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Bethanimalprint: Post-Pregnancy Tips

Welcome to part III of the Bethanimalprint interview series on pregnancy. Since she was such an inspirational and fashionable mother and mother-to-be, I thought some of the lovely women in my audience would enjoy hearing some of her wisdom on fashion, food, and fitness during the three stages of pregnancy.

You catch up on her Pre-Pregnancy Tips and Mid-Pregnancy Tips, and read a few more fashion, food & fitness tips below!


One thing that I’ve especially loved from your baby-related social media and blog updates is that you’ve managed to keep some key wardrobe staples throughout. Do you have a favorite piece or brand that was able to see you comfortably and stylishly through all of the stages?

It’s hard to pick a favorite because different pieces/brands filled different needs. I loved Isabella Oliver and Ingrid and Isabel for staples I could wear to work. PinkBlush is great for trendier off-duty duds that are super affordable. If nothing else, a great pair of leggings and one nice maternity dress are two pieces every pregnant woman needs to have!

Bethanimal Post Pregnancy Tips San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{Fitness After Baby #2}

I LOVED reading that you’re keeping yourself well-fed after pregnancy, prioritizing breast-feeding Gunnar over societal and media pressure to immediately start dieting and exercising. Can you give us some background on your thought process here and why you’re approaching things like this?

After I had our daughter, I lost my baby weight and then some too quickly and ended up losing my milk supply. I was disappointed I was only able to breastfeed for 3 months so this time around I vowed to slow down a bit. I’m still working out and eating healthy, but I listen to my body and I don’t over do it. I know I’ll have plenty of time to work on getting 6-pack abs once Gunnar is done nursing.

Bethanimal Post Pregnancy Tips San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{Santa Monica Pier Pictures}

Walking, especially as a family, is such a great way to not only get moving post-pregnancy, but also so you can bond as a unit. Do you have any other fitness-related recommendations for women who are starting to think about getting out and about?

Mommy-and-me yoga and swimming has been a great way for me to bond and get moving with both kiddos!

Now let’s here from all of your mommies out there. Tell all the new and future moms out there what YOUR best post-pregnancy tips are below!

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Bethanimalprint Interview: Pregnancy Tips

After sharing the first post in this three-part pregnancy series with Bethann of Bethanimalprint, we’re back to share part two – Pregnancy Tips.

Namely, some healthy and feasible ways to approach fashion, food & fitness during the course of your pregnancy. It’s not a seamless transition, nor is the process going to be effortless, but with an expert like Miss Bethann in your corner, we’re hoping to make things a little bit easier for you.

Pregnancy Tips Bethanimalprint San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness lifestyle Blogger Street Style


  • Favorite style or easy-to-pull off sartorial twists you’d recommend for ladies coming to terms with their bumps?

Showing off your bump is half the fun! I gravitate to non-maternity styles that are a little looser like this dress. Free People is great for pieces like that! Anything that can be worn throughout pregnancy and after is a win as long as it’s comfortable!

  • Did you have a go-to recipe during your latest pregnancy? I know cravings are different for every woman, but I’m sure you have some great quick midweek meal ideas that would save time & energy for expectant moms.

Being a creature of habit, I could eat the same thing everyday for weeks, sometimes even months, before getting sick of it. This pregnancy I had egg whites, fruit and turkey bacon for breakfast. Lunches and dinners had more variety in that I would scrounge up whatever I could at the office most days. Avocado rolls were a favorite.  

Pregnancy Tips Bethanimalprint San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness lifestyle Blogger Street Style Fitness Workout FitLife Maternity

  • You kicked booty in the gym throughout your pregnancy, though I’m sure your workouts changed as your body did. How do you recommend changing your workout regime to keep yourself healthy & fit, without exhausting a growing body too much?

I’m no expert here, I just listened to my body and modified accordingly. I did a lot of spin, barre and yoga. I had to give up spin in the third trimester when I couldn’t pedal without my knees splaying outwards (not good!).

