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Fitness Friday Spotlight: Vint Fitness App

If you’re an MCLV regular you’ll know that I’m an active person. I lift, run, do yoga and Pilates, dabble in boxing… I consider myself pretty fit these days despite a chronic back injury.
Well on Saturday this little lifestyle blogger made her way down to SOMA for a fun morning of workouts and healthy treats with Stockholm based fitness app VINT. Not only did I get to meet some amazing fitness & lifestyle bloggers, trainers, and the fabulous team behind the app, but I got to do two workouts with the group.
For a flat monthly fee the app lets you sign up for personalized training sessions at times and locations that are convenient for YOU. Everything from bodyweight bootcamp-style workouts and boxing to dance and yoga. Classes will never have more than 4 people but you may find yourself enjoying one-on-one sessions as well.
It sounded like a pretty killer deal to me and I was excited to put some of their trainers through their paces Saturday. After two bodyweight group workouts I was sweaty, breathless, and pumped up. And then I tried to sit up on Sunday morning…
Vint Fitness App San Francisco Fitness Food Lifestyle Bay Area Blogger
{Check out some more coverage on this fun event from fitness badass Ashley of A Lady Goes West, my partner for the pair workout, Jenna of Jenna Rose Colored Glasses, and fellow fashion & fitness blogger Jill of Champagne For Everyday.}
Since injuring my lower back core has become a way of life.  I take my core work very seriously and I thought that the days of being sore from an abdominal-centric workout were long gone. However as I tried, and failed, to sit up on Sunday I realized that I’d just found a workout that pushed me even further than I push myself.
I’m officially a convert!
You can even get yourself a $10 discount on your first workout if you sign up right now! Click here & join the revolution!
What’s YOUR favorite fitness app?
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Links You’ll Love: Health & Fitness

This week’s Links You’ll Love round-up is focusing on health & fitness. We’ll be covering everything from healthy living, nutrition & delicious recipes to workout suggestions, gym clothes & fitness gadgets. Read on for great tips & recommendations that you can try out this Fall.

I’m going to start off this round-up with a topic that’s near & dear to me. I hear from a lot of women that they stay away from weight training out of a fear of bulking up, which is not only far from the truth, but dangerous given the health benefits of weights. Myths of Women’s Weight Training and Female Bodybuilding. I have no interest in being a body builder, but I want to be healthy & feel my best, which includes lifting weights.

Links You'll Love Health & Fitness Nutrition Workout Gym Vegan Gluten-Free San Francisco Lifestyle Fitness Blogger

Sometimes there’s just no denying your sweet tooth. But before you run to the store for a pint of Ben & Jerry check out this great list of healthy desserts you can make at home – 40 Desserts You Won’t Feel Guilty About Eating.

While the benefits of working out and staying active are vast, there is the occasional downside of living la vida sweaty – Workout Acne: Is Your Workout Making You Break Out?

The number one thing standing in the way of you and your goals is, actually, you. We’re so used to instant gratification in our modern society that it can be hard to cut out that mentality and really put in the work. But don’t despair – We’re all in the same boat! How Long Does It Take To See Results From Working Out?

Links You'll Love Health & Fitness Nutrition Workout Gym Vegan Gluten-Free San Francisco Lifestyle Fitness Blogger

Mixing up your workout regime is important to keep your body from plateauing. Trying different moves and exercises is key so keep it interesting:

As an active person you’ve given all sort of advice on how many calories to consume, when to eat certain foods, how much macros you need… Here’s the Huffington Post’s take on 1200 Calories.

{Images from Workout Motivation}

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Fitness Friday: Anywhere Leg Workout

While I love a great weight training session, sometimes you just don’t have the time or access to a fully stocked gym. This is a simple leg workout that you can do anywhere – When you’re on the road for work, taking a vacation, or just can’t get to the gym.

These are basic bodyweight movements that you can adjust as needed – Simply add weights or resistance bands to increase difficulty.


Squats are a great movement that work a number of muscle groups – If you have bad knees you can modify the move by not squatting as deeply.

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

Top – Nike c/o JD Sports

Capri Pants – Nike c/o JD Sports

Shoes – Brooks

Fitness Tracker – Misfit Shine {post coming up on this soon!}

Tips for the perfect squat:

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  2. Keep your chest & head up
  3. Squat as low as your body easily permits
  4. Repeat for 3 sets of 10

Interested in adding a barbell? Check out Base Body Babe’s Top Squat Tips.

