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March Round-Up

2013 is just chugging along, virtually every time I catch sight of the date I’m shocked by how far into the year we’re getting. And while that might not be the best feeling, I’m also pretty darn thrilled with my progress this year and everything that I’ve made time for thus far.

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Stay on top of social media – I’ve found that when I get busy this is the first thing to slip so I started making a list each morning with my social media/posting schedule in it – That keeps me on track & serves as a gentle reminder. Yet another reason I’m in love w/ my planner!
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – In addition to various freelance pieces I’ve written recently I’m also working on re-doing the website so I’ve been a busy girl on this front.
  • Expansion & Growth – I’ve been working with beta testers on my new style consulting business – Which will include styling, wardrobe consulting, and closet organization – And I’m thrilled with how well things have been progressing. {Check out the Advertising, Collaborations & Styling Services page above for more information.
  • Be Positive – While there are always setbacks I’m still working really hard to keep a positive mindset. Ignoring negative people and writing daily affirmations are lifesavers when things get stressful.


{Some fun looks from the Styling 101 series featuring gorgeous vintage jewelry from Sasha Maks Vintage: Top Left – Easter Fashion, Top Right: How To Wear Chambray, Bottom Left: Mixing Prints For Spring & Bottom Right: St. Patty’s Day Style}

March Goals:


Mission accomplished! My fashion goal for March was to get into the mood for Spring despite the chilly San Francisco weather we’re still experiencing. Between spending time in slightly warmer Sacramento and adding layers I was able to break out a number of the pieces I had earmarked for Spring – Check them out below.


{March Personal Style: Top Left – Animal Prints + Leather, Top Right – Rolled Jeans, Bottom Left: Spring Stripes & Bottom Right: Maxi Madness for Spring}

Food & Fitness:

I’m fairly pleased with my consistency in March when it came to working out and eating healthy – Getting into a routine and making my healthy habits stick was important. Unfortunately eating out has become commonplace during weekends in Sacramento so I try to stick with giant salads and drink lots of water while I’m out.

April Goals:


April will include a trip to Los Angeles and I’m looking forward to mixing things up on the sartorial front. I enjoy trying different styles when I travel – It’s fun to adapt your personal fashion to suit your surroundings and this trip will include some great warm weather pieces.

Food & Fitness:

As I said above, while my weekdays are settling into a healthy routine my weekends haven’t been nearly as consistent. My number one goal for April is to really focus on making healthier, smarter choices on weekends. If I’m going to be eating out I’ll be sure to grab a handful of almonds or baby carrots first so that I’m not starving when I sit down to order.

How was did the month of March go for you? Do you feel like you’ve started 2013 on the right foot so far?

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February Round-Up

Raise your hand if you cannot believe that February is over.

Me either.

When my calendar reminder to write my monthly round-up post popped up I had to check the calendar to be sure. Intellectually I knew what the date was, obviously I date things at work, but I didn’t quite have a handle on the fact that the 28th meant the month was almost over. Le Sigh.

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Stay on top of social media – Check out my recent Where To Find What post to see how the various social media platforms are being utilized for MCLV – You can find different topics & pictures on each. 🙂 And stay tuned for a post on my recent collaboration with LookMazing.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – I’m joining a fun online styling site and will be sharing details and some of my pieces as soon as I can. I’ll also be contributing a weekly health & fitness post to the Cap City Strength & Conditioning blog.
  • Expansion & Growth – I’m officially expanding my services to include styling, wardrobe consulting, and closet organizing. Check out the Advertising, Collaborations & Styling Services page above for more information.
  • Be Positive – 2013 is beginning to look like the poster child for over booking. Between taking on more work styling & writing and my boyfriend opening a gym, I’m spread pretty thin. Approaching my days with positivity and excitement instead of dread has been key for keeping myself motivated and inspired.


