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Conquering Flu Season

A sudden shift from Fall to Winter means all sorts of wonderful things – Holiday sales, ice skating, evenings by a cozy fire, hot chocolate… It also means – Duh dunnnn – Flu season.

So why not get ahead of sickness this season with these tips to help bolster your immune system so that you can enjoy the holidays in peace?

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  1. Eat: Healthy food is your top means of fighting off illness & infection. When your body is properly nourished and getting a full spectrum of vitamins & nutrients, it’s going to be able to handle more. Everything from sleepless nights to stressful deadlines to the coughing colleague sitting to your right. Need some ideas for healthy, nutritious meals that are easy to throw together? Breakfast Recipe Round-Up, Vegan Buddha Bowl, Stirfry, Healthy Protein Snacks.
  2. Sleep: Getting enough sleep is incredibly import year-around, but especially important when your immune system is under attack from all sides. Setting up a relaxing sleep routine each night to help you wind down is a great start. Check out some of my tips in Confessions of a Former Insomniac.
  3. Exercise: Regular sweat sessions will help your body excrete toxins and keep your system clean & functional. Don’t have time for an hour in the gym? No worries, there are plenty of bodyweight workouts and quick routines you can do ANYWHERE. If you need some ideas read: Workout Round-Up, Anywhere Leg Workout, Celebrity Trainer: Anywhere Model Workout.
  4. Supplement: With all the travel and running around and parties, Winter is a good time to establish a quality supplement regime. If you’re going to be missing meals or eating sporadically or over-indulging, it makes sense to help even out your nutritional intake. During this time of year I take a multivitamin along with calcium and iron supplements. I’ve also just added Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly supplements to my regime.
  5. Drink: Water water water. I know this is the season of eggnog and mulled wine and spike apple cider, but be sure that you’re getting enough water. Drink it consistently throughout the day, starting with a full glass first thing in the morning, and space out alcoholic drinks with a glass of water between each one.

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What’s YOUR biggest flu season recommendation?


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