Do YOU have a burning question you’d like to ask?

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Bethanimalprint Interview: Pre-Pregnancy Tips

With an increasing number of friends, family, and colleagues heading down the family path, I thought it was time to do an interview with an amazing blogger friend who can answer some of the questions people have been posing – Bethann of Bethanimalprint.

Bethann is a fashion & lifestyle blogger that I’ve known for years offline, and who just had a son, bringing her beautiful family to an even four.

Having gotten to know her after her daughter was born, watching her get into killer shape {I mean, the abs on this woman!}, and then getting the opportunity to see her style and health evolution through her second pregnancy, I thought she’d be a great source for some real-life tips for surviving your pregnancy with your sanity, and health, in tact.

In this three-part series, she’ll be chatting about her approach to fashion, food, and fitness while trying to get pregnancy, during her pregnancy, and as she’s breastfeeding and recovering from the birth of her son.

  • You just had beautiful baby number two, who was planned, any healthy eating tips for hopeful mom’s while they’re trying?

Pre-Pregnancy Tips Healthy Living San Francisco Bay Area Los Angeles Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Healthy Snacks Recipes

{What’s On My Plate: Fruits & Veggies}

The less stress the better for mamas-to-be and babies. Eat what makes you feel your best, but don’t lose sleep over it. (You’ll need all of the sleep you can get!)

  • Did you alter your workout regime when you and Banker started thinking about expanding your family? You can read so many different suggestions online from “experts” about what to do and what not to do, but I’m curious how you approached fitness.

I was working out a few times per week until I became pregnant. After conceiving, I worked out less frequently due to fatigue and stopped doing strenuous abs exercises or anything that might be dangerous to our little guy!

Pre-Pregnancy Tips Healthy Living San Francisco Bay Area Los Angeles Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Healthy Snacks Recipes

{7 Maternity-Friendly Exercises}

  • Do you have any favorite blogs or websites that you loved reading for tips & recommendations during your pregnancy?

I love Fitnessista who has 2 children as well. She has lots of helpful tips for mamas and mamas-to-be!

Do YOU have any questions for Bethann about pregnancy?

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Glam Beauty & Rock n’ Roll Fashion with Ricky Rebel

I have a special treat for you today! I’d like to welcome the always fabulous musical star Ricky Rebel to MCLV for his first – Of many I hope – Interviews on fashion, beauty, and fitness.

My first glimpse of the lead singer & front man for glam rock band Ricky Rebel was at a resort in Maui – As we were picking our way through a crowded poolside I spotted a guy with a gorgeous complexion wearing a sailor’s cap. I pointed him out to my friend who immediately started laughing. We were in Maui for her elopement and the charming gentleman in the hat was her future brother-in-law.

When she’s told me that she ‘wanted to introduce me to someone’ I assumed she had matchmaking in mind and was hesitant… But instead she introduced me to my new Instagram crush and beauty guru, Ricky.

Rock n Roll Glam Beauty Makeup Fashion Style Street Style Fitness Workout FitLife Gym Diet Exercise Lifestyle Ricky Rebel Los Angeles San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness lifestyle Blogger

MCLV: A big part of the Rebel aesthetic is making a statement. It’s being bold, making an entrance, being memorable. When you’re choosing a costume for the stage – What do you take into consideration? What about for the red carpet or a music video? What’s the criteria for a piece to make the Rebel cut?

RR: When I am performing, I need outfits that reflect the lyrics of my songs and help tell the story. During my show I play different versions of myself, so each Rebel character that I create has an outfit to reflect that particular persona.

On the red carpet, it really depends on the event and how I am feeling at the time. I try to meld my own personal Rebel flair to the vibe of the event that I am attending. For the America’s Next Top Model season premiere for instance, I was going for the Rebel version of Rock / high fashion / runway.

