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Kaiser Half Marathon

I was excited to kick of 2017 on a healthy note by running the Kaiser Half Marathon on February 5th.

After getting the bug last year, I ended up running four races in 2016: The Guardsmen Presidio 10 Mile Run, The San Francisco Half Marathon, the Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10, and the Golden Gate Half Marathon.

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Read on to see what I thought of this one and how it compared to last year’s races!

  • Course: I haven’t had a chance to do much running in Golden Gate Park {other than crossing the San Francisco Half Marathon’s finish line}, so it was really fun to get a change of scenery for this race. The first half of the course was around the park and then there was a stretch on the Great Highway with really breathtaking views. And – Bonus – This was without a doubt the flattest course I’ve ever run!
  • Organization: Very well run – No pun intended. Tons of staff to answer questions and hand out water cups and cheer for runners. And, I have to say, this is the first finisher shirt that I’m actually keeping. Usually the sleeves or the torso are too short, but this long-sleeved tee is perfect!
  • Race Day Vibes: It was a big crowd and everyone was packed in to hear the introduction and watch the 5K runners take off. The Half Marathon started with lots of excitement and the course was great since it offered a chance to see the leaders head back towards the finish line. It kept me going to see the top runners push themselves and getting cheered forward!
  • Personal Performance: Between the Golden Gate Half Marathon and this race, I moved from Telegraph Hill to South Beach. Which means that I started running exclusively on flat roads – Virtually no hills or trails. I was very curious to see how (or if) that would impact my race time. Luckily, there was only a little elevation for this race, so I was able to take nearly 10 minutes off my time.

Side note: I didn’t do extensive training to shave time off, I was just feeling the race day vibes at the start and kept pushing myself. When you’re running you need to be sure that you’re listening to your body and not pushing beyond your capabilities. Your body can take a lot of punishment, but you don’t want to cause injuries.

What’s YOUR first goal for 2017? What’s on the calendar for you this year?

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Running the Golden Gate Half Marathon

Last weekend I was excited to participate in my second Half Marathon race – The Golden Gate Half Marathon.

2016 has, unexpectedly,聽turned into the year of racing for me. The first race I signed up for was The Guardsmen Presidio 10 Mile Race earlier this year which was really fun and got me hooked. After that I ran The SF Half Marathon followed by doing the Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10 charity 10K race.

So how did the Golden Gate Half compare?

Golden Gate Half Marathon Running Runner FitLife Race San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Race Day

  • Course: Similar to the previous four races, this one also crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. What was a little different, and especially fun for me, was that we do a little off-roading on the Northern side of the bridge. After crossing the bridge we spent about half a mile on trails, and even going up hill, it was fun and had a KILLER view.
  • Organization: Really well executed. The bib pick-up and post-race expo were held in Crissy Field and were organized and efficient. Per usual though, the race shirt is sized for a toddler. Seriously – 4 races this year and so far not a single shirt fits an actual聽human body.
  • Race Day Vibes: Over 4 thousand people were shuffling around Aquatic Park at 7am on the 6th before taking off up Van Ness to turn on Bay Street and head towards the gym. The mood was excited, and a little sleepy, and determined. I had to remember to pace myself because everyone took off like crazy on that first mile!
  • Personal Performance: I inadvertently deactivated the tracking chip on my bib halfway through the SF Half Marathon so goal #1 this race was to actually get an “official” time. I did, however, pull up my Nike Running App screen shot from July and compare it.
    • SF Half – 2:00:07
    • GG Half – 1:56:22 {which included a bathroom break}

The courses were similar, but I think that the GG Half had a bit more elevation, so I’m pretty thrilled with my time. Hills aren’t my strength so I felt pretty good about being able to stick with my pace time. Even more exciting? When I looked at the splits, I had three 8:10 minute miles, including the last two.

I love a strong finish! 馃檪

Do YOU have a favorite race? Have you done聽a half marathon?


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My First 10K Race

This past weekend I joined Women’s Health Magazine and Macy’s to support The Feed Project’s Run 10 Feed 10 – A 10k race to raise money to fight hunger here in the United States.

I was excited for this event for a number of reasons. First – I love getting involved with a great cause! I immediately created a Crowdrise fundraising page to support the charity – Caity’s Race To End Hunger.

Second – I’m a huge and long-time fan of Women’s Health Magazine so I was a little bit starstruck by the idea of running with them. Nervous, yes, but mostly just excited.

And finally – This was my first 10K race. I love running and fell in head-over-heels for racing this year. {Check out my posts on The Guardsmen’s Presidio 10 Mile Race and the San Francisco Half Marathon} So I was looking forward to getting a new distance under my competition belt. I’d heard that a 10k was the perfect length – No real training or stress聽necessary going into the big day, but a long enough distance聽to be able to push yourself and set some personal goals.

Run 10 Feed 10 Women's Health Macy's The Feed Project Running Runner Diary FitLife San Francisco Bay Are Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Gym Style

Needless to say, I had high hopes going in!

