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Rewarding Yourself

I think that an important part of setting goals is rewarding yourself when you reach those goals. Over the years how I’ve rewarded myself has changed. But one thing remains the same – There are still rewards.

What appeals to me mostly falls into two categories – Either shopping or experiences. In the first category would be new workout gear, the handbag I’ve had my eye on, the items in my Sephora basket… Or in the second category I could treat myself to a spa day, massage, trip to the salon…

One of the big things I had to learn not to do, was reward myself with junk food.

I may be easier to stick to a diet if you tell yourself that you can have a pizza on Sunday… But if it undoes all of your hard work, is that really the best idea? Check out MCLV versus The Cheat Meal to see more of my thoughts on that particular habit. Learned that lesson by experience!

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{A current favorite? Lululemon – I’m MADLY MADLY in love with these new running tights I got last week!}

So what are some good ways to reward yourself but stick to your healthy lifestyle?

  • Relaxation Promotion: Spa services, a massage, facial, manicure/pedicure…
  • Shopping {Tip: Pick the item when you set your goal to make sure the reward is comparable to the achievement!}
  • Pieces that will further your other goals: Gym memberships, new workout classes, home gym equipment, entrance fee for a race etc.

Need some other ideas to keep yourself inspired to meet your goals? Check out Workout Motivation and Motivation.

What are YOUR habits when it comes to rewarding yourself?

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