My personal style is inspired by bold, avant garde, and couture designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Givenchy, Ann Demeulemeester, and Gareth Pugh. My goal is to be the only person in the room who could wear what I am wearing and pull it off.

Being a fashion consultant for UsWeekly also helps me stay in the loop with what’s trending in fashion. My job is to write about some of the unfortunate choices that celebrities wear and it’s helped me to create my own personal do’s & don’ts of fashion.

MCLV: Given the energy of your stage performances and the acrobatics often seen on the red carpet – #RebelLeg – What do you have to take into consideration with your clothing and costume choices? Do you test everything in the dressing room, have pieces custom made, take everything to a tailor…? How does a Rebel avoid wardrobe malfunctions?

RR: No joke, All my clothes need to have a reinforced crotch area because I am so flexible. I have taken my clothes to countless tailors who have had to revive some of my coolest pants in my wardrobe due to torn holes ripped right through the middle. A lot of the clothes worn for key red carpet events and photos shoots have been custom made by this company called Grace And Murk.

When I try clothes on, I usually dance around in them to see if I am able to move well. I need the freedom to move in order to avoid wardrobe malfunction. I have been known to do the #RebelLeg in the dressing room once or twice and/or the #RebelSplits to see if they pass the flexibility test. If they don’t restrict me, then they make the cut.

Recently Michael Kuluva, the designer for Tumbler And Tipsy, asked me if my pants had enough room to do the #RebelLeg at the end of the runway. Michael has used Kylie Jenner as a model to walk the catwalk, so it’s in honor that he asked me to model in his fashion show in the first place, but the fact that he actually is making sure that I have enough room in my pants to perform the #RebelLeg move at the end of the catwalk is classic. The leg has become it’s own celebrity. Paparazzi know that when I get on to that red carpet it’s going to be a spectacle. This is why I have to take extra precautions when it comes to my clothing. I want to avoid having a Lenny Kravitz type wardrobe malfunction at all costs.

Rock n Roll Glam Beauty Makeup Fashion Style Street Style Fitness Workout FitLife Gym Diet Exercise Lifestyle Ricky Rebel Los Angeles San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness lifestyle Blogger

MCLV: Having traveled with you, I know that you take your skincare routine very seriously. And your luminous skin clearly reinforces the importance of the right products. What are your can’t-live-without-them products for daily use? Any new favorites you’d care to share?

RR: My #1 skin care product goes to DR. Perricone Face finishing moisturizer. I literally can’t live without it. My new favorite is the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30. It literally feels like silk. I HATE the sun and sunscreen feels disgusting on my face but this product glides on my skin like a primer. I love it.

MCLV: Your makeup – Both daily and for special occasions – Is always well done and flattering. What are your favorite makeup brands? Any tips to share with the MCLV audience for finding the right look?

RR: Thank you very much. When I do my own makeup for a day look, I like prefer to just keep it looking fresh and natural. I add more glitz and glam for special events and concerts. I am currently working with Starlooks who happen to carry an excellent makeup line for men. It’s a Professional Makeup line that is clean and effective on HD cameras which is important for the kind of work that I do. I am also a big fan of Makeup Forever.

Lately I have been getting into lipsticks. I used to not like wearing any lipstick because I felt like the second I put lipstick on my face it turned me into a woman, which isn’t a bad thing per se, but I pride myself on being able to be a good balance of masculinity and femininity.

When it comes to the MCLV audience and finding the right look, I would suggest going out of your comfort zone every now and then. You need to “audition” your makeup, take creative chances, and try new things. Like the blue lipstick experiment I tried recently, you may surprise yourself with the reaction you get from people. Sometimes wearing a sassy new lip shade or a glamorous smoky eye will bring out a part of your personality that you’ve been hiding. I learned that I still feel masculine when I wear lipstick now but I had to take a leap in order to figure out what felt good on me. The right look is all an experiment.

