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February 2014 Round-Up

February may technically be the shortest month, but this year it seemed like an especially long, busy, packed couple of weeks.


{Little Red Dress}

February 2014 Round-Up


This month was all about the fashion events – From the Snow 5 Runway Show at the Metreon & San Francisco Fashion Tech Week to the Stylematic Fashion AppLaunch Party & the Alyssa Nicole Spring 2014 Collection Preview.

Not only were all of the events well-organized and a joy to attend, but I got a chance to see a number of fabulous local designers and support Bay Area fashion!


When I think about my food choices in February I’m pretty proud of my success. Usually when things get hectic and I’m running from event to event and always on the go, my diet suffers most. I did a lot of planning and preparing in February though and carried snacks, small meals, and juices or smoothies with me on a rushed days.

My OCD & list making come in handy sometimes! 🙂


{Gowns & Formalwear, Tiffany & Co., Faux Leather MiniRetro Fashion}


I kept up my consistency this month with 5-6 days of circuit workouts & physical therapy, daily walking, and 1-2 session of yoga a week. I also got a chance to chat with New York-based celebrity trainer Key Son about his extensive background in fitness & his fitness recommendations.

New March 2014 Goals


After a February filled with fashion events March will be a bit of a departure – This month I have a number of personal & family events, lots of traveling, and will be working with some great new designers so I can share what’s new in San Francisco fashion with you!


As organized as my kitchen was in February I’ll need to double my efforts this month! With nonstop traveling and weekends away I’m going to be toting around snacks on nearly a daily basis so I’ll need to be extremely prepared.


{Gowns & Formalwear}


One of the projects that I’m most excited for this month is meeting trainer Key Son for a special MCLV circuit workout while I’m in New York next week. It’ll be cold, but I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me!

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class or type of physical activity every month – In addition to maintaining my yoga habit in February I also added in some spin this month. Man, that’s a sweaty workout!
  2. Submit a piece of my writer to a publisher – Reread. Edit. Update. Delete. Rewrite. Repeat ad nauseum.
  3. Travel – March is my first month of adventuring for 2014 and I’ll be heading to New York, Capitola, New Orleans, and prepping for a trip to LA for the beginning of April.
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – The field of nutrition is constantly changing and I like to keep myself up to date on the studies and new data – This month I read two great books on health & nutrition that I’ll be sharing soon!
  5. Be a good friend – My best friend since Junior High fled California for the East Coast 12 years ago and I’m thrilled to see him not once but TWICE this month.

How’s YOUR 2014 going so far?

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January 2014 Round-Up

I know it’s hard to believe, but January 2014 has now come to an end. WTF right? I could have sworn that I was just planning my New Year’s Eve outfit


{My new Zac Posen baby, Ladylike Tweed, Menswear Fashion & Faux Leather Pants}

My 2013 Round-Up was all about reminiscing on 2013, my favorite projects, collaborations & posts, and looking forward to another amazing year. This month I’ll check in on my New Year’s Resolutions, my annual bucket list, and set some new goals for myself for February. I’ll even be sharing some funny outtakes!

January 2014 Round-Up


I’m excited to share a few new projects with you during February including jewelry and beauty collaborations that I’m pretty sure you’re going to love. I’ll also be – Ta daaaa – Sharing some fun new videos. I’m nervous but excited, so please be kind!


In January I made a pretty significant change to my daily food routine in the form of cold pressed juices. While I didn’t do any cleanses or detox programs this month, I did start having delicious juices on a regular – Read daily – Basis.

I’m incredibly lucky that there are three juiceries within walking distance of my office and a cafe that keeps a fridge full of fresh pressed juices a block from my apartment. And while I wouldn’t say that I’m replacing meals with juice, I’ve added a green juice to my mornings 4-5 days a week.

  • Pros: Huge, immediate energy boost
  • Cons: Dear lord those things are expensive!


{Daytime Over-The-Knee Boots}


People have told me for YEARS to do yoga. And while I tried a few classes, I was never a convert. Until now. This month the stars aligned and I feel head-over-heels for this calming, mellow practice. That’s not to say I’m not sweating & getting a great workout, but I do love the relaxing aspects of yoga as well.

New February 2014 Goals


Tis the season for Fashion!

From Fashion Week’s in San Francisco, Sacramento, and New York to launch parties, shopping events, and store openings – February is going to be pretty fabulous. Be sure to keep up with my shenanigans on Instagram!


