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August 2014 Round-Up

When I think about Summertime and those carefree days spent swimming & running around barefoot growing up, August is what I picture. It’s the epitome of Summer in my mind.

Denim Daze San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Saako KatWalkSF

{Denim Daze: Saako}

August 2014 Round-Up


August is the beginning of the transition from Summertime fashion and beauty into Fall. It’s a wonderful mixture of bright colors, moody prints, and bold silhouettes.

Not sure how to get yourself ready? Check out my tips on Fall Lip Colors, How To Wear Denim-on-Denim, and your Blazer Must Haves for this season.


Food was a big priority this month on MCLV and I chatted about Why I Eat The Way I Eat, shared some delicious Healthy Breakfast Recipes, as well as some Healthy Living Tips & Suggestions.


Staying in shape while traveling, vacationing, and enjoying lazy family time during the Summer can be a challenge. Even for me! This month I talked about How To Stay Motivated At The Gym and keep yourself reaching for those fitness goals!

Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Dairy-Free Flourless Healthy Pizza Quick Recipe Healthy Dinner

{Why Do You Eat Like That?}

New September 2014 Goals


I was thrilled to share some of my favorite local Bay Area designers in August – Alyssa Nicole & Lan Jaenicke – And September will bring even more designer updates from MCLV.

I’ll be heading to London Fashion Week with CCUOCO for their LFW debut and teaming up with Style Lend to show you the very best street style that London has to offer!


Between a trip to New York last week and my upcoming London adventure, I’ve got travel and food on the brain. Stay tuned to see what snacks & ready-to-eat foods I pack in my suitcase when I travel and how I stay on top of my health & fitness goals while I’m on the road.


Not only did I get my booty kicked by two more aerial yoga classes this month, but I also tried BodyFi for the first time. I’ve always preferred solitary workouts but I’ve been loving all the classes I’ve tried this year.

Perhaps I’m turning over a new leaf? 🙂

Outtakes Behind The Scenes San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Fitness Friday Beginners Fitness Workout Round-Up San Francisco Fitness Blogger Fashion Food Fitness Lorna Jane Workout Gear

{Workout Motivation}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – This month’s new workout adventure was BodyFi. Crosstraining at its finest! 🙂 Stay tuned for a review.
  2. Publish my writing – I was excited to publish pieces for Fashion Xchange Magazine and GEV Magazine this month.
  3. Travel – Checked off trip number two to New York for 2014! It never gets old…
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately {you can check out more on my struggles with insomnia here} so this month I was all about stress reduction & sleep education. I read Say Goodnight To Insomnia and Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar & Survival.
  5. Prioritize friendship – This month my best friend from Junior High & High School got married in a beautiful, funny, moving ceremony followed by a ridiculously fun party. Such an amazing trip!

What did YOUR August include?

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Links You’ll Love: Healthy Living

This week’s Links You’ll Love round-up is all about healthy living – From fun fitness gadgets and killer workout gear to healthy recipes, workouts, and tips on staying fit!

Fitness Fashion:

Affordable Summer gym gear you’ll love – Summer’s Hottest Tank Tops Won’t Cost You More Than $25!

FitBit Tory Burch Fitness Tracker Links You'll Love Healthy Living Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blog Vegan Gluten-Fre Paleo

Want to try a new fitness tracker but aren’t sure where to start? I’ve tried the FitBit Flex and the Misfit Shine. check out my review – Fitness Gadget Review: The FitBit. And if you’re dying for a fashionable version, check out the GORGEOUS Tory Burch x FitBit collaboration here.

Interested in green, eco-friendly shopping tips? Check out Mind Body Green’s 5 Easy Ways To Make Ethical Choices When You Buy Clothes and get inspired.

Healthy Food & Nutrition:

Don’t think you have enough time to prepare healthy meals? Think again! Paleo Batch Cooking: How I Make 12+ Meals in 2 Hours from Empowered Sustenance will change your mind!

Links You'll Love Healthy Living Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blog Vegan Gluten-Fre Paleo

Healthy, delicious snack bar ideas to try out – 13 DIY Clean Eating Energy & Protein Bars

Want to make healthier choice but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some tips from a doctor of functional medicine – Dr. Mark Hyman On Sugar & The Only Rules You Need To Eat Healthy.

Fitness & Workouts:

For the love of all that is holy – This workout is INSANE. Do it ASAP! 20 Minute Advanced Abs.

Links You'll Love Healthy Living Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blog Vegan Gluten-Fre Paleo Workout Tips

Feel like you’re hitting a wall at the gym? You may find the answer here – Top 5 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working.

I’m always working on toning my arms and shoulders for Summer so if you’re like me you’ll LOVE these recommendations from BP Fingers – Upper Body Workouts.

What are YOUR favorite healthy living links?