  • Course: I’m starting to get fairly comfortable running this part of the city since both the聽The Guardsmen’s Presidio 10 Mile Race and the San Francisco Half Marathon聽followed at least part of this course. And I have to confess, running over the Golden Gate Bridge still hasn’t gotten old. Even in fog and rain – It’s breathtaking.
  • Organization: It was easy to sign up for the race, get bibs picked up, and find the location on the big day – It all went smoothly.
  • Race Day Vibes: Positive & exciting. The “dynamic stretching” courtesy of Barry’s Bootcamp was fun and uplifting, and it was fun to see the announcer – Beth Behrs from 2 Broke Girls.
  • Personal Performance: I’ve never had an “official” 10k race time but that was definitely the fastest 6 miler I’ve ever run. Thanks, mostly, to my great pacer. I was excited to have three people from my office sign up for the race and one of them ended up pacing me the whole time – For a new personal best聽time of 54:27

Have YOU ever run a 10k? What did YOU think?

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Running Shoe Review: Saucony Guide 9

After a little over a year of foot issues – Read more in The Painful Truth About High Heels – I’ve come to realize just how important my choice of running shoes is for my foot health.

I’ve been rocking not one, but two pairs of Mizuno Wave Inspire 11’s – In mint green and in white – And have enjoyed the brand so far. I’m keeping both pairs, bought in February and in March respectively, since my infrequent running schedule this Spring means they’re still in pretty good shape. I use the white Mizunos for trail running No, I聽clearly did聽NOT think that through before my first run, but now they’re basically brown from the red dirt so they’ve been re-purposed and now are ‘officially’ trail shoes. And the minty green pair stay聽in my office locker聽for when the mood to run midday strikes.

Saucony Guide 9 Running Shoes Review FitLife Runner San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{Saucony Guide 9}

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, I’m not a girl who is married to a single pair of shoes. I know runners who have one聽pair of perfectly broken in shoes, and then replace them when they’re too worn. I, on the other hand, like to have different pairs for different activities, distances, or terrains. Not only does this keep the fashion blogger in me happy from an aesthetic standpoint, it also gives me the opportunity to try different brands and styles, as well as making sure I always have enough padding to keep my feet happy.

After completing the San Francisco Half Marathon I rewarded myself with a new pair of Saucony Guide 9’s from a running shop in Marin.

I decided to take September and October as resting and recuperating months with only聽one run a week. Not only does that give my feet a chance to rest, but I’m also taking the opportunity to try out some new pieces.

So, for my very first running shoe review, I present the Saucony Guide 9!

Saucony Guide 9 Running Shoes Review FitLife Runner San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style


  • Great stability – No ankle rolling or loss of footing during my runs so far
  • Amazing padding – My feet LOVE these babies, I seriously want to wear them every day
  • Durable – I’ve been wearing them 1-2x a week for nearly two months and they still look brand new
  • Cost – I don’t love spending over $100 on running shoes, yet another reason I’ve been a longtime lover of Brooks, but the longevity of these is making them well worth the price tag


  • Something about the heel construction results in my socks always getting pushed down and then the back of the shoe rubs on my ankle, so聽I end up stopping to pull my socks up. But maybe I just need to wear taller socks?
  • I’d LOVE a less flashy version – All black or all white. What can I say? I’m a fashion blogger at heart.

Summary – They’re really comfortable and I wish I’d worn these from day 1 because I swear I wouldn’t have so many foot issues! I can’t stop wearing them.

Have YOU worn聽Saucony shoes before? Tell me what your favorite running shoe brand is below!

Stay tuned for a Brooks Launch review!

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Run 10 Feed 10 – Women’s Health 10K

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining Women’s Health for the Run 10 Feed 10 – A 10k race here in San Francisco on Saturday, October 29th.

Why am I so excited?

This is an amazing cause! They began this event in 2012 to raise money and awareness for hunger. Since they started, they’ve raised enough money to provide 4.5 million meals to Americans in need through the FEED Projects.

This is the 5th anniversary and I’m excited to be joining the team as we work on the biggest fundraising year in yet!

10K Run 10 Feed 10 Women's Health Magazine Macy's Feed Project San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Gym FitLife Running Runner

Want to support the cause? You can find my fundraising page hereCaity’s Race to End Hunger! 100% of the proceeds will go to the聽FEED Foundation.

Want聽 to run with me? I’d LOVE to have you! You can get $5 off your entry fee with the code WHPR5OFF聽and can sign up here.

Want to help out? You can sign up to volunteer on race day here.

10K Run 10 Feed 10 Women's Health Magazine Macy's Feed Project San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Gym FitLife Running Runner

And don’t worry – For my amazing readers who don’t live in the Bay Area, I haven’t forgotten about you! This annual event put on my Macy’s and Women’s Health also happens in New York City and Chicago. So be sure to sign up for next year!

So far this year I’ve run the Guardsmen Presidio 10 Miler and the San Francisco Half Marathon, I’m looking forward to tackling the聽Women’s Health 10K exactly one week聽before I run the Golden Gate Half Marathon.

10K Run 10 Feed 10 Women's Health Magazine Macy's Feed Project San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Gym FitLife Running Runner

{Photography by聽Brad Wittke of Pacifica Gallery}

You know you’ve become a bit of a fitness nerd when you think a half marathon is the聽perfect birthday present to yourself…

So don’t forget, if you’re like to donate and support this amazing cause, be sure to check out Caity’s Race to End Hunger.

Have YOU ever run a 10k? Do you love racing?

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