This Spring is going to be hectic and packed to the brim with events, trips, and fun weekends so my food goal for February is going to be to stay on track with healthy, clean eating while I’m traveling. That means bringing snacks while I’m on trips and researching healthy restaurants and grocery shopping options in advance to avoid last-minute I’m-so-hungry-I’m-going-to-die bad for me binges.


{Outtakes – Because this is what’s REALLY happening. Getting Gala-ready with Klaudia Mayer // “Be The Fountain” while shooting for my Ladylike Tweed post // Gun Show during my Lorna Jane photo shoot // Never a dull moment with Bird Couture}


One of my favorite ways to explore cities is by walking,and now that my back is healing I’m going to try adding some jogging to those adventures this month. Look out New York, I’ll be tripping down your side walks in no time!

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class or type of physical activity every month – Yoga was my new activity for January. And while I did get myself a one year membership, I’m definitely going to be trying something new & exciting in February
  2. Submit a piece of my writer to a publisher – I’ve got my eye on this goal in a BIG WAY & spent January rereading old pieces & deciding what’s worth updating. February will likely bring more of the same.
  3. Travel – I’m heading to New York in February and already have a fabulous trip to New Orleans planned for March.
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – I’ve been evaluating various programs and have my eye on a nutrition-related course. Stay tuned for more!
  5. Be a good friend – Staying in touch is hard for me but I’ve already scheduled two friend trips, sent some snail mail, and started prepping for a big family party this Spring.

How was YOUR January?

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2013 Round-Up

Happy New Year!

As with last year, rather than write typical New Years Resolutions I’m going to set goals for myself instead. Looking back at 2013 I can’t help but smile – There were so many high points this year I almost don’t know where to start. Below are some of my favorite 2013 posts, highlights from the year, and my goals for what I can only hope will be an even more exciting year in 2014!


 {Plaid, Monochrome, Nautical, Blogger Fashion, How To Wear White Jeans, Boho Style, Camille K Couture & Smartcouture}

Favorite Posts:

I had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands, stores, writers, photographers, and bloggers this year. It’s nearly impossible to narrow down my favorite collaborations, but here are some of the ones that immediately spring to mind as having been pretty darn amazing for me.


While traveling to New York City and Los Angeles for blogger conferences in 2013 was a blast, the best part about all of these conferences was meeting some amazing, passionate, ambitious women. And in addition to traveling, I also really put an effort into being a part of the San Francisco blogger community this year, even joining in for San Francisco Fashion Week, and the results were pretty life changing. I’ve met some phenomenal people this year, from photographers to bloggers to designers to writers.

Here are a few of my 2013 highlights:


{Kamryn Dame}

2013 Goals Round-Up:

  • Social Media – Hitting my stride on social media, learning to utilize & optimize the various platforms, and finding out what works best for MCLV has been a lot of work, but it was worth it. I’m proud of all of my pages and really enjoying the interactions with my readers. Check MCLV out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to see what I’m doing!
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – In addition to maintaining a 5-6 days a week posting schedule for the blog and starting a new novel, in 2013 I also joined the Legally Vogue team as a freelance writer. I’m excited to see where my writing takes me in 2014!
  • Expansion & Growth – In my opinion, the best way to grow a blog is by consistently producing quality content. I’ve worked very hard in 2013 to write consistently, read comments, ask for feedback, and really create a niche for myself. Networking, attending conferences, joining events & groups, and contributing to local sites have also been a party of my 2013 game plan and I’m quite pleased with my progress.
  • Be Positive – 2013 tested my resolve to be positive time and time again. This year seemed to be filled with hurdles and I was under a great deal of stress and pressure – Physically, emotionally, personally, and professionally. While there were a few warranted & well-earned meltdowns, overall I am extremely proud of how I approached all of the setbacks, changes, and upheavals this year.

New 2014 Goals:


My personal style has evolved quite a bit over the years. In my early twenties I wore nothing but black. Classic silhouettes, demure hemlines, and head-to-toe black. In my mid-to-late-twenties I started having more fun with fashion and experimenting. It seems that as I became more confident as a woman, I felt more confident taking risks and trying new things sartorially. And now that I’ve reached my thirties I can say that I have no plans to slow down.


{Behind The Scenes: Here are some of the oh-so-entertaining outtakes from shoots this year. Never a dull moment. Spring Stripes, IFBCON, Favery, Lorna Jane, Animal Prints + Leather, Weekend Stripes, Vegan Leather, The Beauty Company & Denim Fashion}

In 2014 I want to continue having fun with fashion, try new designers, and push myself to expand my horizons.


