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June In Review

I hit a huge milestone this June at my office and while it was a bit overwhelming to think about, it also brought up some great questions and forced me to really think about what I hope to achieve in the future. I felt very lucky that it happened in June as well since it was the halfway point in 2015 – So I have 6 months to work on my goals for this year.


I transitioned from being a redhead to a blond this month and for some reason I haven’t been able to stop wearing black and white ever since. Lots of faux leather and stripes and capes, mais bien sur.

Be sure to check out my June Sartorial Round-Up to see all of these looks from this month!


{Faux Leather Style}


Healthy breakfasts were a big part of my month – Shifting from intermittent fasting to eating breakfast has been a challenge but I’ve really enjoyed trying new recipes and old favorites like protein smoothie bowls.

If you’re not keeping up with the MCLV kitchen on Instagram be sure to head over and take a look!


My love of black & white bled into my workouts this month when I fell in love with these Nike Free shoes and started putting together monochrome running looks.

You can also check out of some of my favorite gym and workout goodies in last week’s What I Love Wednesday: Gym Edition.

Running Style Nike Free Workout Gym San Francisco Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Running Street Style

{Running Style}


  1. Publish: In addition to contributing to GEV and Fashion Xchange‘s Summer Issues this month, I also gave my personal writing some much-needed attention.
  2. Move: Despite a minor foot injury June was a running-heavy month. I can’t get enough of my gorgeous city this time of year and can’t seem to stay inside!
  3. Grateful: I’ve been exploring new neighborhoods and trying new shops and restaurants this Summer and falling in love with San Francisco all over again. So grateful to live somewhere that I love this much!
  4. Habits: I decided to only give my attention to valuable opportunities and projects this month and I’ve felt much more focused since I stopped spreading myself too thin by taking on everything.

What’s going through YOUR mind now that 2015 is half over?

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May In Review

Hello lovely readers and welcome to June.

In some cities June means sunshine-filled, warm days, however here in San Francisco “Summer” culminates with grey, rainy days and lots of layers.


Just because San Francisco weather is less than ideal this time of year doesn’t mean that I can’t daydream about bright colors, bold prints, and fun Spring/Summer wear. Check out Spring Fashion Inspiration and Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends for some of my favorite picks for this season.

Personally, I’m fighting off the lackluster days with Cheetah + Stripes, Little White Dresses, and vacation dresses like this backless beauty from purplemaroon.

Little White Dress Winter White Spring Style Trendy Mondays San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Trendy Mondays: Little White Dress}


A healthy body starts in the kitchen. I love to get some prep for the week done on Sundays and then cook most of my meals throughout the week. What’s YOUR Healthy Body Inspiration?

If you’re not keeping up with the MCLV kitchen on Instagram head over and take a look!


One of my big lessons this month on the fitness front was a reminder to listen to my body. It’s great to plan out your workouts and prepare a schedule, but sometimes you just need to go with the flow and give your body what it’s asking for.

In the same boat? Check out Working Out & Listening To Your Body for more tips!

Lululemon Athletica San Francisco Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Street Style

{Workout Gear Spotlight: Lululemon Athletica}


  1. Publish: This month included magazine event coverage, working on a new video series for Legally Vogue, and stay tuned for a new cover that I styled!
  2. Move: Boxing has become a fun stress relieving exercise this month and I’m enjoying supplementing my workouts with 20-30 minute bouts once a week.
  3. Grateful: This month reminded me just how much I love my family. I’m beyond grateful to be part of a loving, supportive, tight-knit family – We may be crazy, but we will always be there for each other.
  4. Habits: I did something this month that I’ve never been good at – I said no. I said no and didn’t explain myself or make excuses. I just said no. 🙂

What are YOU most looking forward to this June?

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July Round-Up

July was a fun combination of social and family events – Not only did I get a chance to see my parents twice and attend my baby brother’s wedding, I also hosted my first beauty event and did some fun collaborations.


{July Fashion: Boho Style, Blogger Fashion: Monochrome & Skater Skirt Styling}

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Social Media – I was introduced to a fun new fashion platform this month called Monogram, be sure to check out my first magazine here.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – This month the fashion styling startup that I’m working with, Ajent.com, is preparing to launch. You can even join our beta testing team for a FREE introductory consultation video chat w/ your own personal stylist!
  • Expansion & Growth – This month I rolled out a new website with the help of a friend and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Now I can focus on the more creative side of things for the rest of the Summer.
  • Be Positive – During July I had to make some tough personal choices and having a good attitude really carried me through – This month was really a demonstration of how important perspective & positivity can be!

July Round-Up:


July was a beauty heavy month as I partnered with The Beauty Company in Russian Hill and San Francisco-based nail polish company Floss Gloss to bring together beauty & nail art lovers with the help of Bethann of Beth Animal Print and Donna of So You Agree. You can see pictures from the event here and check out my look for the evening here.


{Beauty Company Start of Summer Soiree}

Food & Fitness:

I spent July getting in to the best shape possible and eating well in the hopes that it will help aid my recovery following back surgery. I mixed circuit training, core work, stretching and yoga with a high-raw, vegan diet and was thrilled with the results. Hopefully it’ll work!

New August Goals:


My favorite New York photographer – Lydia Hudgens – Is back in San Francisco and I’m thrilled to be shooting with her over the next two weeks. And during mid-August you should join me in the Marina for a trunk show and shopping event at FashionElles Boutique featuring Sasha Maks Vintage. You can RSVP for the even here.

