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Fashion Lessons You Can Learn From Stylish Men

While sometimes it feels like a well-dressed man is something of a unicorn on the dating scene, believe me when I say that you can learn some valuable lessons from a well dressed man.

I think part of the allure of menswear is its longevity. Classic menswear is just that, classic. Men aren’t targeted quite as strongly with trends or fast fashion and are able to create high quality wardrobes that stand the test of time.

Menswear Mens Fashion Stylish Gentlemen San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

While even the most well-dress woman will have the occasional Zara, H&M, Topshop, or other High Street “disposable” fast fashion piece in their closet, men seem to be immune to this compulsion.

So what lessons can the well dressed gentleman in your life {boyfriend, dad, brother…} teach you?

Quality Over Quantity:

Stylish men, regardless of their occupation, tend towards high quality pieces with staying power. Rather than have a few lower quality versions of a piece, they’ll “invest” in the best out there. From coats to shoes to jeans, you’ll notice fewer varieties of higher quality in their drawers.

Menswear Mens Fashion Stylish Gentlemen San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

The Importance of Tailoring:

You what to know how to make something look like it was custom-made for you? Have it tailored. Most professional men that I know have at least one excellent tailor on standby who can do everything from cuffing slacks to custom-making button-down shirts. One well-made piece tailored to suit you perfectly is worth more than a dozen poorly fitted pieces.

Buy Multiples:

When a man finds a piece that he likes, that fits & is flattering, he’ll often buy more than one. You’ll see the same sweater or casual button-down in different prints or colors repeated throughout the month. For a fashion girl, that may seem boring, but believe me when I say that it makes getting ready a breeze.

Menswear Mens Fashion Stylish Gentlemen San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{Images from Menswear Must Haves Pinterest Board}

Buy For Now:

While I doubt the average man is thinking about “buying for his body” while browsing for new duds, they do tend to buy for the here and now. We women all have that killer pair of skinny jeans or a slinky little black dress we’re hoping we’ll fit into again, but for the most part, a man can put on anything in this closet and be out the door. There’s no wondering if it’ll fit or whether it’s still flattering, it’s about creating a wardrobe that suits you right now not at some mythical goal weight in the future.

Tell me – What lesson have YOU learned from a stylish man in your life?

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Looks of the Week: Men of New York

Our last Looks of the Week round-up featured some of my favorite New York City girls. As far as I’m concerned, being able to cope with a Manhattan Winter while still looking fabulous is a talent that definitely needs to be celebrated.

After checking in on the ladies last week, I wanted to focus on the gents this time around.

Menswear Mens Fashion New York City Mens Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Let’s kick this off with one of my favorite male fashion bloggers – A gentleman who makes a suit look so good it should almost be illegal. Almost.}

Menswear Mens Fashion New York City Mens Fashion Blogger Street Style

{New York Winters are all about layers and cozying up in toasty fabrics and materials.}

Menswear Mens Fashion New York City Mens Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Stripes are classic for a reason – They’re flattering, versatile, and never fail to impress!}

Menswear Mens Fashion New York City Mens Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Black & white is always a chic option and I adore this killer sweater-blazer combo. Plus Alex’s mirrored sunnies are divine!}

Menswear Mens Fashion New York City Mens Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Don’t forget to accessorize. The always dapper and hysterical Closet Freaks shows us just how to make the most of Winter accessories!}

{Click images to see original source}

Who is YOUR favorite New York based menswear blogger?

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Looks of the Week: Mens Style

Welcome back to Looks of the Week! Today we’re celebrating all that is fabulous in the world of mens style – From dapper suits to fun Summer separates, from the streets of Milan to San Francisco!

Menswear Looks of the Week Men's Fashion Suit San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Layers, prints, and classic menswear pieces – There’s nothing that I don’t adore about this look captured by The Valencia Street Review!}

Menswear Looks of the Week Italian Fashion Men's Fashion Milan Street Style

{Perfection! I love the silhouette of the pants, the printed button-down shirt, and the eye-catching extras like oh-so-stylish sunglasses & shoes.}

Menswear Looks of the Week Men's Fashion San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{The accessories are great in this look – Love the tie and watch – But what really caught my eye was the great combination of a classic shirt + tie paired with a sleek leather jacket. Well done, Sir.}

Menswear Looks of the Week Summer Separates Men's Fashion Fashion Blogger New York City Street Style

{Casual separates are a great way to show of your personal style – Little touches like the perfect roll in your jeans can make quite an impact.}

Menswear Looks of the Week Summer Separates Men's Fashion Accessories Summer Hat

{Accessories can make a look – A flattering hat, bold watch, layered jewelry… These are great ways to make a look your own.}

{Click images to see original source}

Which of these mens style shots is YOUR favorite?

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Spring 2013 Menswear Fashion

While mens styles tend to be more long-standing there are still some fun trends and pieces to keep in mind when you’re updating your wardrobe each season. And with the weather starting to edge towards Spring it’s time to consider how to dress for warm days and vacations!

Keep Things Interesting:


A colorful or printed jacket or blazer is a great way inject some personality into your Spring looks this year – A plaid version like the one above is classic but still fun, which is a great combination since you’ll be able to wear it again another season.

If trying out a new color combination is on your To Do List be sure to check out The Sartorialist’s On The Runway: Maroon & Blue for some beautiful pictures from the Fall 2013 Collections.

The Spring 2013 runway shows features some great styles, bold colors, and interesting, eye-catching prints. Translating those styles to the street can be a challenge though so check out Well Groomed’s Spring 2013 Menswear Collections & Squidoo’s Men’s 2013 Spring Fashion Trends.


