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2016 Goals & Resolutions: Simplify

Tis the season for ambitious New Years Resolutions. And hangovers. But let’s focus on the former, shall we?

While I’m a huge fan of list-writing, I’ve never been quite sure how I feel about the tradition of jotting down a list of goals on January 1st and then forgetting them by the 3rd.

I really loved how I started last year though, so I’m going to use that as a guide while I get ready into the groove of 2016. In my Happy New Year post on December 31st 2014 I talked about living in the moment.

“Years of striving and planning and focusing on the future, and for the first time I can remember, I’m living my life for now. I’m present. I’m here in the moment and loving every second of it.”

And whatever else I had in mind for last year, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be starting 2016 with this same mentality. I am content in the moment, filled with excitement and anticipation for the future, and wake up filled with gratitude for the life I’ve built for myself.

It’s so easy to get sucked into the grind. Going from day-to-day just getting through and never stopping to look around. If you do nothing else this New Year, take a moment to take stock and be grateful for everything that you have.

Here are a few of the other things that I’ll be keeping in mind going into this fresh new year, and what I’ll be checking back in on each month!

Simplify New Years Resolutions San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger


My top goal for 2016 is to simplify my life.

That means not spreading myself too thin, it means giving myself downtime, and it means more literal things like not wasting money on disposable fashion or buying unnecessary products.

Be Grateful:

One of my favorite practices, one that was handed down to me by my mother, is writing affirmations. Over the years my daily affirmations have evolved into a gratitude journal of sorts.

Each morning I jot down what I’m happy about, why I’m grateful, or what I’m excited about that day. It starts the day with the right mentality and is an instant mood booster {especially when you’re sleepy!}

Give Back:

I’m a big supporter of a few California non-profits that I’ve found over the years. Donating, volunteering, and sharing their causes have always been important to me so this year I want to give some more attention to how we can all step up and do more!

Do YOU have a resolution this year?

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November In Review

When November rolls around each year a number of things usually happen. I suddenly remember my New Years Resolutions, I dive gleefully into the holiday season, and I am reminded how crazy this time of year can be. Events, travel, family time, holiday preparations, and trying to keep my booty in shape for all the parties and trips.

Fashion & Beauty:

I loved getting a chance to work with some great local companies, designers, and photographers this month. I shared my first of three looks with outerwear company A by Anubha, as well as the beginning of the dE ROSAIRO Travel Capsule that will simplify your packing and your closet.

I also got to work with Brad of Pacifica Gallery and Jill of Champagne for Everyday on an upcoming event with the oh-so-fabulous Tiffany & Co.

I was especially lucky to work with Breather here in San Francisco and get some meditation & writing time in one of their gorgeous Union Square spaces. You can even get a discount on your first hour with them, check out the details here.

Retro Swing Coat A by Anubha Outerwear San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{A by Anubha: Retro Swing Coat}


I shared some great holiday recipes – Like Peanut Butter Cookies – And a fun food diary {What I’m Eating Lately} this month, plus I got serious about seasonal dietary shifts and listening to your body, and healthy snack ideas.

Be sure to follow MCLV on Instagram for more recipes & food experiments!


I shared some of my favorite workouts this month – From running to yoga & Pilates – Plus a killer Winter Workout Playlist to get you motivated for your next workout.

Stay tuned for a fun new fitness project in 2016 and a monthly round-up of my workouts!

Peanut butter cookies Vegan gluten-free paleo dairy-free desserts san francisco bay area fashion food fitness lifestyle blogger

{Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo-Friendly Peanut Butter Cookies}


  1. Publish: Magazine and website submissions were a priority this month, but in December I have a different goal for myself!
  2. Move: With all the stress and travel, and resulting lack of access to gym equipment, this month involved a lot of running. It felt great and I kept the runs short to avoid back pain.
  3. Grateful: Trips to Napa and New York this month reminded me how grateful I am to have so many wonderful travel options available to me, and to be healthy enough to enjoy them!
  4. Habits: November was all about enjoying the moment. Not stressing or worrying or planning, just BEING. Basking in family time, making plans with friends, relishing new sights… November = Happiness overload.

What’s on YOUR mind going into December?

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August In Review

August was all about soaking up the sun – With suitable SPF applied, mais bien sur. Weekends away spent on the water learning how to water ski and paddle board, pool parties, river adventures… This water baby was quite pleased with all the chances to splash that this month offered.

Keep scrolling to see what else August held for MCLV…


This wasn’t a terribly consistent month in terms of fashion – I happily vacillated between black-on-black for my travel style to brightly colored prints at the office to sporty stripes for a casual weekend look.

Office Fashion Workwear Work Style San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Office Fashion}


With all my travel the past couple months I’ve become a pro at packing snacks and meal prep so that I’m getting all my nutrients while I’m on the road. I’m lucky its farmers market season too since it’s so easy to find fresh, delicious produce wherever you go right now!

Want to keep up with my meal preparations and travel adventures? Follow MCLV on Instagram for meal pictures & recipes!


