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Resolutions, Goals & 2017 Planning

I have to confess that I went back and forth on writing a January post about New Years Resolutions or setting out goals for the year…

On one hand – I am a huge fan of planning and To Do Lists and I definitely spend some time around the end of year doing some much-needed soul-searching. On the other hand, so do most people. And maybe this post would just get lost in the year-end shuffle.

If you couldn’t guess… I decided to write it anyway! Why? Because it’s a tradition that I love, writing down my hopes for the year, and also because this year’s goals aren’t your garden variety New Years Resolutions.

This year it’s simple. It’s about personal growth and self-love.

(1) Stop apologizing

I, like many of you out there, have a nasty little habit. I apologize. I apologize all the time. The first words that pop out of my mouth on multiple occasions every day are: “I’m sorry.” For no apparent reason.

Why? I don’t know. Habit. Conditioning. I’m not sure exactly why, but I am sure that I want to stop.

An apology is an important thing, but I feel like my constant “I’m sorry’s” have practically devalued those words into meaninglessness. And – Let’s be honest, the guy who bumps into me doesn’t deserve my apology. He should apologize to me!

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(2) Focus on Self Love

Last year was a great year for me in terms of refocusing my energies. My goal of simplifying my life meant reducing the physical and the mental clutter. When I stopped spreading myself too thinly, I was able to truly see what mattered to me.

And you know what matters?


I used to feel like it was selfish or self-centered to prioritize myself and my own happiness above all else, but I’ve discovered that you are able to give much more to others when you’re happy and healthy. And you can’t get to happy and healthy unless you give yourself what you need.

That’s different for everyone. For you that could mean getting a monthly massage or planning a spa day, or it could mean making time for the gym or spending time on your favorite hobby.

For me, the goal is to create a healthy self-love ritual to following each night. A bath with delicious smelling candles and lovely oils, meditation, and journaling. It can be quick or it can be long and luxurious, but I want to do those three things as many nights in 2017 as I can manage!

What are YOUR resolutions? What are you planning for 2017? Tell me your goals!

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April Resolutions & May Goals

Happy May!

Yesterday was May 1st – Also known as May Day – Which was, in ancient times, a Spring celebration of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers. I’ve never actually had the opportunity to celebrate, but I envision a bright explosion of Spring festivities with flowers, dancing, and singing. Doesn’t that seem like a wonderful way to celebrate the changing seasons?

So why am I talking about May Day?

Because rather than panic because the year is ALMOST HALF OVER, I’m trying to just be excited for beautiful weather, peony bouquets, and outdoor activities.

Time to set some Spring goals for myself!

Goals Resolutions Poncho Winter Layering San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Givenchy Antigona Satchel Snakeskin

{What I’m Loving Lately: The Real Real}


I continued working on my very serious Spring Cleaning goals this month. Between Poshmark and Thredup, I’m doing a great job of re-purposing pieces from my wardrobe, many of which I never even wore. Which just reinforces just how serious I’m about not creating more waste.

And I’ve also been making Goodwill donations at my local drop-off center – Everything from kitchen equipment to storage pieces to accessories.

Be Grateful:

As 2016 ticks by and my drive to travel continues to increase, I realize just how lucky I am to have the opportunity to see the world. Visiting new places, seeing sights that I’ve spent years reading about, trying new foods, exploring exciting cultures… It’s a privilege, and I’m nothing short of grateful that I get the chance to make these trips.

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 {A Morning Routine & Greeting the Day}

Give Back:

This month I was excited to share one of my favorite local organizations with you – The SF Marin Food Bank. It’s a really well-run organization that is making strikes in the fight to end hunger, and there are many great ways to get involved. Check out this post and see how you help!

Have YOU looked back at your 2016 resolutions since you made them? Have you tried setting some new goals this year?

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March Resolutions & April Goals

I’m going to be honest with you. When I started writing this post all I could think was – OH MY GOSH HOW IS IT MARCH ALREADY? And after that brief freak out, I got down to the business at hand. Namely reflecting on how the 1st quarter of 2016 has been going.

When I look back, the first word that comes to mind is: Fun. I’ve had a great year so far – Weekends away, redecorating my apartment, working with new brands, starting a new fitness series

There are always ups and downs – Full disclosure, I started painting my apartment in December & it’s not done yet – But the year has been overwhelmingly productive, entertaining, and transformative.

