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Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes

This time of year is magical. The crisp air. The leaves turning. The pumpkin-flavored everything.

So why ruin the magic with stressful, or expensive, Halloween costumes? I’m a huge fan of Halloween – Huge – I actually dressed up three times last year. And put ears on all my colleagues. I’ve been asked not to do that again.

And one of my favorite ways to get dressed up for Halloween is by using things already in my closet. Occasionally I’ll order a prop or special accessory, but for the most part my costumes are pulled from what’s already in my apartment.

Dress As Your Drink:

I participated in a Dress As Your Drink themed party when I lived in Rome during college and it was beyond fun.

  • Jungle Juice – Orange shirt + leaves stuck all over. Et voila!
  • Bacchus – The God of Wine himself. Go for a toga and leafy wreath on the head, or dress in head-to-toe burgundy like your favorite bottle of vino!
  • Martini – Wear white & carry an olive prop or a cocktail shaker

What did I dress as? Champagne, mais bien sur. Cream-colored wide legged pants, cream blouse, and a white-on-cream polka dotted scarf in lieu of bubbles!

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Dress As An Era:

  • 60’s – Mod styling at its finest. Think Twiggy, go-go boots, and anything that would have shown up in Austin Powers.
  • 70’s – Flower child & hippie chic. Woodstock, bell bottoms, and face paint.
  • 80’s – Madonna. Enough said.

Dress As A TV Show:

Pick a current, or an old – Think M.A.S.H., I Dream of Jeannie, or Bewitched – TV show and get creative with the pieces in your closet.

  • Friends
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • That 70’s Show
  • Saved By The Bell
  • Mad Men

Period dramas can make it especially fun so Downtown Abbey and Mad Men are great choices if you want to get retro with your styling!

Need more ideas? Check out some of my previous posts: Halloween Costume Ideas, DIY Halloween Costumes & Halloween Must Haves.

What’s YOUR go-to easy Halloween costume?

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Halloween Costume Ideas

I’ve shared some fun and easy DIY costumes that you can try out this year. And now here are some great suggestions for those of you who want to put a little more time, effort, and maybe even money, into your costume this season!

Freaky Chic: Halloween Makeup Right From The Runway from the experts at Harper’s Bazaar – Here are some great ways to translate the killer beauty styles from this season’s catwalk to the street.

Halloween Costumes Celebrity Costumes DIY Halloween Costumes

16 It Girl Approved Halloween Costume Ideas from WhoWhatWear featuring all your favorite celebrities & models. And for those who want to try the DIY approach here are The Halloween Costumes You Already Own In Your Closet.

15 Iconic Movie Looks For Halloween from the festive editors at Elle – Everything you need to play a role from Annie Hall to Rebel Without A Cause to Clockwork Orange.

Want to throw a party this year? You’ll love these pictures from Allison Sarofim’s Annual Halloween Party last year – They’re pure inspiration for costumes, décor, and festive food.

Halloween Costumes Celebrity Costumes DIY Halloween Costumes Cartoon Make-Up Tutorial

If you’re a pro when it comes to make-up you’ll be inspired by the 5 Halloween Makeup Tutorials We’re Obsessed with from Women’s Health Magazine. From cartoon character make-up to Black Swan inspired tutorials, you’ll find it all here!

What are YOU going to be this year?

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Halloween Must Haves

My last Halloween post {DIY Halloween Costumes} tackled the oh-so-challenging question of how to put together a fun costume without spending a fortune or having to put in a great deal of time & energy into the endeavor. Today’s Halloween Must Haves post features everything from killer manicures and deliciously spooky recipes to DIY projects and fabulous home decor for the holiday season.


Halloween Spider Nails can be yours with these super cute nail stickers – You can even find them online, shop Nailed Kit’s fun Halloween themed kits here.


Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party, bringing treats into the office, or surprising your family these cupcakes will make it a special, festive affaire – Bake & Destroy’s Slasher S’Mores Cupcakes.

Traditional jack-o’-lantern are not the only option these days, in our modern Pinterest world these amazing DIY Decorated Pumpkins will add a touch of glamour to any Halloween gathering.

The Ultimate Collection of Halloween Eats, Treats, and Craft Ideas from the Herbivore Triathlete features everything from amazing themed recipes and cocktails to arts & crafts and fun family projects.

Having some friends over to celebrate this fun holiday? Check out The Subtle Statement’s fabulous party tips – DIY Ghouls Night Out.


Still in the market for the perfect Halloween costume? Check out Thrift Eye’s creative ideas – From Anna Wintour to Margot Tenenbaum – Or WhoWhatWear’s The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes round-up. And last but not least? Please read Beauty High’s 3 Halloween Costume Ideas So You Don’t Have to Be a Sexy Hamburger!

What are YOUR Halloween Must Haves? Do you have any recipes or costumes that you swear by? 

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DIY Halloween Costumes

Looking in my closet half the time I’m shocked by how much clothing I have, and the other half the time I swear I have nothing to wear…

However when I started thinking about Halloween costumes this year I happened to be in that first mindset and couldn’t bring myself to order a costume when I already have a closet filled to the brim with clothing. Clothing that could, quite easily, be turned into a perfectly serviceable costume for my favorite holiday of the year.

So with that rare rational thought in mind I decided to put together a DIY Halloween Costumes list to share with you all – Enjoy!

Hippie/Flower Child:


What To Do: Keep this costume simple and pair either a maxi dress or a maxi skirt & crop top with hippie chic accessories. The extras are the fun part here so don’t forget to add a floral wreath, peace signs, and all the embellishments you can find.

Must Haves: Facepaint, floral wreath, flower headband, flowing maxi, and lace, eyeletfeathered anything



What To Do: The animal costumes are the easiest – Wear all black or white and add some face paint, ears, and perhaps a tail. Then you can concentrate on what really matters. Candy!

Must Haves: Cat ear headband, facepaint, black leggings, black turtleneck (or crop top) & flats

Twiggy/Mod Doll:


What To Do: The key to capturing the mod style is all in the eyes. Find a fun, flattering dress & add knee-socks or platforms boots, but whatever you do, don’t step outside without giant faux eyelashes and oversized jewelry.

Must Haves: Shift or drop waist dress, oversized enamel jewelry, fake lashes, eyeliner, knee socks & flats

Skeleton/Dio de los Muertos:


What To Do: This is the perfect costume for the creative type who isn’t in the mood to go all out this year. You get to exercise your artistic abilities with the face makeup, but can wear simple black or stripes for the main look.

Must Haves: Black leotard or bodysuit, facepaint, fun nail art, skull & crossbones accessories or kerchief & black ballet flats

Need more ideas? Head over to my festive Halloween Pinterest Board or check out Storybook Apothecary’s 13 Halloween Makeup Ideas, Refinery 29’s 10 Pop Culture-Inspired Costumes To Whip Up This Halloween & Trend Survivor’s 8 Ideas for the Little Black Halloween Costume Dress.

So tell me – What are YOU going to be for Halloween this year?

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Birthday Bonanza

This past week I celebrated my thirtieth birthday and it was a pretty spectacular experience that included a family dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco (restaurant review upcoming), a trip to Sonoma, wine tastings, and a weekend in Glen Ellen with my family & friends.

Here are some highlights from my birthday weekend!

{My colleagues are so amazing – I’m a lucky girl!}

{Wine tasting, delicious food, fabulous views – Living the DREAM}

{We’re a fashionable crowd}

{Speaking of lucky…}

Thank you to all of my friends & family who helped make my 30th birthday weekend so amazing & memorable – I appreciate it more than I can say!

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