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Salon Etiquette

I often feel like etiquette is a thing of the past. I for one, love manners. I love people who are kind and polite to a fault. Especially towards people who work in the service industries and get terrorized on a daily basis by rude, unreasonable consumers.

A friend recently requested a piece on Salon Etiquette in the hopes of ensuring she didn’t inadvertently commit a faux pas during her next trip to the salon.

I jumped on the idea and immediately recruited my fabulous hairdresser Natalie Keklikian to share some of the do’s and don’ts that she’s learned over the years, as well as some of her pet peeves that we can all learn from.

Salon Etiquette San Francisco Beauty Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Miss Natalie took me from my natural blonde to red a few years ago & we’ve been together ever since!} 

(1) If a salon/hairdresser’s rates include a range of prices – Is it ok to discuss where in the range your procedure will fall prior to getting started? What, if anything, about a procedure can be negotiated/discussed in advance?

Stylists give a range of prices because not all heads are equal, so depending on hair length and type the same service may be more time intensive or require more product from one client to the next. Prices are set to maintain a (somewhat) consistent hourly rate throughout the day and cover any overhead (color, bleach, keratin). Your stylist should be able to tell you up front what your service will cost, provided you can consult with them in person. This is in the stylist’s best interest, as no one likes to be surprised by the number of digits on their bill–even if they do look super fab.

The one caveat to all of this is color correction. Most stylists will bill an hourly rate for this service, and we don’t want you to leave our chair looking anything less than perfect. Girls come to me in tears over botched colors, but just because I’m doing god’s work that doesn’t make me a charity.

Also, if you absolutely must go from jet black to platinum, get ready to shell out the dough.

(2) What are some of a stylist’s biggest pet peeves that we should avoid at all costs? (Tardiness…? Last minute appointment changes…?)

My biggest pet peeve is hands down when people don’t show up to their appointment and don’t let me know ahead of time. Your boss used to call this a, “no call, no-show,” and your ass got fired for it. I am very understanding. Shit happens. But give me a heads up so homegirl can go get a latte or grab lunch with her boo.

If your appointment is in the morning BY ALL MEANS send a text, email, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, whateva. I can make up the money but I’ll never get back those precious minutes of beauty sleep.

Salon Etiquette San Francisco Beauty Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Seeing RED. Just a few of the shades I’ve tried over the years: Top Left // Top Right // Bottom Left // Bottom Right}

(3) What’s something that you love in a client? Any tips for making sure we develop a great, long-term relationship with our stylists?

Ok finally I can boast about how much I LOVE my clients. I love clients who are on time. I love clients who appreciate my work. I love clients who want change! I love clients who leave their problems at the door and enjoy their time with me, or come to me with their problems and talk it out over the blow dryer. The more you share with your stylist, the more they will understand you as a person and know what you want for your hair. Your best friend, other than the one you’ve had since childhood, should be your hair stylist. Not even joking!

Also I can’t stress enough how exciting it is seeing a regular on your schedule and looking forward to seeing them. Honestly it’s what gets me through the day!

I LOVED reading Natalie’s responses – I agree 100% on all of this and I feel like etiquette-wise, these can be applied to most situations. Have a question or concern? Ask first! Going to be late? Call! Want to develop a great relationship with someone? Talk it out!

What did YOU think of this piece? Interested in more etiquette posts?

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MCLV Outtakes

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about things over here at Moi Contre La Vie Headquarters. This is not a serious place… At all.

Busy, productive, and filled to the brim with projects, but not serious.

Jennymay, Klaudia, and I have a wonderful time working together and our photo shoots often produce more images of us laughing and dancing and giggling than usable, blog-worth images. I sometimes post these silly outtakes on Instagram but recently received a request to share them on the blog as well.

So with that in mind, welcome to the first post of the new MCLV Outtakes series – Enjoy!

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Lifestyle Blog Outtakes{Getting ready for formal events should be fun, not serious, as evidenced here – MCLV Style: Gowns & Formalwear}

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Lifestyle Blog Outtakes Alice In Wonderland Studio 15 New York

{This entire shoot was one big outtake. Once I got the Alice In Wonderland theme into my head all I could do was play with the props and pretend I was Alice!}

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Lifestyle Blog Outtakes Leather Leggings

{Practicing my ballet turnout – Faux Leather Pants}

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Lifestyle Blog Outtakes Faux Leather Pants

{I have cat ears on, it’s a miracle ANY of the pictures are of me NOT dancing & singing in the street! Nighttime Faux Leather Pants}

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Lifestyle Blog Outtakes Candice Cuoco CCUOCO Leather Dress

{I was beside myself with excitement for the entirety of this shoot – Getting a chance to work with the stunning and talented Candice Cuoco was such a dream. An outtake with her fixing me between shots of me bouncing around was inevitable.}

Do YOU like outtakes?

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Fashion Blogger Crushes – Dreamscapes

You know those bloggers whose pictures transport you to a different place? It’s not necessarily about the fashion or the blogger themselves – But the locations, the artistry of the photographs, the dreamy creativity of the compositions just take you away. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorites – So next time you’re in need of a little escape, you’ll know just where to go!


{When someone says “beautiful photography” the first blogger that pops into my mind is Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl. Yes, she an a phenomenal sense of style. Yes, she gets to do some unbelievable collaborations. But what always gets me is the scenery, the beauty of the shots, the locations she gets to visit. Spend some time on her site and I guarantee you’ll get just as lost in the beauty as I do!}


{Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage not only shoots fun, stylish photos, she’s also chronicling her passion for travel. From street style in front of classic European monuments to her home in Australia to picnics in Central Park to the beaches of Greece – Her blog takes you along on the adventure.


