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MCLV Mange: Tuscan Baked Quinoa

Last weekend I made a tasty and versatile recipe that was adapted from one that I found in Women’s Health Magazine – Vegetarian Italian Cooking: Tuscan Baked Zucchini.

I made the dish vegan by substituting soy cheese for the parmesan and mozzarella as well as simplifying the recipe by using ingredients that I had on hand – i.e. excluding the artichokes and just dicing up extra veggies in their place. I also used quinoa rather than the orzo or couscous that they recommended in the magazine.

The first night I made the zucchini boats that the recipe called for and found that there was enough filling that I had quite a bit of left over quinoa for a second night.

I went to the Farmer’s Market the next morning and saw some gorgeous bell peppers so I decided that I would use the leftover filling to make a Tuscan quinoa stuffed pepper the following evening.

Both were quite tasty and offer an abundance of vital nutrients, but the zucchini boats were a little easier to eat from a mess-creating standpoint.

Are you a fan of versatile recipes like this that you can adapt for somewhat different dishes? Do you like to re-use your leftovers for a day or two after a big night in the kitchen?

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