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Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is an important month to promote awareness and support for women around the world – Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Most people have had their lives, or the lives of those around them, impacted by this disease, and the more you can promote awareness, the better.

In addition to making direct donations to the American Breast Cancer Foundation, you can also do a little fun shopping to show your support. Below are some of my favorite picks to make sure that your dollars are going to a great cause!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month San Francisco Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Blogger

{Facewatch ‘Breast Cancer’ Watch // Estée Lauder ‘Advanced Night Repair’ w/ Pink Ribbon Bracelet // Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Pink // Gaiam Pink Ribbon Yoga Mat}

Want to find another way to support BCA Month? Why not give volunteering a go during October – 5 Other Ways You Can Help Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

Related reading you’ll find interesting & helpful from great sources around the United States:

How will YOU support Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

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Project Juice Cleanse

During the recent Juice And Spruce event with Lululemon and Project Juice, I was excited to hear all about nutrition and juicing from the founder of Project Juice.

I’m a long-time green juice fan and have loved Project Juice since they came to San Francisco – There are two locations walking distance from my office.

Project Juice Cleanse Green Juice Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo

Her passionate & enthusiastic words reignited my excitement so I decided to try another their one-day cleanse {You can read about my first foray into juice cleansing here.}

There are three levels and I chose the one with the least amount of sugar which included six juices ranging from basic greens to heavenly almond milk.

Project Juice Cleanse Green Juice Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo

After spending an amazing week in London where my daily diet consisted more coffee, fashion, and champagne than cold-pressed green juice, I decided a short cleanse was in order. A little detox to help kick-start a healthier post-vacation lifestyle.

Project Juice Cleanse Green Juice Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo

This Forever Young cleanse includes the following juices:

  • Dr. Green
  • EZ Green w/ Lemon & Ginger
  • The Master
  • Dr. Green w/ Lemon
  • EZ Green
  • Almond Mylk

Have YOU ever tried a juice cleanse?

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Fitness Friday: Anywhere Leg Workout

While I love a great weight training session, sometimes you just don’t have the time or access to a fully stocked gym. This is a simple leg workout that you can do anywhere – When you’re on the road for work, taking a vacation, or just can’t get to the gym.

These are basic bodyweight movements that you can adjust as needed – Simply add weights or resistance bands to increase difficulty.


Squats are a great movement that work a number of muscle groups – If you have bad knees you can modify the move by not squatting as deeply.

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

Top – Nike c/o JD Sports

Capri Pants – Nike c/o JD Sports

Shoes – Brooks

Fitness Tracker – Misfit Shine {post coming up on this soon!}

Tips for the perfect squat:

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  2. Keep your chest & head up
  3. Squat as low as your body easily permits
  4. Repeat for 3 sets of 10

Interested in adding a barbell? Check out Base Body Babe’s Top Squat Tips.

Front Lunge:

Front and walking lunges are a great way to tone your legs – You can easily increase the difficulty by carrying dumbbells or a weighted medicine ball.

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

Tips for the perfect lunge:

  1. Stand comfortably with legs hip width apart giving you a good base
  2. Step forward with one leg, ensuring that your knee doesn’t cross in front of your toes
  3. Sink your back leg down to hover directly above the ground
  4. Bring your back leg forward and repeat the movement on the other side
  5. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 on each leg

Most important thing to keep in mind – If it hurts, don’t do it. If you have sensitive knees don’t go for a full lunge!

Want to add a little cardiovascular work to your lunges? Try jumping lunges!

Side Lunge:

Want to strengthen your inner legs? Moves like lunges and squats are just the ticket. Mix up your lunge workout with some side lunges.

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

Tips for the perfect side lunge:

  1. Start in a standing position and bend at the waist as you extend your leg to the side
  2. Keep your knee in line with your toes
  3. Push yourself back to a standing position using the extended leg and repeat on the other side
  4. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 on each side

If you want to brush up on your basics, check out – How To Do Lunges.

{Photos by Mr. Bethanimalprint}

What’s YOUR go-to leg workout?

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

Thank you to UK-based activewear retailer JD Sports for sponsoring this post. They have a great online selection including all your favorite brands, even the Rita Ora for Adidas line!

After JD Sports reached out, Bethann of Bethanimalprint and I decided to head to Mountain View for an afterhours workout in the park. Be sure to check out Bethanimalprint to see how you can get her killer abs!

Disclaimer: Prior to making any dramatic changes to your fitness routine or diet you should consult a physician.

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Links You’ll Love: San Francisco Edition

Welcome back to another Links You’ll Love post – This week we’re focusing on some of the great fashion, food, and fitness posts from bloggers and websites here in San Francisco!