{Some February Looks: Valentine’s Day, Wandering around San Francisco shooting on random doorsteps :), IFBCON Look & Emerald City}

February Goals {From January Round-Up}:


New York was amazing and despite the extremity-losing cold I had an amazing time {IFBCON Celebrity Sightings & Industry Insight} and have been completely awash in nonstop inspiration since I returned. From meeting new bloggers to getting to hear my favorite industry insiders speak to seeing the streets of New York City filled with amazing fashion – February has been one of my favorite months in recent years.


Smoothies & sweet potatoes have been February staples, both great for at-work consumption and easy-to-make nighttime meals. And during my NYC adventures and weekends away I’ve been traveling with bags of Trader Joe’s trail mix and Larabars galore.


I’m thrilled to say I’ve been hitting the gym at least 5 days a week very consistently. My morning Instagram shot to help inspire my fabulous readers to get to gym has been a HUGE motivator for me!


{Some additional February Looks: Emerald City, Transitioning From Winter-To-SpringFormal Wear Done Right  & Valentine’s Day}

March Goals:


Time to break out the colors! As Spring starts arriving in San Francisco I’ll be playing up prints, florals, and fun colors. Stay tuned for some MCLV Style posts in the coming weeks while I take the pieces I’ve been hoarding out of the back of my closet! 🙂 On the docket – My new Aqua floral shorts suit, patterned Capri pants, and flowy Piperlime blazer.


{Left: Aqua shorts – $46 on sale @ Bloomingdale’s, Aqua blazer – $60 on sale @ Bloomingdale’s, Center: Printed Crop Pant – $25 @ Forever 21 & Right: Floral Blazer – $90 @ Piperlime}

Food & Fitness:

I’ll be out-of-town most weekends this Spring so staying on top of my physical therapy, workouts, and eating a healthy, consistent diet during the week is especially important as my weekends aren’t going to be as structured as I would like. Sundays will be dedicated to grocery shopping and cooking during March and I’ll put a lot of effort into making my meals ahead of time in order to make my evenings run more smoothly.

What are you most looking forward to in March?

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Saturday Round-Up

Happy Saturday – I hope that everyone had a great week!


{Accessories from my recent trip to the deYoung, Green Monster & New GiGi New York planner, Research materials & A shot from my upcoming photo shoot with LookMazing}

So enjoy these fun snaps from the last week and get a little insight into how things have been going over here in San Francisco since my trip to New York for IFBCON.

Don’t forget to stay in touch my loves – Be sure to follow me for pictures & updates:

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January Round-Up

Hello 2013! Goodbye January!

I feel like we were juuust focused on getting ready for New Years Eve & setting 2013 resolutions a few minutes ago {2012 Round-Up}, and now January has already come and gone!


Well, I suppose there’s no use fighting it so we might as well check in on my progress thus far…

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Stay on top of social media – So far so good! Not only have I been diligent w/ updating the platforms that I’m already on, I’ve also fallen in love with Polyvore and LookMazing – I highly recommend that you check them both out.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – I submitted three freelance journalism pieces during January so I’m thrilled that I started working on this goal immediately this year. I hope that the momentum continues!
  • Expansion & Growth – I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be heading to New York in a few days for IFBCon where I get to listen to fabulous speakers, wander the streets of New York, catch up with friends, and meet new people in the fashion blogging world. Stay tuned for updates from my trip.
  • Be Positive – There have been lots of changes in my life lately and I think that without my active attempts to deal with the new hurdles in a positive manner I would be in a very different place right now. Keep an eye out for a new Be Positive post in the next few weeks with some of my experiences and tips for remaining positive during trying times!


{Some stylish looks from January: Embellish Me, Leopard Print, New Years Eve, Ballerina, Texture Queen, Striped Leopard, Cold Blooded & Lazy Stripes}

New Goals For February:


While I love San Francisco, New York takes fashion to whole new level. I’m extremely excited for my trip and I hope to break out all of the fun new purchases that I’ve been amassing since the Thanksgiving sales sent me into a shopping tailspin. Brightly colored pieces, lots of prints, fun combinations, and mixing & matching. All at sub-zero temperatures.