2013 saw some changes and evolution in my diet. I tried different ways of eating, read a number of health & nutrition books, and worked really hard to find a diet that gives me sustainable & consistent energy.

This year will be about maintaining a healthy diet that I enjoy, that gives me energy, and that allows me to meet my physical goals. My main goal for 2014 is to replace the muscle that I lost during my years of reduced activity as a result of a spinal injury. I have a naturally muscular frame and have been an athlete since the age of 6 so I’m used to having a certain amount of strength – So this year I’m planning to regain that.


A great deal of this year was spent in pain – Either before or after my back surgery. Now that I’m through the woods and consistently back in the gym for workouts and physical therapy, I can start to look towards the future and set some goals for myself physically.

I’ve been limited in my capabilities over the years due to the untreated injury and now that I’m putting it behind me for the most part I want to try some of the things that I haven’t been able to do.

2014 will be all about the NEW! I’m an avid action movie fan and have been enthralled by martial arts for years so one of my top goals for 2014 is to try martial arts and find something that interests me and keeps me engaged.

Also on the docket? Bike riding, rock climbing, SCUBA diving, Soul Cycle {gotta try it!}, and boxing.


{Banana Republic}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class or type of physical activity every month – 12 for the year! I’m putting this in writing so please hold me to it.
  2. Submit a piece of my writer to a publisher. It’s time. {EK!!!}
  3. Travel – While I love traveling internationally sometimes there just isn’t enough time {or vacation days} so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of three-day weekends this year. New Orleans, Kentucky, San Diego/LA, London, and either Hawaii or Alaska.
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – This year I’m going back to school. Whether I ultimately decide to study languages here in SF or take a course online, I will be keeping my brain healthy & active this year.
  5. Be a good friend! While my friendships are extremely important to me I’m not always great about staying in touch. In 2014 I will make that extra effort to keep my friends close.

What do YOU have planned for 2014?

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November Round-Up

November was an amazing month full of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and quite a bit of introspection. I had a birthday, did some soul-searching, set new goals for myself for the upcoming year, and I got a chance to really express myself creatively this month.

What more could a girl ask for?


{Holiday Fashion With Tiffany & Co.}

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Social Media – One of my blogger pet peeves is when someone doesn’t update regularly so my priority right now is being consistent – I add pictures to Pinterest daily, post 1-2 images a day on Instagram, send out 3-5 Tweets a day, and post to Facebook 3-5 times a day.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – My desire to be consistent extended to my writing this month and I set aside time daily to work on the blog and posted 5-6 times a week this month.
  • Expansion & Growth – Getting myself out there means being approached by more brands & shops for sponsored posts, product reviews, and the like. The added bonus of that is being able to share with my amazing readers – From introducing you to new brands to offering fun giveaways. Stay tuned for THREE fab giveaways in December!
  • Be Positive – Thanksgiving last week really helped highlight everything that I’m grateful for right now – Amazing friends, supportive, loving family, a gorgeous city, a fabulous new apartment, a great job, and most importantly – I’m grateful that I’ve found something that I’m truly passionate about. Getting to write and share my passion for fashion, food & fitness with you all is incredibly fulfilling.

November Round-Up:


One of the highlights of 2013 has been the amazing collaborations I was able to take part in – From local brands and stores like The Factory, Kamryn Dame, and A by Anubha, to international brands like Tiffany & Co. and Banana Republic.

This month my love of mixing & matching was showcased using the new Atlas Collection at Tiffany & Co. and the experience was truly a dream come true. I also got a chance to shoot some of the gorgeous outerwear created by Anubha Srivastav for her A by Anubha line.


{Daytime Outerwear: A by Anubha}

Food & Fitness:

Despite the seemingly endless number of holidays and celebrations in November I managed to maintain a pretty consistent healthy routine this month. Stretching and physical therapy are now part of my daily life and I don’t let any excuses keep me from getting them done. Luckily even if work it too hectic to go down to the gym I can still do body weight moves like push-ups and planks at home.

New December Goals:


I’ve been incredibly excited about and inspired by all of the amazing collaborations that I’ve done this year and during December I get to share the love. I just announced the winner of the Holiday Season Giveaway via the newsletter and I’m thrilled to be hosting giveaways in December that include a gorgeous necklace, online gift card, and even an iPad!