Up for a project? This colorblock tie from I SPY DIY is a great, quick option that’ll result in a wholly unique, one-of-a-kind accessory that you can really express yourself with – Colorblock Tie DIY.

There are a few quality pieces that every man should own – Nice shoes, classic wallet, a good belt… If you’re missing that last one be sure to educate yourself before you head out shopping by reading The Attire Club’s How To Choose A Good Belt.

Get creative and expand your options by learning some interesting new ways to knot your tie – Different Types of Ties from 9GAG: Life is a gag, make it fun.


Sometimes it seems as though the art of wearing a hat is lost – And then I see an amazing picture that reinforced my love of men in hats. Not sure how to make this work for you? Read The Art of Manliness’s Men’s Winter Hats: The Ultimate Guide to Cold Weather Headwear.

Tips & Suggestions:

Tailoring is one of the best ways that you can ensure that you look sharp. Even less expensive pieces will look like they cost more and are made of better materials if they fit like they were made for you. So shop around and find the right tailor for you. Read through this great series from Kolonel Mustard all about tailoring – The Tailor Project: Introduction & The Tailor Project: Parts 1 – 5.

Creating a clutter-free, organized space is the key to making dressing each day go smoother, faster, and more stylishly. If you can’t find what you’re looking for because nothing is hung up or if you forget that you own pieces because there’s so many outdated pieces crammed into your wardrobe your daily dressing will suffer. So take some advice from New York City based fashion blogger Scout Sixteen – On Organization.


Need some more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board – Menswear Must Haves – For great pictures of formal wear, suits, casual fashion, and stylish accessories. Also be sure to view The Jaunty Gent & Suited Lifestyle for some great fashion inspiration!

So tell me gents {and ladies who buy for their men} – What’s on your Wish List for Spring 2013?

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Welcome To The Red Carpet…

Each Spring we get to witness the fabulous journey from red carpet to red carpet that the celebrities embark on that leads to the Oscars. Have I seen all the movies being nominated for & winning awards? Nope. Not even close. Do you know which gowns & frocks I love and which designers are killing it? Oh. Yes.

Here are some of the highlights of late!


{I like this because it’s a one-of-a-kind take on a standard Little Black Dress and the answer to what to wear to a cocktail party.}


{Cute. Eye-catching. Age appropriate. What more could you ask for from a young starlet?}

People's Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

{I adore a man in a suit, but with an endless parade of red carpets during awards season black and grey suit after black and grey suit gets a bit… Dreary. Three cheers for a man who mixing things up and likes to try great colors & textures. Precisely as the face of Burberry should!}

People's Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

{Flowy and white can frequently bomb on the red carpet. Too loose, too casual, too flower child… But this one is perfection. It’s all about the belt!}

People's Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

{Another black & gold number that killed it on the red carpet. Dramatic. Unique. Flattering. Perfect!}

People's Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

{Finding the perfect jewel toned gown isn’t easy and I can’t imagine a more beautifully colored dress than this one. And that silver collar? Swoon!}

People's Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

{Prints & patterns are such a breath of fresh air on the red carpet in a sea of princess-y frocks and this metallic black & silver number was especially stunning. And she wisely left the statement jewelry at home.}


{Another fabulous white gown curtsey of Ralph Lauren. Lovely silhouette and a flattering hue, but those earrings were what really sold me. Just stunning!}


{I LOVE Kerry Washington and she’s had some killer looks during her Django Unchained press tour – But this Giles gown is one of my favorites. It’s totally unique while still looking like it was made for her. Brava!}

And finally… Some Golden Globe goodness:


{I love this dress! There was lots of back-and-forth on this one from the commentators, but I thought it was fun and a breath of fresh air!}


{Striking. Just striking.}


{I love the drama here – The deep oxblood color, the neckline, the train… There’s a lot going on, but it works for her.}


{I LOVE pants on the red carpet. And I love women in tuxedos. This is simple but totally chic and timeless. Well done Amy, well done.}


{Wow. It’s eye-catching and dramatic, but still age appropriate and utterly flattering. Gorgeous dress!, I love the gold embellishments.}


{This peach hue suits Miss Jessica to a T. It’s classic but the styling, jewelry & bag take it up a notch.}


{I love black & white on the red carpet. It’s sharp and eye-catching. And Julianne Moore knows JUST how to pull off this killer Tom Ford gown.}


{Flawless. The gown is a stunning color, suits her figure perfectly, and I adore the double straps, low back, and sheer stripe. Perfection!}


{Drama Drama Drama. When you want sophisticated, high fashion drama and glamour you know where to go – Alexander McQueen!}


{I’m not usually a fan of sheer hemlines but I just love this sparkly Miu Miu number. It really stood out last night – Both on the red carpet and on stage – And it looks great on her.}


{And she’s back! I used to love everything that Miss Kidman wore on the red carpet but all the white lately hasn’t been my favorite – This however is killer. It’s busy, but she’s just the woman to pull it off!}


{Such a standout dress last night – This is the definitely of an eye-catching look!}

In my humble opinion there was a winning tie here… Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta {styled by the fabulous Brad Goreski} and Taylor Swift in Donna Karan Atelier. Both looked utterly striking and were styled to perfection. Well done to everyone though, there were virtually no disasters at this stylish event.

My only complaint? Where was Keira Knightley??? Her Chanel gowns for the Anna Karenina red carpets have been divine – I was dying to see what she was going to wear to the Golden Globes. Sob!

{Images from TLo}

Curious about last year’s stand outs? Check out Golden Girls. And Boys. for the 2012 red carpet looks from the likes of Angelina Jolie, Evan Rachel Wood, Emma Stone, and Rooney Mara.

Which fabulous frock was your favorite?

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