sure to stay tuned for the fourth and final post from the tents at New York Fashion Week – The street style, nighttime glam, and fabulous front row fashion of New York City.

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