Maybe they’ll add that to the Olympics next time around?


My goal for February food-wise is to eat as clean as possible. Between feeling amazing upon finishing The Whole 30 and knowing that I’ll be traveling a lot over the next month I want to feel my best during all the fun events in February. From family gatherings to photo shoots to traveling to fashion events.


Making the gym a regular part of my daily routine has been key this past year as far as increasing my strength and managing my back injury {and pain}. Unfortunately February will be a challenge since there’s so much traveling involved, which is hard on my back, so I have to work extra hard to fit physical therapy and core workouts into my days. Fingers crossed!


It’s extraordinarily sad, but I really think I need to add “stop snacking on gummy vitamins to my list of goals.” It’s getting WAY out of control over here. Maybe moving them off my desk so that they’re not so tempting while I’m on conference calls will help…


How’s your 2013 going so far? Are things going according to your plans? Have you accomplished everything that you had hoped to during January goal-wise?

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2012 Round-Up

Rather than put together a December Round-Up I decided to do something a little different this month with this 2013 Round-Up. I want to look back on the year as a whole and reflect, as well as put together some goals and wishes for the new year.

In my recent 2012 Highlights & A Little About Moi I shared some of my favorite posts of 2012, but this was also a big year from a personal standpoint – So here are a few of my favorite personal moments from the year:

  • My best friend got married in a gorgeous San Diego ceremony that was funny, beautiful, moving, and 100% her, and I was thrilled to be a part of the festivities – The Perfect Weekend
  • My aunt, one of the most influential forces in my life, celebrated a big birthday and her Summer jubilee was one of the most fun evenings this year – Weekend Wonderland
  • I turned three-oh this Fall and celebrated with a week’s worth of festivities which culminated in an amazing weekend in Sonoma with my family and closest friends – Birthday Bonanza


It was also a big year for Moi Contre La Vie:

  • I added a weekly personal style post & am learning how to be on the receiving end of a camera lens – MCLV Style
  • I established a new partnership with Sasha Maks Vintage and really enjoyed our Styling 101 series this year, which we plan to keep going through 2013
  • My love of cooking, baking & healthy eating led me to create a new series to share my recipes – MCLV Mange

Hopes & Wishes For 2013:

  • Media Maven – One of the things that I’m most proud of myself for during 2012 was learning about and keeping up with shifts in social media. I’m not known for my tech skills, gadgets, or ability to stay on top of current trends in the technology world so I make one of those “I’m so proud of myself but I’ll try to appear humble” faces when I think about not only creating a Facebook page, and accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Lookbook.nu but actually using them. All the time. And sharing. So rather than rest on my laurels 2013 will be all about continuing this trend and finding new fun & entertaining ways to share my passions with you guys!
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – While I do not believe in regrets, I do believe in looking back & taking stock. If I think about what my goals & ambitions were for 2012 the thing I am most disappointed in myself for not pursuing is my writing. Starting this blog was the first step for me sharing the written word. But rather than dwell on my disappointment I will head into 2013 DETERMINED to not only continue to write, but to work up the nerve to have my stories read.
  • Expansion & Growth – This year I really got into the groove on MCLV and created a site that I’m really proud of. In 2013 I want to expand, rework, and create more exciting & inspiring content. From collaborations to videos to fun DIY projects, there are lots of projects in the works!
  • Be Positive – Approaching my life with more positivity and reducing negative thoughts was a major goal in 2012 and while I’m quite pleased with my progress in this area I do believe that this is a self-improvement project that should be ongoing rather than a one-time resolution. So that means I will spend 2013 trying to approach situations with a positive attitude, handle changes & setbacks with an open mind, and work towards banishing unnecessary & negative thoughts from my mind.


{Top: Holiday Styling, Oxblood Brocade & Caped Crusader // Bottom: Lazy Stripes, Leopard Print & Holiday Style}

Happy New Year to you all – I hope that all of you realized all of your wishes & dreams for 2012 and that you have a fun, safe New Years Eve before starting a fabulous new year.

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