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Sometimes all it takes is reading the mission statement on a company’s website and you just know you’ll be a fan for life. That’s the story with me and FRÉ skin care. Their website tells the story of the founders having an “ah ha” moment on the beach and realizing that there was a real need for a specialized skin care brand for athletic women.

FRÉ has emerged out of admiration for active women, through a willingness to promote authentic beauty in motion, a drive to refresh the skincare industry and express positive social values all over the world, and the clear and obvious need for a line of facial skincare products that will take sweat and exercise-induced damages into account. After all, no woman wants her face to suffer for the sake of her body.

I mean… Can I get a hallelujah?

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They are right, there is a SERIOUS need for these kind of products on the market. I adjust my hair washing and products based on sweaty workouts, why wouldn’t I make changes for my skin?

123FRÉ Set is a skin care routine with three different steps that’s formulated to counteract the damage that working out and sweating can wreak on your skin. And bonus? They’re all 100% vegan and cruelty-free. So, without further ado, here are the three products in the set and what I thought of them!

Protect Me – I love morning runs, but I’ve struggled deciding what’s best for my skin before a run. There’s no point in doing a moisturizing and serum and eye cream regime because it’ll be melting down my face in two blocks, but I also don’t want to step outside without sunscreen on. So what’s a girl to do? Enter FRÉ’s Protect Me, a 30 SPF moisturizer that’s water-resistant and won’t clog up your skin, and is light enough that it absorbs quickly when you need to get out the door.

Purify Me – One of my current obsessions is cleansers. I feel like I’ve regained a lot of my natural skin health since I’ve started being ultra diligent about keeping my skin clean. Needless to say, I was most excited to try Purify Me which is a hydrating cleanser that also helps rebalance your skin’s pH levels after a workout.

Revive Me – I’m a total serum junkie and this one did not disappoint. Like the other two products, the primary ingredients are their proprietary blend of Argan oil, Argan leaf water extract, and Argan stem cells.

What’s YOUR post-workout skin routine?

Use the Code CAITY for 25% off at checkout to buy your first FRÉ set valid only for the next 48 hours.

Note: This post was sponsored by FRÉ skin care, however all opinions are my own.

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