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3 Healthy Living Goals You’ll KEEP!

It’s that time again – Time to set ambitious new goals for the month of March. And then promptly forget about them…

This month, why not make some healthy changes that’ll stick? Here are three ways to make sure that you follow through on those healthy living goals.


(1) January may have the highest gym-joining rate of the year, but that doesn’t mean you’re making it to the gym. So this year, rather than getting a membership or other hard-to-follow-up-on purchase invest in a FitBit or similar pedometer type of device that’ll keep you motivated on your own terms. By tracking stairs & steps you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something even if you didn’t make it to the gym.

(2) Schedule. Scheduled. Schedule. I spend a good chunk of Sundays preparing for my week – From food prep to planning my workouts. Sundays are sacred and making this a part of my routine helps me stay organized during the week, which in turn helps me to stay on track with my plans & goals.


(3) Set a goal. I’ve said this again and again {Motivation}. And I’ll keep on saying it. Having a concrete goal gives you something to aim for and keeps you motivated. It doesn’t matter whether that goal is getting healthier, reducing body fat, running a race, or getting ready for vacation. Set it, write it down, and reward yourself for achieving it!

What’s YOUR favorite way to keep yourself motivated to meet your Healthy Living Goals?

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