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Self Care in the Age of Quarantine

It’s easy to dismiss self care as Instagram models applying face masks, but in reality it’s something that everyone could use a little of right now. For some, self care just means doing nothing. Letting their brain turn off an enjoying a movie or video games or a book. For other, they need to turn inward and think a bit about how they’re feeling, what is impacting their moods, and how they can improve things for themselves.

Below are some of my favorite ways to give myself a little boost:

Working Out: I wouldn’t feel like myself without a chance to move my body every day. It’s an ingrained part of my life and while it’s changed and may not look the same, I am able to move each day. While treadmills and weight machines aren’t part of my daily life any longer, I’m able to stream workouts online and go for walks in the sunshine. Not sure about workouts? Check out this post – Home Workouts & Apps.

Journaling & Gratitude: I’ve been doing daily affirmations and maintaining a gratitude journal for years. It’s a great way to check in with yourself and start the day on a positive night. I also like to draft little to do lists before bed so that I’m not kept awake thinking about what needs to get done the next day.

Meditation: Apps like Calm can be lifesavers right now if you’re someone who benefits from daily meditations. It’s a great way to clear away the crazy in your head and release some stress. Sometimes I’ll just type 10 minute guided meditation into YouTube and try a new one before bed.

Create a Routine: One thing that I’ve heard a lot the past few months is people feeling listless or unsure what they’re supposed to be doing. Getting thrown off your routine can cause a lot of stress so try reestablishing a home routine. And stick to it! That means getting up at the same time, scheduling your workout or walk for the same time, eating at the same time, and most importantly, trying to go to bed at the same time each day.

Find Enjoyment: You may feel as though nothing can help right now, but put some time and effort into finding alternatives to things that make you happy. Miss restaurants? Try a cooking Masterclass or ordering a do-it-yourself kit from a local restaurant. Miss socializing or your family? Trying setting up Zoom dinners or Houseparty cocktail events. Not exactly the same, but you can feel connected. Miss group workout classes? Join a live class at an online studio.

If you’re facing abuse or violence please reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. You can go to their website, chat online, or call them – 1 800 799 7233

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Pampering Yourself & Self Care

Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.

One of my favorite sayings is: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” And it’s true. We get so busy trying to conquer our hectic lives that we’re just going through the motions, we don’t stop to think about how we’re feeling, what we need, or how to better ourselves. I’m a huge fan of journaling, sometimes that’s how I actually figure out what I’m feeling. I start my day with a gratitude journal and affirmations, a trick that my mom taught me in college, and it helps me set intentions for the day. It’s also a daily reminder that my needs matter and shouldn’t just be an afterthought.

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Another way that I like to promote self-care, is through a bit of pampering. For me, a bath is where it’s at, but I know that’s not for everyone. Here’s a list of ways that you can give yourself a little love and help renew your mind, outlook, and body.

  • Spa day – Get a facial or a body treatment. Relax, enjoy, and renew.
  • Skin Care – For me skin care is essential, but it’s also a way that I like to pamper myself. I go through a relaxing, rejuvenating routine that smells and feels great. It’s a way to give myself a little love every day.
  • Massage – I live for massages and highly recommend enjoying one for relaxation or for therapy when you’re in a heavy training or racing mode. They are a lifesaver!
  • Shopping – Finding great new activewear is always a favorite pastime of mine {Nordstrom is carrying Sweaty Betty now!} and I never shy away from some quality Real Real browsing time.
  • Workout – Working out is a stress reliever. Even if you’re feeling stressed or tired, it can energize you. Go for a run, head into a class, or go work out your stress on a boxing bag.
  • Bath – Give me Epsom salts, a bath bomb, or bath oils, and light a candle, and I am happy for hours!
  • Sauna/Hot Tub – No distractions, just focus on your breathing and expel those toxins.

Reminder – Taking the time to do any, or all, of these things doesn’t make you a bad mother, or a bad wife, or bad employee, or a bad anything. Sometimes you need to prioritize yourself so that you’re a more understanding, calmer, happier human for the people around you.

Do YOU have a go-to pampering routine?

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Clarins Body Fit | Upgrade Your Self Care Routine

Creating luxurious little rituals in your daily life is a wonderful way to slow down and enjoy the moment. From savoring a cup of tea without the distraction of your phone to going for a hike to enjoy a beautiful view – You’re giving yourself a little love and boosting your mood.