Food & Fitness:

While I’ve been really consistent with my physical therapy and adding in circuit training to my fitness routine this month I’d like to try some new classes. I’ve heard great things about Soul Cycle and Studio Mix so I’d like to give them both a try during December.


{Pencil Skirt}

November Bucket List Review:

  1. Decorating – Living room done! Now it’s time to tackle the bedroom & bathroom.
  2. Friendsgiving was a vegan, gluten-free hit. 🙂

December Bucket List:

  1. Ice Skating
  2. Classes – Martial arts, Studio Mix & Soul Cycle are all on my To Do List so I hope to get at least one done this month

If you want to try something new this December as well you should check out Gala Darling’s December Activity Guide for some great ideas.

What’s on YOUR December To Do List?

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October Round-Up

October was one of my favorite months this year – A pretty bold declaration considering we still have two holiday & fun-filled months left in 2013. Not only did I have some serious weekend fun this month, I also had the great honor of teaming up with Banana Republic Factory, and the opportunity to attend two fabulous blogger conferences in San Francisco and New York.


{Banana Republic Factory Store x Monogram Mag}

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Social Media – I’ve always made a conscious effort to provide unique content & singular updates for each social media platform {Where To Find What} and during October I made sure to make multiple updates to Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram & Pinterest on a daily basis.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – I felt incredibly inspired during October and started writing a new novel, a coming of age story filled with funny stories, lessons I’ve learned, and some satire of modern times.
  • Expansion & Growth – Between the blog overhaul in July, launching the MCLV Style Insiders Newsletters in August, and working with great new brands in September & October, I almost have trouble deciding what to do next. Almost. 🙂
  • Be Positive – I said it last month, and I’ll say it again this month. Attitude is EVERYTHING. I would be a weepy puddle of a girl right now if I let my emotions or whims rule the day. Instead I’ve been strong, I’ve been determined, and I’ve been, above all else, positive. Try it. It’ll change everything.

October Round-Up:


San Francisco’s brief & celebrated Indian Summer swiftly came to an end in October and its been all about layering and cold-weather accessories. Since I moved to the Bay Area in college I’ve begun amassing quite a collection of scarves, hats, gloves, and ear muffs. All of which make me exceptionally happy.


{MCLV Style: Leopard Print}

Food & Fitness:

Part of my overall happiness and contentment with life these days in due to the fact that this girl has finally gotten back to the gym. Fine, that’s probably a big part of it. After a never ending three-month hiatus I finally headed back to the gym to start my post-surgery physical therapy at the beginning of October.

In addition to maintaining consistent physical therapy, stretching, and core strengthening routines this month, I’ve also really focused on my nutrition. In order to help regain the muscle I’ve lost since my back injury I’ve maintained a high protein diet. I discussed the options with my doctor and did a great deal of research, reading, and self-testing, but I’ve finally landed on a diet that’s easy to maintain, filled with nutrients, and gives me a great deal of energy.

New November Goals:


I’ll be rolling out some fun new collaborations this month – The first is a sparkly dream, sneak peek below, and the second will merge my love of fashion and fitness for a new fitness series with Lorna Jane. Stay tuned & follow all my social media channels do you don’t miss a thing!

{Facebook, TwitterInstagram & Pinterest}

Food & Fitness:

Since I’ve been successfully maintaining a fitness routine for the past four weeks, this month I’ll be supplementing that routine with some fun classes to keep things interesting. Pilates, yoga, and martial arts are at the very top of my list and I can’t wait to get started. Be prepared for awkward gym selfies featuring me with a giant grin.

And please share yours!


{Sneak Peek of a VERY special upcoming project!}

October Bucket List Review:

  1. Done! I spent a blissful four days in New York City this month with my favorite fashion partner-in-crime Miss Brittany Shick and some of my other fashionable favorites. Amazing trip!
  2. Not only did I try out at least a dozen pumpkin recipes, I’m not even slightly sick of this flavor and will be continuing my pumpkin-fueled baking Odyssey in November. If California runs out of canned pumpkin you know who to blame!

November Bucket List:

  1. Start decorating my new apartment – I’ve decided to get rid of everything and start over so November & December will be all about finding great new pieces and nesting.
  2. Make my own Thanksgiving! Due to my work schedule I don’t have time to travel for Thanksgiving so I’m going to celebrate at home with my San Francisco family.

What do YOU look forward to most when November rolls around each year?

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