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San Francisco Fashion Week: Avant-Garde & Couture

When I meditate on the word “couture” I envision a rustic, artist-filled Paris in the 20’s. I think of Coco Chanel working tirelessly with her team to create a custom tweed suit for a very special client. I think of families that share the secrets to their flawless handmade lace from generation to generation. I think of designers taking pride in their work, managing every single detail, overseeing all of the steps. I think of delicate fabrics, intricate designs, and hours upon hours of diligent work.

Now marry that concept with that of avant-garde design and you’re taking that one-of-a-kind eye for detail and those personal touches that couture is known for and applying them to designs that are modern, fresh, and boundary-pushing.

That my friends – Is a match made in heaven. Now take a look at some of the amazing pieces that were shown during San Francisco Fashion Week’s Couture & Avant-Garde showcase and see this magical combination come to life before your eyes!

SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Agota-Hodi SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Agota-Hodi-ISFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Agota-Hodi-IISFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Alyssa-Nicole-II SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Alyssa-Nicole-I SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Alyssa-NicoleSFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Candice-Cuoco SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Candice-Cuoco-I SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Candice-Cuoco-II

SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Hiue-Nguyen SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Hiue-Nguyen-II SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Hiue-Nguyen-ISFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Maricella-OlagueSFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Maricella-Olague-IISFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Maricella-Olague-I

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Avant Garde & Couture Designers:

  • Agota Hodi {Womenswear}
  • Alyssa Nicole {Womenswear}
  • Candice Cuoco {Womenswear}
  • Hiue Nguyen {Womenswear}
  • Maricella Olague {Womenswear}

This was the last show of San Francisco Fashion Week and it was definitely one of my favorites. I can’t wait to share some fun interviews, collaborations & projects in the coming months featuring these talented & devoted designers.

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Out of all the shows that I covered – What was your favorite show/designer/piece?

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