August was all about trying new activities and getting outside. From trail runs with my favorite Workout Playlist to quality time on the lakes and rivers of NorCal doing everything from swimming to paddleboarding and kayaking.

Workout Playlist Fashion Food Fitness Workout Lifestyle Blogger San Francisco Bay Area

{Workout Playlist}


  1. Publish: I started getting serious about researching my next novel this month. I have so many ideas, I’m excited to get through this phase and start writing!
  2. Move: This month I learned how to water ski and paddle board, both of which I loved, and I got in a killer trail run that was one of the exercise highlights for me this month.
  3. Grateful: All my weekend getaways have reminded me how grateful I am to live in such an amazing location – It’s as easy as a few hours in the car to find beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains, and – Most importantly – Vineyards. Couldn’t be happier getting outside this time of year in Northern California!
  4. Habits: This month, more than ever before, I was given the opportunity to really live in the moment and say yes without worrying or stressing or planning. And you know what? Once I let go, it wasn’t too scary! 🙂

Are YOU ready for Fall?

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July In Review

July was an active month on all fronts. I was thrilled to announce the relaunch of the new Legally Vogue website, I got to do some personal traveling, and I had the pleasure of working with a new SF based fitness company.

Read on for a more thorough review of my July adventures!


Even my fashion took a turn towards the sporty when I did a fun activewear inspired collaboration with JD Sports – Check out the first Adidas Originals look here.

Want more fashion? My July Sartorial Round-Up has all the big hits from the month up.

Adidas Fashion Sportswear Activewear Sporty Style San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Blogger StreetStyle

{Adidas Fashion}


July has been a kitchen-centric month. Since I upped my physical activities – See below for more on that – I wanted to make sure that I was eating the best possible food to keep me healthy.

Lots of giant, nutrient-dense salads & stir fries, protein smoothie bowls, protein-rich snacks, and – Of course – Lots of water to stay hydrated. I also started using Vega’s pre-workout energizer help keep me going for my two-a-day workouts.

Want to keep up with my kitchen? Follow MCLV on Instagram for meal pictures & recipes!


In July I partnered with Fitness App Vint to bring you a Fitness Friday series showcasing some of their killer classes. Want to learn more about what they’re offering? Check out my post on their launch party and my first Strength Training class.

Vint Fitness App San Francisco Fitness Food Lifestyle Bay Area Blogger

{Fitness App Vint}


  1. Publish: I have some fun new projects on the horizon that I’m excited to share with my fabulous MCLV readers so be sure to stay tuned!
  2. Move: I had a BLAST in July trying new workouts through Vint. Strength training, weights, boxing… It was a great month!
  3. Grateful: I got a chance to get out of the city this month for a long weekend of fun in the sun {with ample amounts of sunscreen of course}. My April vacation to Greece was amazing but sometimes a few days away is all it takes to unwind and get back to a happy, healthy place.
  4. Habits: My top goal lately has been keeping an open mind, and heart. It’s very easy for me to close myself off and stick to my routine, and it’s much more difficult for me to roll with the punches and give myself over to possibilities. July included a few chances for me to put my ‘go with the flow’ skills to the test and I think I did a pretty good job. 🙂

What are YOU most proud of accomplishing in July?

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June In Review

I hit a huge milestone this June at my office and while it was a bit overwhelming to think about, it also brought up some great questions and forced me to really think about what I hope to achieve in the future. I felt very lucky that it happened in June as well since it was the halfway point in 2015 – So I have 6 months to work on my goals for this year.


I transitioned from being a redhead to a blond this month and for some reason I haven’t been able to stop wearing black and white ever since. Lots of faux leather and stripes and capes, mais bien sur.

Be sure to check out my June Sartorial Round-Up to see all of these looks from this month!


{Faux Leather Style}


Healthy breakfasts were a big part of my month – Shifting from intermittent fasting to eating breakfast has been a challenge but I’ve really enjoyed trying new recipes and old favorites like protein smoothie bowls.

If you’re not keeping up with the MCLV kitchen on Instagram be sure to head over and take a look!


My love of black & white bled into my workouts this month when I fell in love with these Nike Free shoes and started putting together monochrome running looks.

You can also check out of some of my favorite gym and workout goodies in last week’s What I Love Wednesday: Gym Edition.

Running Style Nike Free Workout Gym San Francisco Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Running Street Style

{Running Style}


  1. Publish: In addition to contributing to GEV and Fashion Xchange‘s Summer Issues this month, I also gave my personal writing some much-needed attention.
  2. Move: Despite a minor foot injury June was a running-heavy month. I can’t get enough of my gorgeous city this time of year and can’t seem to stay inside!
  3. Grateful: I’ve been exploring new neighborhoods and trying new shops and restaurants this Summer and falling in love with San Francisco all over again. So grateful to live somewhere that I love this much!
  4. Habits: I decided to only give my attention to valuable opportunities and projects this month and I’ve felt much more focused since I stopped spreading myself too thin by taking on everything.

What’s going through YOUR mind now that 2015 is half over?

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