When I heard about Clarins’s new Body Fit campaign, I was quite interested. While I love feeding my skin through healthy nutrition and fitness, I’m also a devoted fan of trying new skin care products. And this new product, from French luxury beauty house Clarins, is intended to add a step to your fitness routine and produce firmer, smoother, lifted skin.

Clarins Body Fit Upgrade Your Self Care Routine San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Beauty Skincare Bedtime Relaxing Stress Relief

Color me intrigued!

And when I saw the skin care application video I knew I had to try it. They may call it an anti-cellulite self massage, but I call it self-love!

Spending a few minutes applying a luxurious cream, relaxing, breathing deeply, and focusing on yourself is just what a girl in this crazy, hectic world needs. It’s also the perfect addition to the nighttime routine I’ve been working on this year. My goal is to spend some time on myself every night – A bath, meditation, and journaling.

Clarins Body Fit Upgrade Your Self Care Routine San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Beauty Skincare Bedtime Relaxing Stress Relief



Clarins Body Fit is the ideal addition to my routine – So I decided to take the challenge!

Have YOU tried Body Fit? Would you?

Note: While this post is sponsored by Clarins my opinions, of which I have many, are all my own.

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Self Care

When you’re stressed at work and rushing to meet deadlines, all the while trying to juggle home obligations and a social life, sometimes you forget to take care of YOURSELF.

But the truth of the matter is – How much good are you to your friends, family, or even your co-workers if you’re exhausted and miserable?

Enter: Self Care.

Today’s we’re going to chat about the things that you can do to show yourself a little love and make sure that you’re giving your health and happiness the attention they deserve.

So how do I show self-love?

Self Care Nighttime Ritual San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Need some ideas to get yourself started? You’ll love Kris Carr’s Self Care Planner filled with wonderful suggestions and new ideas to try out.

Part of taking care of yourself is listening to your body and knowing when there’s a problem. Not sure what’s going on? You’re not alone! Check out this thought-provoking piece – I Was Tired, Bloated, & Stressed Out. Here’s How I Fixed My Hormones & Regained My Health from Mind Body Green. Even though the doctors said nothing was wrong, she knew her body, and she found a way back to health.

Sometimes your mindset is just about your mood and a conscious adjustment can make all the difference in the world. Need a boost? Read Harper’s Bazaar’s How To Be Happier and try to make a shift today!

Self Care Nighttime Ritual San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Sleep is one of the most vital things that the body needs to stay healthy, so why not Fall Asleep Faster?

One of my favorite ways to show self-love is by working out. Letting my body sweat out the bad and enjoy a good endorphin rush. Want to give it a try? 19 Thoughts You Have About a Morning Workout from Shape is a good start!

Can’t sleep? Maybe you should Declutter Your Mind.

Tell me YOUR favorite way to show yourself some love!

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Links You’ll Love: Self Care

This week’s Links You’ll Love round-up is all about self care. Taking care of yourself through healthy habits, delicious food, eco-friendly beauty and fashion, and more.

So read on and get ready for some great ideas for a happy, healthy week.

Fashion & Beauty:

Beach bound for some much needed R&R? Read this: Fun Waterproof Accessories for a Splashy Summer.

Products that are good for you and a must. Bonus points for loving them! Check out Olivia Palermo’s Clean and Green: The 10 Best All Natural Beauty Products.

Shape Workout Gym Fitness FitLife Workout Gear

Curious what the experts wear to the gym? Shape is giving you a peek behind-the-curtains with their new What Fitness Editors Really Wear to Work Out piece.

Downsize your life with this easy-to-follow rule – I Cleaned Out 100+ Items From My Closet by Asking This 1 Question.

Go natural – 11 uses for lemons in your beauty routine.

Health & Fitness:

Not sure where to start in your practice of taking care of yourself? Reading Mind Body Green’s 30 Days Of Self Care: Your Guide is the perfect first step.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank – 15 simple, affordable, and protein rich combinations of plant foods.

Shape Workout Gym Fitness FitLife Workout Gear

This Chickpea Salad from Oh She Glows is currently on repeat in my kitchen. Delicious, healthy & easy.

Going to work is a non-negotiable for most of us, but that doesn’t have to mean sitting the whole day. Check out The Man Repeller’s How To Exercise At Your Desk to help you  get through the day.

Ready to give probiotics a go? Check out Into The Gloss’s Go With Your Gut: When To Take Probiotics.

What’s YOUR favorite way to spoil yourself?

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