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Social Media: Where To Find What

Welcome to Moi Contre La Vie!

Whether you’re a regular reader or this is your first time visiting this site I thought a little explanation of what I’m doing here might be helpful.

This is a fashion and lifestyle blog that features everything from personal style posts, menswear, shopping tips, and runway reviews to delicious recipes, workout ideas, and healthy living suggestions. Since there are so many topics & such a wide variety of information available to you I wanted to take some time to map out where you can find various things on either this blog or on social media.

{While there is some overlap, I try to make sure that each social media platform gets some individual attention each and every day}



While I like to maintain some freedom to be creative on the blog, there are a few recurring series that you can expect to usually follow a schedule.

  • Mondays – Looks of the Week (3-4 times a month): A weekly round-up of great looks from around the world
  • Tuesdays – MCLV Style: Personal style posts
  • Thursdays – Fashion Collaborations
  • Sundays – Links You’ll Love: A weekly round-up of interesting articles & blog posts relating to fashion or health & nutrition


The MCLV Facebook page is updated multiple times a day and in addition to notices when a new post is published, you’ll also see when new photos are uploaded {from events, fun outtakes from photo shoots, behind-the-scenes shots etc.}, inspirational & funny quotes, posts from great blogs that I’m following & local events I’m attending.


On Twitter you’ll also get notice when a new post has been published, and when new photos are added on Facebook, it’s also where I’ll share blog posts & news articles I’m enjoying, random musings, share inspirational quotes, and let you know when something fun is on the horizon.


If you’re interested in getting a glimpse into my daily routine, how I spend my days & what’s going on in my world, Instagram is for you. I share 1-3 pictures a day and try to keep things interesting in terms of the subjects – From quick snaps at the gym to get you motivated for a workout, delicious new recipes I’m trying out {vegan & gluten-free primarily}, books I’m reading & shots of my insane cats to pics from my shopping adventures, outfits for events, as well as DIY, home decor & design projects.



I’ve been clipping pictures from magazines & making collages & pasting them into inspiration books for YEARS so I was thrilled when I discovered Pinterest. An online way to collect fantastic images that move & inspire me? Yes please! I update Pinterest most days and you can find a wide variety of boards to enjoy – From fashion inspiration, beauty must haves, fabulous jewelry, and menswear must haves to home decor, recipes, workout motivation, inspirational sayings, and even mood boards for specific photo shoots that I’m working on.

There are a few additional platforms that I enjoy a few times a week but don’t update as frequently – Pose, Lookbook.nuChictopia, and LookMazing are all great sites though so feel free to stop by anytime for fun fashion inspiration & shopping!

Interested in more background? Check out the About MOI and FAQ pages for more details about me and MCLV!

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Closet Organization

Is there a more intimidating or thankless project than cleaning out your closet? I have to confess that I usually have it on my To Do list for weeks before I get up the courage and fortitude to tackle the project. Don’t get me wrong, I adore a well-organized closet and am somewhat OCD about keeping it clean day-to-day, but a full-on closet organization project can be intimidating.

I’ve found that approaching the project with a three-fold plan of attack is what works for me. That and spending days hours on Pinterest drooling over beautifully organized closets to get me in the mood… <3


  1. Love It or Leave It – First you need to go through every single piece in your closet and decide whether you want to keep it. Tears optional.
  2. Share The Love – Once I’ve created a pile of pieces that need a new home I set up a Closet Party with some friends and after that any remaining items will be donated to the Goodwill.
  3. Live The Dream – Finally, when your closet is filled only with the pieces you’ll be holding onto, it’s time to sort, organize, rearrange, and plan for the future.

Need more details? Read on…

Love It or Leave It:

I become somewhat attached to inanimate objects so after years of carrying clothes that still have the tags on them from one apartment to another, I have had to set rules for myself. If I haven’t worn it in the last year – It has to go. End of discussion.

You may have a home with more storage space or larger closets and be able to keep more clothing and accessories, it’ll be dependent on what you have available to you and how much of a “clothes horse” you are. In general, if you can’t remember the last time you wore something, you probably don’t need to hold onto it. If your shoes are falling apart, you can probably let them go. If a piece has needed hemming or tailoring for as long as you can remember and you still haven’t taken it in, you guessed it, you should probably put it in the “out” pile.


Share The Love:

My favorite thing to do once I’ve created a pile of things that I’m not going to keep is to plan a closet party – I invite some friends over for cocktails or champagne and free reign of my closets. It’s been a tradition for a few years now and I love to include new friends, it’s a fun bonding event. And what’s left over after the closet party gets dropped off at the donations center of Goodwill.


