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September Round-Up

While I mentioned last month that I love Fall I feel like I should really clarify for you just how much so that you know what to expect for the foreseeable future. Not only have I started stockpiling cold-weather accessories like a squirrel hoards nuts, I’ve also begun my annual attempt to make every single pumpkin recipe that I can find.

I kid you not, Pinterest is going to be the death of me.


{Check out my Yummy board on Pinterest for mouth-watering recipes and be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can keep up with my recipe trials & tribulations.}

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Social Media – During September I focused on the big four – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter – And really concentrated on keeping the up-to-date. Be sure to follow MCLV on each since they all include a little something different! 🙂
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – September included some fun collaborations and was the perfect warm up for all of the exciting projects that October is going to hold. Stay tuned!
  • Expansion & Growth – The first two MCLV Style Insiders Newsletters have been sent out – Be sure to sign up if you haven’t already!
  • Be Positive – My current life motto could be summed up as: “Attitude Is Everything.” I find that I can really turn my mood around if I focus on improving my outlook – And this is helpful not only when I’m stressed or sleep deprived, but also whenever something happens that tests my positivity.

September Round-Up:


September in San Francisco means Indian Summer so I relished the chance to wear little Summer dresses, mini skirts, and even tried out some of my new bikinis during a much-needed girls weekend in San Diego. But as fun as those styles are, I’m thrilled to be heading into Fall weather and looking forward to breaking out my cold weather clothes & accessories.


{Statement Jewelry}

Food & Fitness:

While working out hasn’t been in the cards yet, I have been able to increase my daily walking and standing quite a bit and am excited with the progress. I’ve also continued to eat the high protein diet my doctor recommended to aid in recovery. I’m really looking forward to October and all the progress I’ll make!

New October Goals:


If you’re keeping up with MCLV you’ve noticed I’m pretty enthusiastic about Fall Fashion. If you’re also a fan be sure to check out all the fun Fall beauty & style related posts that I’ve done lately – Fall Fashion Inspiration, Fall 2013: Fashion Must Haves, Fall 2013: Beauty Essentials & Fall & Winter Hair.

Food & Fitness:

October is the month that I’ve been waiting for in terms of fitness – I’ve officially gotten the ok to start physical therapy so I’ll be putting as much time and energy into getting back into shape as I can. I’ll plan to start with physical therapy 3 times a week, then 4 times a week, then I’ll start adding in circuit training workouts and fitness classes. I’m really looking forward to rebuilding my muscles after two months of being sedentary.


{MCLV Style: Animal Prints + Stripes}

September Bucket List Review:

  1. I snuck in just under the wire with this bucket list item & signed-up for a infant-level yoga class on the 28th. Exhausting but so worth it!
  2. Not only did I get a chance to attend a number of San Francisco Fashion Week shows & events, I also covered it for Fashion +Tech – Check out my first post here.

October Bucket List:

  1. Plan a trip to New York
  2. Attempt at least 2-3 Pinterest pumpkin recipes

What do you have planned to celebrate Fall? Check out Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Fall To Do List for some fun ideas for activities & goals this season.

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Fall Fabulousness

Fall is by far my favorite season – I love the weather, I love the fashion, I love the holidays, I even love the decorations – From Halloween pumpkins to Autumn leaves to Thanksgiving turkeys. And here in San Francisco, Fall has most definitely arrived.

As far as I’m concerned the decorations box or closet it one of the best parts about changing seasons! So why not try some of these fun ideas to spice up your home for Fall – Glitter Guide’s 10 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas.

If you’d like some seasonal pictures frames why not try this too cute technique to spice up your photos! Easy Halloween Framed Pictures from Lilac & Lace.

If you’re not in the mood for traditional orange pumpkins this season than give this fun new style a try – DIY Glitter Pumpkins from The Glitter Guide.

Taste of Fall

A lot of what makes Fall to me is what I’m putting in my mouth! 🙂 I’m always dying to break out the squash, pumpkin, and apple pie by the time Summer wraps up. Here are some fabulous recipes to get you in the mood too.


What’s your favorite part about Fall? Do you like recipes that showcase all of the Fall produce that’s hitting the stores?

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