MCLV: Those following your Instagram feed are often treated to gym and mirror selfies showing off not only your flexibility but your envy-inducing abs. Can you tell us about your workout and dietary routines? We’d love to know how you always look fabulous and still have the energy to perform!

RR: Yes, I love working out and eating healthy. I do Pilates 3 times a week (I am certified in Pilates), dance, lift weights at the gym, and do cardio. When it comes to food, I love blueberry smoothies, food rich in antioxidants, green tea, lean protein, brown rice, veggies, etc. The trick is to find the healthiest food possible and become addicted to it in exactly the same way that we train our minds to crave unhealthy food. I had to learn how to do that. I used to be addicted to Mcdonald’s and Pizza but I exchanged french fries with brown rice and instead of cheeseburgers & pizza, I now reach for Delicious salads with grilled chicken & salmon. I’ve trained my mind to crave healthy food.

Rock n Roll Glam Beauty Makeup Fashion Style Street Style Fitness Workout FitLife Gym Diet Exercise Lifestyle Ricky Rebel Los Angeles San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness lifestyle Blogger


My abs are a product of my eating habits and Pilates. If you want a svelte sexy core, I suggest you take Pilates. Mix that with a sensible meal plan and you’re golden. One day soon, I am going to launch my own Ricky Rebel Fitness Videos. It’s all going to be a part of Ricky Rebel Inc. Music and performing are the trunk of my talents, but my company is going to branch out into the fitness, fashion, and ion the skin care world along with helping other people become Stars themselves.

In my new official music video and single “Star (Hector Fonseca & Tommy Love Remix)” I literally proclaim that “I am a Star” because I believe that nothing is true until we say it out loud and inspire people with the possibilities that we invent for ourselves. It’s an incredible phenomena to see an audience transform before my very eyes and turn into their own stars when they hear the track and watch us perform.

I live to inspire people to shine and be themselves. My soul mission is to “Rebel The Darkness & Shine The Light.” When I am being that possibility, I am creating a space for other people to do the same in their lives. The stars in my life are the rebel dream team that I have surrounded myself with. I have an amazing PR team (ChromePR) and manager/executive producer David Keeton and I call my band “The Rebel Mafia” and together we electrify the stage.

If you are interested in coming out to any of our upcoming performances and/or want more information regarding Ricky Rebel, you can check out our official website Ricky Rebel Rocks.

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San Francisco Stories: Singer, Dancer, Model & Actress Jenefer Taylor

Welcome to the second installation of the new MCLV series San Francisco Stories. In SF Stories I’ll be sharing features on some of the interesting, innovative, and creative people who I’ve had the good fortune to meet during my years here in San Francisco. From entrepreneurs like Livzo Founder Nataliia Karpenko who I featured in my first post – Catch up on that here if you missed it – To Designers, magazine editors, healthy living gurus, and start-up mavens.

Today’s interview is with a talented and beautiful young lady who I saw walk the runway at San Francisco Fashion Week in September 2013 and whom I followed on social media long before we actually got a chance to meet.

When we were finally introduced I was impressed to discover an ambitious, creative, artistic soul with dreams of conquering the music industry. And perhaps film and fashion while she’s at it. 🙂

Singer Dancer Model Actress Jenefer Taylor SF Stories San Francisco Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Food Beauty Blogger

Read on to hear about her healthy approach to fitness and nutrition, what she’s hoping to accomplish, and where you may be able to find her in the next few years…

MCLV: Singer, dancer, actress, model – You clearly enjoy exploring various creative projects. Which art form would you say is your favorite?

Jenefer: 100% singing! I LOVE IT! It’s been my passion and makes me happier than almost anything… Aside from dogs. Saying I am obsessed with animals would be an understatement.

MCLV: With the many hats you wear, having a strong, healthy body is important. What tips do you have for people who want to start 2015 on a healthy note? 

Jenefer: Don’t obsess over where you want to be. Be aware of where you are now and make choices daily that will get you to where you want to be. I’ve found that when I fixate too much on an ideal, it can be nerve-racking. Instead I choose to reward myself daily on my improvements and keep pushing harder.