Living The Dream:

Now that you know what you’re working with you can figure out how best to approach the cleaning of your closet. I like to tackle the reorganizing process in three steps:

  • First I rearrange by type & color {i.e. pants with pants, solids from black to white, then prints}
  • The second step is to consider the season and organize your closet so that the clothes & accessories that you’re wearing now are most readily available. This can mean deploying under-bed organizing trays or boxes to be stacked on shelves out of reach in your closet if need be.
  • Finally, after all of that work, I like to take stock of what I have and how it’s arranged and implement some changes to make getting dressed run more smoothly – Like adding accessories holders, changing hangers, or separating work clothes from play.


{Images from Pinterest}

You can find some other tips and suggestions in Sincerely Jules’s Details or Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Closet Clean-Up or her Operation Organization: Closet Edition.

So tell me, how often do you overhaul your closet(s)? Do you have a specific process whenever you get started on this project?

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MCLV in 24 Hours

I loved reading the Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford interviews for Harper’s Bazaar, I found them totally engrossing. Not only is Bazaar my favorite fashion magazine, Karl & Tom are two of my favorite designers. I was struck by how structured both of their daily routines are, how organized and precise their plans are on a daily basis. Then I realized how similarly I structure my days, how methodically and precisely I plan out my time during the week – Minus the jet setting & high fashion obviously.

So, without in any way comparing myself to either of these gentlemen, I thought I’d give you a peek behind the curtain at MCLV in 24 Hours!


{OASAP Satchel & Longchamp Le Pliage Tote}

4am – Wake up, throw on workout gear, wash my face & teeth, feed the cats, and I’m out the door in 10-15 minutes. I always walk to and from work, its 1.4 miles each way, and I’ve found that it’s the perfect wake up at that hour. I pick out my work clothes the night before and fill a small Longchamp le Pliage bag with my clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories so that I can just grab it on my way out in the morning. Unfortunately the weather in San Francisco is frequently different at 8pm and at 4am so I always carry an umbrella and a pashmina or jacket.

Just in case.

5:15am – By 5am-5:15am I’ve gotten through stretching & rolling or my physical therapy routine, showered, dressed, and gotten back upstairs to my desk. At this point I answer emails – both personal and business related, catch-up on social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…) and start writing a To Do List for the day. I try to limit myself to 15-20 minutes of play time before I start concentrating on work, but throughout the day I allow myself to check back in a handful of times.

{Sunwarrior Protein Smoothie}

5:30am – Breakfast time! Well… Breakfast #1 time anyway. Around 5:30am I make a smoothie, frequently one large enough to split into two bottles and “snack” on throughout the morning. I haven’t been very creative in the smoothie department the last few months and virtually every morning I’ve had the same smoothie: spinach, ginger, lemon juice, an apple, and vanilla Sun Warrior protein powder. Sometimes I’ll use kale instead of spinach and occasionally I’ll add a banana rather than an apple, the gist of it is the same.

8am – This is traditionally when I’ll break for some more social media and have some fruit. I’m spoiled beyond belief and my office supplies us with fresh fruit each morning, anything from apples, bananas, and melon to berries, cherries and pineapple. I don’t like the taste of coffee but I’ll occasionally have a coffee with coconut milk or an espresso in the late morning. I hate the idea of needing caffeine to wake up so I usually hold off until I’ve been at work for a few hours. I also love peppermint tea in the morning, and I’ll usually combine it with a green tea bag to get more health benefits.

12pm – Around noon Monday through Friday I head to the gym for a quick workout. I vary my gym sessions and will do anything from core to leg circuits to HIIT. Usually a 15-20 minute session is enough to reduce my stress and reinvigorate me for the rest of the afternoon.

4pm – Around this time I’ll walk home to work, cook, run errands near my apartment like grocery shopping or picking things up from the cleaners. I don’t like having a heavy dinner right before bed so this is also the time that I’ll have my largest meal of the day.

And once or twice a week I’ll try to fit in a yoga or Pilates class after I get home for the day. My usual studio on Washington Square Park has great classes and times.

7pm – This is the part of the day that I look forward to most! This is when I blog, research, jot down notes, look at recipes, check the blogs that I follow, write, and enjoy all that social media has to offer for a couple of hours. I’ll munch on raw veggies and hummus while I lose myself online – Writing, reading, and enjoying myself.

A few times a week I’ll forgo this downtime for dinner with a friend, an event, or an evening out, but I try to keep at least one or two evenings a week free for myself.

MCLV In 24 Hours San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Beauty Food Fitness Blogger

9pm – Time to get ready for bed! Stretching, maybe a long soak in the tub, laying down with the heating pad, and reading are all part of my bedtime routine during the week. While I used to suffer from insomnia, I’m thrilled to say that I actually look forward to laying down these days. It’s a time to relax, take some deep breaths after a hectic day, and let go of the stress of the last 16-17 hours.

So tell me, what is YOUR typical day like?

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