Let’s keep this up!

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{Weekend Meal Prepping}


It’s the season for road trips and weekends away so I downloaded Audible.com this month and started my first book on a recent trip up to Tahoe – The Martian! It felt great not buying a physical book on tape that I knew I wouldn’t listen to again.

I also put a stop on new purchases this month. Supplements and food stuffs aside, I majorly reduced online purchases. Which are probably 90% of my purchases over all…

Be Grateful:

A medical procedure early in March reminded me just how grateful I am for my body. It’s easy to forget what you have until it’s {temporarily} gone. I spent the rest of the month celebrating my body with great workouts and healthy food – Reinforcing just how much it means to have a strong, healthy body to rely on every day.

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 {Social Fitness & Workout Dates}

Give Back:

This month I got involved with the international educational aid organization ASKenya {African Schools of Kenya} and couldn’t be more excited to get to know the student that I’m sponsoring and watch her progress and evolution over the coming years.

I’m really enjoying sharing some of my favorite ways to give back this year – Do you have a favorite non-profit?

Q1 2016 is over – What’s YOUR favorite memory from the first forth of the year?

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February Resolutions & March Goals

It’s exceptionally hard to believe that it’s already the first week of March…

This year has been racing by. Killer workouts, fun outings, great food… Not to shabby, I must say.

In my year-end post – 2016 Goals & Resolutions: Simplify – I mentioned that my attitude and approach to life are my real goal for the year. Yes, I have things that I want to accomplish, but the real measure of a good year will be whether I’m able to do it would with positivity and an open mind.


This month’s simplify project was joining my local library – Borrowing books & audiotapes is a great way to help the environment and cut down on unnecessary waste.

I’ve also been much more cognizant of my recycling and composting – Trying to be as diligent as I possibly can!

Taos Wanderlust Goals Resolutions San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

{2016 Wanderlust Adventures}

Be Grateful:

This month included an amazing long weekend with my family. 4 days in Taos, New Mexico skiing, drinking great wine, eating delicious food, and spending time with the family was an absolute dream. Plus it was fun to explore another corner of New Mexico!

Give Back:

I was thrilled to team up with Ways of Change to help spread the gospel of their an ethically sourced accessories. They work closely with skilled artisans and in addition to being a socially conscious company, they’re also giving back to the community – A portion of all proceeds go to support community projects, helping to improve the daily life of refugees all over the world.

 {Giving Back: Ways of Change}

So stay tuned as I share more of my favorite local, national, and international non-profits and charitable organizations!

How are YOUR 2016 goals coming?

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January Goals & Resolutions

In my 2016 Goals & Resolutions: Simplify post I talked about my approach to living in the moment and set out some plans for the year. Rather than focus on projects and my To Do List – This year is going to be about how I’m feeling as I approach life. It’s about improving my attitude, and as a result, hopefully improving my outlook and what I get out of each day.


While I had Simplify on the brain this month, my execution wasn’t 100%. There was a little bit of shopping but I was proud of my compliance on the book-buying side of things. I love books and have had trouble switching over to a tablet full-time, but did a good job of ordering for my Kindle instead of physical books this month. That means no new trees being cut down and no transportation costs/pollution. I’ll take the win!

New Year Healthy Goals Tone It Up Fitness Challenge San Francisco Bay Are Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Travel Wanderlust Costa Rica

{2016 Wanderlust Adventures}

Be Grateful:

One of the highlights for January was planning vacations for the first half of 2016 – Two very different trips that both have me quite excited. The whole process not only reminded me of how grateful I am to live in a location that’s easy to travel from, but that I live a life that affords me these opportunities.

I don’t know who I would be if I couldn’t indulge my wanderlust and I’m grateful that I can get away and explore the world!

Give Back:

I shared one of my favorite non-profits this month in the new Giving Back series. If you’re an animal lover please head over and read about Farm Sanctuary.

Giving Back Farm Sanctuary Animal Rescue San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

{Giving Back: Farm Sanctuary}

So stay tuned as I share more of my favorite local, national, and international non-profits and charitable organizations!

Have YOU thought about your resolutions lately? How’re they coming?

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