MCLV: With call-backs and auditions popping up at a moment’s notice, you need to be in fighting shape at all times. What are your top work out and healthy living tips?

Jenefer: Well, I walk every day. It’s so therapeutic and it keeps me happy. I like to walk and listen to music to reflect. But I mix it up with private training sessions, kick boxing, yoga, and ballet. I’ve recently picked up running and even though it’s hard sometimes for me to start, I’m always glad I did after the run. I start my mornings with hot water and lemon to kick-start my metabolism. And then, other than that, I just drink LOTS of water, always get in a green drink and sleep when my body tells me I need it. 

Singer Dancer Model Actress Jenefer Taylor SF Stories San Francisco Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Food Beauty Blogger

MCLV: From Porsche to Neiman Marcus, you’ve worked with some amazing brands during your career. Do you have a favorite experience or an especially fun project you could share with MCLV readers? 

Jenefer: The Porsche commercial has been the most exciting and rewarding so far! We got to shoot it in San Francisco and I was lucky enough to work on set as a precision driver. Never before did I imagine myself flooring it to 60 miles plus and driving through the streets of SF, with police escorts in front and back and multiple cameramen in the backseat. It was like the city was ours for the day! It was exhilarating and I could have kept driving for days. Plus the people on set, really made this experience. Everyone was a rockstar that weekend! 

MCLV:  You’ve recently made the move from San Francisco to Los Angeles – With regular trips back up north, of course. What are the biggest differences between SF and LA on a day-to-day basis? What changes, if any, have you see for your career?

Jenefer: Oh my gosh! LA is packed. There are so many people here! The traffic sets it apart from any place, for sure. Haha. I went to Pepperdine so I am familiar with SoCal. But it was different in college. I feel this time, living here I am really focused on my career and because I am so dialed in to my passions, it has been amazing! There is just so much opportunity and every day presents new avenues to explore.

Changes to my career? I think the biggest change I’ve noticed is feeling more empowered and excited… Even more so than I was before. I just started advanced classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and my fellow actors are so supportive! I have two teachers, Allen and Art, who are just so talented and have such great feedback to scenes performed. Everyone has such high energy, is super dedicated and really goes after what they want. I feel a real sense of community in these classes and it’s one of my highlights every week!

Singer Dancer Model Actress Jenefer Taylor SF Stories San Francisco Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Food Beauty Blogger

MCLV: What’s in your five-year career plan? Where do you see yourself?

Jenefer: Hmmm. I’ve learned “plans” don’t necessarily work out the way we always think and that’s not a bad thing… When I was in High School, I always thought I would be married by 24 and have 2 kids by now. But that’s not the case and I’m so happy about that! REALLY.  I have a journal I use. I like to write down my biggest goals and then under them, write down every possible thing I can do to reach them. Then in a couple of months, I check back in and see what I’ve accomplished and what else I can pursue.

Before I booked the Porsche commercial, one of my entries in my journal was “book a national car commercial.” The Porsche commercial was global. In 5 years I want to own my own home, be in love, be the face of a major brand (perfume, makeup, clothes… Something like that), be working on set as a lead actress/singer in a major feature film and I would also like to have my own non-profit… Probably something with animals.

MCLV: What words of wisdom do you have for people who are new to the entertainment or fashion industries who would like to follow in your footsteps? 

Jenefer: Be grateful. Because when you’re grateful life is just better. Know your gifts and know where you need to improve. Have goals, be precise and stay motivated daily! Focus on being the BEST version of you, you can possibly be. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. When someone knocks you down, get back up again. Elvis Presley was told he couldn’t sing. He didn’t let that stop him from becoming the King. And believe in yourself. If you truly want something, find a way. It’s that simple.

Thank you for stopping by MCLV Jen!

Be on the look out for the next project from this talented performer by following her on Facebook or checking out her website.

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