Fashion & Beauty:

Are you a beauty lover? Racked SF recently shared quite the To Do List for you to get through – San Francisco’s 38 Essential Beauty Shopping Experiences

San Francisco-based online resale shop Twice is taking the Bay Area by storm. Read up on their recent handbag launch over on KatwalkSF.

Links You'll Love San Francisco Edition The Ohio Transplant Beauty Fashion Blogger Skin Care Beauty Routine

SF loves healthy brands – Check out some of The Ohio Transplant’s favorites in her Beauty Routine post.

Poshmark is more than just a fashion and shopping app – They’re also a fabulously fashionable group of ladies who share their great style with the rest of us mere mortals. Wish List Wednesday: Favorite Brands to Follow

Looking for a little pampering? Ryzenberg On has you covered – A Little Midsummer At Home Pampering To Recharge & Refuel.

Love beautiful, healthy tresses? Coastal Migration’s Project Healthy Hair with Sassoon Salon will give you all the tips & recommendations you need to get her enviable locks!


Meditation aps, running, and too-cute-for-words activewear with WTFab – Run The Day.

Looking to upgrade your home office? The ever stylish Just Add Glam is here to save the day – Home Office Essentials.

Links You'll Love San Francisco Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Bethanimalprint

If you’re anything like mother, You Tuber, and blogger Bethanimalprint you want to stay healthy and active when you’re on the road. Whether it’s a family road trip, a business trip, or a romantic getaway, you’ll appreciate these tips. Fit Style – Working Out While Traveling.

If you’re a food-lover like Pancake Stacker you’ll love her account of Eat Drink SF – A foodie paradise!

Like juice? Food? Want to combine the two? Check out Dena Julie’s view on juicing – The Slimfast Approach to Juice Cleansing.

Do YOU have a favorite San Francisco blog?

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August 2014 Round-Up

When I think about Summertime and those carefree days spent swimming & running around barefoot growing up, August is what I picture. It’s the epitome of Summer in my mind.

Denim Daze San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Saako KatWalkSF

{Denim Daze: Saako}

August 2014 Round-Up


August is the beginning of the transition from Summertime fashion and beauty into Fall. It’s a wonderful mixture of bright colors, moody prints, and bold silhouettes.

Not sure how to get yourself ready? Check out my tips on Fall Lip Colors, How To Wear Denim-on-Denim, and your Blazer Must Haves for this season.


Food was a big priority this month on MCLV and I chatted about Why I Eat The Way I Eat, shared some delicious Healthy Breakfast Recipes, as well as some Healthy Living Tips & Suggestions.


Staying in shape while traveling, vacationing, and enjoying lazy family time during the Summer can be a challenge. Even for me! This month I talked about How To Stay Motivated At The Gym and keep yourself reaching for those fitness goals!

Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Dairy-Free Flourless Healthy Pizza Quick Recipe Healthy Dinner

{Why Do You Eat Like That?}

New September 2014 Goals


I was thrilled to share some of my favorite local Bay Area designers in August – Alyssa Nicole & Lan Jaenicke – And September will bring even more designer updates from MCLV.

I’ll be heading to London Fashion Week with CCUOCO for their LFW debut and teaming up with Style Lend to show you the very best street style that London has to offer!


Between a trip to New York last week and my upcoming London adventure, I’ve got travel and food on the brain. Stay tuned to see what snacks & ready-to-eat foods I pack in my suitcase when I travel and how I stay on top of my health & fitness goals while I’m on the road.


Not only did I get my booty kicked by two more aerial yoga classes this month, but I also tried BodyFi for the first time. I’ve always preferred solitary workouts but I’ve been loving all the classes I’ve tried this year.

Perhaps I’m turning over a new leaf? 🙂

Outtakes Behind The Scenes San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Fitness Friday Beginners Fitness Workout Round-Up San Francisco Fitness Blogger Fashion Food Fitness Lorna Jane Workout Gear

{Workout Motivation}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – This month’s new workout adventure was BodyFi. Crosstraining at its finest! 🙂 Stay tuned for a review.
  2. Publish my writing – I was excited to publish pieces for Fashion Xchange Magazine and GEV Magazine this month.
  3. Travel – Checked off trip number two to New York for 2014! It never gets old…
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately {you can check out more on my struggles with insomnia here} so this month I was all about stress reduction & sleep education. I read Say Goodnight To Insomnia and Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar & Survival.
  5. Prioritize friendship – This month my best friend from Junior High & High School got married in a beautiful, funny, moving ceremony followed by a ridiculously fun party. Such an amazing trip!

What did YOUR August include?

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