Front Lunge:

Front and walking lunges are a great way to tone your legs – You can easily increase the difficulty by carrying dumbbells or a weighted medicine ball.

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

Tips for the perfect lunge:

  1. Stand comfortably with legs hip width apart giving you a good base
  2. Step forward with one leg, ensuring that your knee doesn’t cross in front of your toes
  3. Sink your back leg down to hover directly above the ground
  4. Bring your back leg forward and repeat the movement on the other side
  5. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 on each leg

Most important thing to keep in mind – If it hurts, don’t do it. If you have sensitive knees don’t go for a full lunge!

Want to add a little cardiovascular work to your lunges? Try jumping lunges!

Side Lunge:

Want to strengthen your inner legs? Moves like lunges and squats are just the ticket. Mix up your lunge workout with some side lunges.

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

Tips for the perfect side lunge:

  1. Start in a standing position and bend at the waist as you extend your leg to the side
  2. Keep your knee in line with your toes
  3. Push yourself back to a standing position using the extended leg and repeat on the other side
  4. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 on each side

If you want to brush up on your basics, check out – How To Do Lunges.

{Photos by Mr. Bethanimalprint}

What’s YOUR go-to leg workout?

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

Thank you to UK-based activewear retailer JD Sports for sponsoring this post. They have a great online selection including all your favorite brands, even the Rita Ora for Adidas line!

After JD Sports reached out, Bethann of Bethanimalprint and I decided to head to Mountain View for an afterhours workout in the park. Be sure to check out Bethanimalprint to see how you can get her killer abs!

Disclaimer: Prior to making any dramatic changes to your fitness routine or diet you should consult a physician.

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The Truth About Working Out

That’s an ominous title, no?

Today is all about reality checks and understanding what your goals should be if you want to feel your best.

Working out is great. I love it and can’t get enough. I’ll try anything and you’d do well not to stand between me and my endorphins. That being said… Your workout is just 20, 30, 60 minutes out of your day. If you want to feel – And look – Your best, you NEED to pay attention to the other 23 hours of the day.

“You can’t outtrain a bad diet” is one of my favorite sayings. What’s great about it is that it makes you think – Getting through that killer workout is great, but rewarding yourself with a pizza isn’t the best option.

How you fuel your body and how you spend your day are vital to reaching your goals. Eating a clean diet filled with whole foods and limited consumption of processed “food,” sugar, and preservatives is key.

What else is important? Read on for my top tips on staying healthy while you’re NOT in the gym!

Ellie Fitness Workout Gear Gym Clothes San Francisco Fitness Blogger MCLV

[1.] Walking

Whether you’re running errands on foot, walking to and from your office, or going out for an evening stroll with your pup – Make sure you spend some time on your feet each and every day. You’ll be amazed how much this will help your fitness goals – It clears your head and sets a healthy tone for the day.

After getting my FitBit last year I realized just how much walking I’m getting in each day – Usually between 3 and 5 miles daily during the week and between 5-15 miles each day of the weekend.

[2.] Standing

Sitting down is causing a whole host of health problems for our generation that have never before existed. From sitting on the couch while watching TV to sitting at your desk all day to sitting in your car during your commute – Think about just how much time you’re spending in this position every day.

  • Try biking or walking to work instead. Too far? Try taking public transportation and walking to/from the station. Spend the least amount of time possible in your car!
  • Set reminders for yourself throughout the day to get up from your desk. Even better? Do some stretching or core awareness work throughout the day to loosen up your body.
  • Bonus points if you can trade in your traditional desk for the standing variety. It can be a challenge to make the transition, but your body will thank you all day long!
  • Try stretching, rolling, or doing core work while you’re watching TV home. If I have a movie on there’s also a yoga mat out. Or resistance bands. Or a foam roller…
  • When your 2pm-3pm lull kicks in – Get outside!! Don’t reach for coffee. Don’t reach for sugar. Try getting in a walk or a workout around this time, or just go spend some time soaking up Vitamin D in a patch of sunshine. You’ll be amazed how much more clear-headed you are afterwards!

So tell me… What do YOU do when you’re not working out?

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Links You’ll Love – Superbowl Edition

Everyone loves an excuse for day drinking and indulging in tasty treats, but why not keep the fat, calories, and cholesterol to a minimum and try some of these delicious-but-healthy recipes today instead?









How are you going to celebrate the Superbowl this year?

I’ll be landing in New York at 6pm local time so stay tuned for some updates from my week in the The Big Apple! 🙂

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