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2017 Fitness Adventures: Lyra

This year’s Fitness Adventures series has been nothing short of eye-opening and I’ve been grateful to have the opportunity to try so many new studios and classes here in San Francisco.

So what was up next on my Must Try list for 2017?


It’s a yoga-dance hybrid workout that you can take at San Francisco Pole & Dance studio that utilizes the lyra aerial hoop. Keep reading to see what I thought!

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The Low Down:

The dance studio is in SOMA, a few blocks south of the Civic Center BART stop, on 8th street. It’s a huge warehouse that’s home to a number of dance studios including the SF Conservatory of Dance. I’m pretty sure that the girl I followed up was a ballerina. Meaning that I started class feeling like I was auditioning for Center Stage.

Once you’re upstairs the space is large, bright, and airy. They use the big loft for all of their fun classes – AcroYoga, pole dancing, silks, adult gymnastics, and lyra.


Nearly half of the class was spent stretching and doing core work. The teacher made it clear that warming up our bodies was very important before tackling anything new or exciting.

The class was small and intimate – With only four of us we were all able to get one-on-one time with the instructor, spotting when we tried new moves, and a partner when needed.

Everyone had different activity levels and experience. Two of us had never taken lyra before, one was a regular at the studio, and one was returning to the sport after a year-long break. It was a great combo because you didn’t feel rushed or held back, we were all able to go at our own speed, ask questions, and have someone more advanced to watch work on each move.


This was SUCH a fun class.

Every move was a total rush. I went from nervous to elated and back again for most of the class.

It was also a lot of hard work. I knew I was working some seldom used muscles, but I really wanted to push myself and try everything, so push I did.

Warning – I was pretty immobile the day after this class. I had bruises on my legs from wrapping around the ring and all the tiny little muscles in my legs, abdomen, arms, and upper back were objecting. Loudly. And two days after? My forearms are still so tender that I’m having trouble opening doors.

So, in summary – Do I recommend this class? Absolutely!

Just plan to take it easy the next day… 🙂

Interested in seeing what other Fitness Adventures I’ve been up to this year?

Have YOU tried lyra before? Or any aerial yoga or silks classes?

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