{Photographer & blogger Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three not only does some serious jealousy-inducing traveling, she also works with some amazing brands, models, and goes out of her way to get the perfect shot.}

Want to see some of my other blogger crushes? Check out Fashion Blogger Crushes & San Francisco Fashion Blogger Crushes.

What blogger takes away YOUR breath?

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San Francisco Fashion Blogger Crushes

While I follow – And love – Many international & East Coast blogs, some of my favorite daily reads are based right here in my hometown of San Francisco. And while there are many lovely sites based here, just ask Racked, each of the blogs below offer a little something unique and fun that sets it apart from the heard.

So without further ado, here are a few of my San Francisco Fashion Blogger Crushes.

Beth Animal Print

Miss Bethann of Beth Animal Print has made a couple of appearances on the blog to date – From playing photographer to twirling in a killer red maxi skirt – And now she’s back as one of my daily Must Read sites.


  • Why I Love It: Not only does Bethann have fabulous personal style, she also does great fitness posts, empowering interviews, and features her adorable beautiful family on occasion.
  • Bonus Points: Check out her Twitter account for hilarity, daily updates & great posts from around the interwebs.

So You Agree

Event planner extraordinaire Donna has fabulous style, the cutest pup ever, and features real-life street style that’s enviable and attainable. The perfect combination!


  • Why I Love It: The blog name is taken from Mean Girls. Need I say more?
  • Bonus Points: I wait all week for So You Agree’s High Fash Fridays. Amazing.


As you’ve probably realized if you follow me on social media, I spend a great deal of my waking hours thinking about or eating food. Most of it in fact. And super stylish San Franciscan Chandamheer is similarly oriented, which I love to read about.


  • Why I Love It: Not only is the PancakeSTACKER a food-lover, she’s also into fitness and features posts, updates, suggestions & inspiration to lead a happy, healthy life.
  • Bonus Points: She’s a UC humanities graduate just like yours truly. I’ll overlook the Berkeley/UCLA rivalry just this once! 🙂

Mr. Essentialist

My first SF Bloggers list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of my daily menswear reads – The stylish & entertaining Mr. Essentialist.


  • Why I Love It: From fashion to skin care to swoon-worthy accessories, this site covers all the eye candy you need.
  • Bonus Points: Alexander, Mr. Essentialist himself, is from New Zealand and spends a great deal of time in New York, San Francisco, and LA which gives his site a great perspective and cosmopolitan feel.

Ryzenberg On

I like a site that multitasks. I don’t know anyone who’s “just about fashion” so why should our go-to morning reads be just about fashion?


  • Why I Love It: This blog’s tagline says it all – Musings of a feisty fashionista. I don’t know about you, but I always prefer my writers feisty.
  • Bonus Points: Miss Jessica is an Instagramer extraordinaire so check out her account STAT!

Luckily for all you blog lovers out there, this is the first in a series featuring killer SF blogs, so stay tuned for some more of my favorites!

What are YOUR daily reads?

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Fitness Friday: Workout Q & A

Some of the most frequent questions that I get are about my gym routine and workout gear so I decided to answer a few of them today to celebrate Fitness Friday. Read on for some details of my fitness regime, my favorite gear, and my tips & suggestions to get started with a new routine and stay motivated.


Q: It’s always dark in your gym pictures – What time do you work out?

A: 4:30am – Ouch, I know. But I have long, hectic days and by afternoon I’m usually exhausted and unmotivated. It’s all about finding what works for you, I for one am most motivated first thing in the morning. {You can check out more of my routine in MCLV In 24 Hours}

Q: What do you do at the gym?

A: As I’m still recovering from a back injury I do physical therapy Monday through Friday, in addition to that I’ve begun adding a circuit training/weight lifting workout 3-4 days a week. Medicine balls & kettlebells are favorites of mine {see Beginners Fitness: Kettlebells and Beginners Fitness: Medicine Balls} and I love body weight moves like pull-ups, squats, lunges, planks & push-ups.

Q: What’s your number one fitness tip?

A: Walk! Add walking to your daily routine and you’ll see great results – From stress reduction to weight loss. Start with whatever you can and just keep adding on! {Guest Post: Low-Intensity Fasted Cardio}


{Left: Zella Tank – $42 @ Nordstrom, Center: Nike Sports Bra – $30 @ Macys & Right: Workout Capri – $18 @ Forever 21}

Q: Do you have a favorite workout clothing brand? What do you usually wear?

A: If I like something I’ll grab it, I’m not really married to any one brand. Some of my favorites include Lululemon Capri pants, bright, Spring-ready tanks from Zella for Nordstrom, Old Navy & Zara t-shirts, Nike sports bras, Victoria’s Secret PINK boyshorts/hiphuggers, and Brooks running shoes.

Q: What’s your number one tip on choosing workout gear?

A: Being comfortable and confident in your gym clothing is important, as is not having to adjust your garments mid-workout. Find pieces that suit your body type and, more importantly, that you feel good in. If you’re cringing when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror or constantly pulling at your sports bra or t-shirt, you’re wearing the wrong gear!

Stay tuned another Q&A session on health and nutrition and don’t forget to follow Moi Contre La Vie on Instagram (@Moicontrelavie).

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