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Feel Good Friday

After a long couple of weeks and nothing but work, work, work on the brain, I have come to an important realization. In order to live a happy, healthy, productive life, from time to time I need to get back to basics and spend a little quality time with myself celebrating life.


What does that mean exactly? That means relaxing. That means slowing down. That means self-indulgence. That means instituting Feel Good Friday! 🙂

My goal for today is to convince all my lovely readers out there that you too could use some “me time.” If we’re not loving every minute of our lives, what’s the point?


So with all of this in mind I’m hoping that my weekend will include – In addition to some work, bien sĂ»r – Some much-needed girl time, a lovely pedicure, a relaxing massage, and a bit of time spent writing just for myself.

Writing is my catharsis. It has been since I was a child and first started writing stories. Whether it’s journaling or writing another chapter for one of my books I’ve been writing for years. It clears my mind, gets all of my pent-up emotions out, and most importantly, it reignites my passion for life.


{Images from my Inspiration board}

So I am officially declaring today Feel Good Friday! So tell me…  What can YOU do this weekend that’ll make you feel good and remind you why you love life?

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An important factor when it comes to maintaining a healthy living regime is keeping yourself motivated – Whether that means eating well or getting regular exercise. With an endless number of reasons to skip the gym on any given day, sometimes actually getting to the gym is more work than working out.

Here are some tricks & suggestions to help you stay motivated!


Set Goals:

I’m a goal oriented person so whether it’s training for a race, getting toned for a beach vacation or keeping pace with a friend, having those milestones in mind keeps me on track. My challenge for you is to sit down once a month and set out a list of goals for yourself – They can be as simple as “make it to the gym three times a week” or as specific as “get through a Tone It Up! workout.”

Just think about what you want to accomplish and start taking the necessary steps to achieving that goal. Whether your personal goal is to lose weight or just to get yourself into better, healthier shape, you’ll be a step closer each time to meet one of your goals.

And – Bonus – That wonderful feeling of triumph that you get when you reach one goal will help spur you on to meet the next one!



Getting a workout buddy, joining a fitness community, or attending classes are great ways to keep yourself on track. Everyone is different so do a little reconnaissance and find out what works for you – Does running next to someone push you to go further and longer? Is a one-on-one session with a trainer the best way to get you to the gym and hold you accountable? Is meeting a friend for a class the perfect motivation after a long day since you won’t want to flake on them?

Try some different tactics and you’ll discover the best way to keep yourself engaged & inspired – Try making a workout date, signing up for a competition or race, or joining a healthy club.

You’ll be amazed just how far you can get with supportive people behind you!


{Images from Inspiration Pinterest Board}


I don’t know about you, but I respond quite well to bribery. When I’m having trouble staying focused on my goals or find myself losing interest in my workout regime I change my tactics in order to get different results. Dying to get into bikini shape but just can’t stop indulging? Make plans with friends for a weekend at the beach – Knowing you’ll be sipping an umbrella drink in a lounge chair in a month will help keep you on track.

Getting a reward for all your hard work is a great way to keep yourself motivated and you’ll be looking forward to hitting your next goal so you can earn another trip to the spa, or salon, or shops. What are some of my favorite motivation-related rewards? Massages, new workout gear, weekend getaways, facials, shopping trips, and pedicures.

A little quality “me time” is a great way to indulge & celebrate meeting a goal while keeping myself on track!

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What’s your number one way to keep yourself motivated when you’re trying to achieve a health or fitness goal?

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Fall Fashion Inspiration

This is the first of three posts to help get you ready for Fall fashion – But before we talk trends & purchases, let’s get inspired for all the beautiful styles, luxurious fabrics, fun accessories, and bold colors we’re going to be wearing once the temperature start to drop.


{Retro Inspiration – Try some wide leg jeans to get this style}


{Boy-meets-girl means the perfect mixture of masculine tailoring + feminine pieces for Fall – Steal this style with a structured blazer to top off your look}


{A statement coat is the perfect finishing touch – Why not try out a cape?}


{Accessories make the look – So add some faux fur, killer heels, and a fabulous handbag}


{Layering is the key to making your looks come together and mixing bold pieces like this is a great way to stand out – Start your look w/ colored pants like these}

{Pictures from Pinterest}

What are you most looking forward to this Fall?

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Summary Saturday

For this Summary Saturday I want to share some of the fun things I’ve been doing lately on Instagram – Pictures of the fun ringspiration challenge that I did last week, some photographs of the crazy love of my life Bones, and some other highlights from the last few week.

{JewelMint, JewelMint & BCBG}

{Rachel Roy, Vintage & ASOS}

{The king of my little kingdom}

{Closet organizing & cleaning up my jewelry collection – Stay tuned for a post, black & white stripes w/ red cropped red pants on the blog,  this is a sneak peek of my collaboration with Sasha Maks Vintage – Stay tuned for some killer shots of killer jewelry, and Nina Garcia’s Little Black Book of Style from Thursday’s What I’m Loving Right Now}

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Have a great weekend!

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What I’m loving right now…

I definitely go through phases when it comes to the inanimate objects in my daily life – Everything from the beauty products I use to the accessories I wear to the reading materials stacked on my nightstand. Whether you call it a rut or finely tuning your routine, I’m sure you know precisely what I mean.

So here are some of my current (new and past) loves…

{The love of my life, my new Givenchy bag – See Skulls & Givenchy for photos from the first MCLV Style post featuring this bag!}

{My newest mascara acquisition – I’ve mentioned my love of Benefit’s BADGal and Chanel’s Inimitable mascara in the past, but I also like to rotate in a drugstore brand now and again, and I’ve been thrilled with the results of Maybelline’s One by One Volume Express}

{As far as I’m concerned you can’t have enough fun, statement jewelry: Spiked Bracelet – Asos.com & Purple Beaded Necklace – Zara}

{In my opinion the only positive thing about the end of Summer are September issues!}

{SWOON! I’ve been a fan of Moroccan Argan Oil for a while so when I saw this L’Oreal Precious Oil Treatment I jumped at the chance to try it – Not only does it smell like a dream, it’s visibly nourishing}

{It’s official – I’m in love! Skull adorned Steve Madden smoking slippers}

{Fashion Books & Vintage Jewelry. Left: The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia & vintage pearl collar. Right: Parisian Chic – A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange & vintage Vendome tassel necklace}

What are you loving lately? What can’t you get enough of? Have you gotten any fun new pieces or exciting accessories to update your wardrobe or prepare for Fall/Winter 2012/2013?

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