Food & Fitness:

In terms of health and fitness my sole goal for the month of August is to take it easy and recuperate. My nature is not to sit back and wait but I know I’ll recover faster if I give my body the time it needs to heal. No working out until September!


{July Fashion: Tweed + Vintage Pearls, Jumpsuit & Black & White}

July Bucket List Review:

  1. Launch MCLV Newsletter – Done! 🙂 You can join here.
  2. Film first YouTube video – Filmed and begun editing. Very, very, very nervous.

August Bucket List:

  1. Plan a trip to Southern California to visit all my girlfriends who moved South after college – Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego here I come!

So tell me, how’s YOUR Summer going?

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May Round-Up

May was the unofficial month of MOI! After spending the beginning of 2013 traveling non-stop I took some time for myself in May and put time & effort into my personal goals. And I’m not going to lie to you guys, it was nothing short of glorious!

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Social Media – At the end of May I finally caved and got myself an iPad Mini which I’m hoping will mean I’ll be able to stay on top of the blog & all the various social media platforms all the easier when I’m traveling.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – May was all about collaborations and fun new projects – In addition to getting a chance to work with some talented ladies on the Blogger Fashion series, I was also thrilled to be able to try out the gorgeous clothes from The Factory’s Spring Voyage To Marrakech collection. Stay tuned for another great collaboration that I’ll be announcing Tuesday!
  • Expansion & Growth – During May I had the amazing opportunity to be mentored by Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society  as I went through Marie Forleo’s 8 week online entrepreneurial & business program. I learned so much and in addition to unveiling a new website in the next few months, I’m also launching a newsletter so you can get special MCLV insights & personalized styling tips.
  • Be Positive – Spending additional time in San Francisco and less time traveling this month had an amazing effect on my mindset. I had so many “I love my life” moments the past few weekends it really renewed my appreciation for the city I live in the life I’ve built for myself.


{Voyage To Marrakech}

May Goals:


One of the highlights of this month was getting a chance to work with New York City photographer Lydia Hudgens while she was visiting in San Francisco – Stay tuned for some of the great pictures we took!

Food & Fitness:

Spending less time traveling this month meant more time in the kitchen and some much-needed trips to the Farmers Market. I’ve found that even when I eat healthily while I’m traveling I tend to eat smaller snack-like meals throughout the day, while when I’m home and have more control over my schedule I’ll sit down for three meals a day.


{May Fashions: Great Gatsby Fashion, Camille K: Vintage Jewelry For Spring & Blogger Fashion: Striped Shirt}

New June Goals:


This will be the Summer of collaborations! 🙂 In addition to working with photographers Lydia Hudgens and Jennymay Villarete, there will be another fun post in the Fashion Blogger series, Styling 101 goodness featuring Sasha Maks Vintage, and a collaboration with a great local denim company.

Food & Fitness:

It’s officially the time of year for beach, pool, and river trips so I’m going to start working on toning in preparation for swimsuit season. That means changing up my workouts and adding additional protein to my meals. If you want to stay on top of the shifts in my fitness routine check in on Instagram for updates or you can join me in getting bikini ready by emailing me for details!

We’re swiftly approaching the half-way mark for 2013, how has your year been so far?

Are you following my adventures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram yet?

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April Round-Up

Rather than focus on the fact that April has somehow just come to an end, I’m trying to focus on all the great things that 2013 has already held and all of the great things I have to look forward to in May and the rest of the year.

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Social Media – I feel like I’m doing an excellent job of staying on top of my main social media outlets {Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest} but unfortunately some of my favorites have fallen to the wayside. Time to make them a priority & add updating to my daily To Do Lists.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – Between freelancing, guest blogging, and writing copy for a fabulous new website I’m really enjoying this creative outlet. Stay tuned for more. 🙂
  • Expansion & Growth – I’m thrilled to announce that I’m available for hire for all your styling needs – From special event & photo shoot styling to season wardrobe updates to closet organization. Check out my Styling Services page for more information & get started today!
  • Be Positive – April was a month that taught me quite a bit on this front, including how much my health effects my mindset. When I’m rundown and burned out I have trouble keeping a positive mindset and tend to get off track easily. Time to put some additional time & effort into this goal.


{April Fashions: Top Left – Maxi Skirts For Spring, Top Right – Tribal Prints at Lucky FABB West, Bottom Left – Mixing Animal Prints & Bottom Right – Spring Workwear}

March Goals:


I’m thrilled with my April fashion choices, breaking out my warm-weather clothes, and expanding my boundaries. My biggest sartorial accomplishment this month? Definitely rocking my beloved floral short suit in LA during Lucky FABB West.


{Floral Shorts Suit in Los Angeles}

Food & Fitness:

Unfortunately due to excessive traveling my health went downhill during April – From a poor diet on weekends to stress to back problems this wasn’t the ideal month on this front. But rather than beat myself up I’m going to focus on what changes I need to make for May in order to get back to a happy, healthy place.

May Goals:


May is going to be a month of photo shoots – I’m thrilled to be shooting with three different photographers whose work I really admire this month. Stay tuned for some great new projects & collaborations that I’ll finally be able to share with you!

Food & Fitness:

My goal for May is to get back to basics – No more eating out, no more processed or pre-made foods. Lots of cooking, lots of whole foods, lots of raw, fresh produce. My plan is to eat raw for more of the day with cooked foods at night and lots of supplements and coconut water to help even myself out.

How was your April? Did you achieve your goals for the month?

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