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San Francisco Fashion Week: Avant-Garde & Couture

When I meditate on the word “couture” I envision a rustic, artist-filled Paris in the 20’s. I think of Coco Chanel working tirelessly with her team to create a custom tweed suit for a very special client. I think of families that share the secrets to their flawless handmade lace from generation to generation. I think of designers taking pride in their work, managing every single detail, overseeing all of the steps. I think of delicate fabrics, intricate designs, and hours upon hours of diligent work.

Now marry that concept with that of avant-garde design and you’re taking that one-of-a-kind eye for detail and those personal touches that couture is known for and applying them to designs that are modern, fresh, and boundary-pushing.

That my friends – Is a match made in heaven. Now take a look at some of the amazing pieces that were shown during San Francisco Fashion Week’s Couture & Avant-Garde showcase and see this magical combination come to life before your eyes!

SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Agota-Hodi SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Agota-Hodi-ISFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Agota-Hodi-IISFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Alyssa-Nicole-II SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Alyssa-Nicole-I SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Alyssa-NicoleSFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Candice-Cuoco SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Candice-Cuoco-I SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Candice-Cuoco-II

SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Hiue-Nguyen SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Hiue-Nguyen-II SFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Hiue-Nguyen-ISFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Maricella-OlagueSFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Maricella-Olague-IISFFW13-Couture-Avant-Garde-Maricella-Olague-I

{Check out more pictures on Facebook}

Avant Garde & Couture Designers:

  • Agota Hodi {Womenswear}
  • Alyssa Nicole {Womenswear}
  • Candice Cuoco {Womenswear}
  • Hiue Nguyen {Womenswear}
  • Maricella Olague {Womenswear}

This was the last show of San Francisco Fashion Week and it was definitely one of my favorites. I can’t wait to share some fun interviews, collaborations & projects in the coming months featuring these talented & devoted designers.

Be sure to check out my previous San Francisco Fashion Week posts to make sure you didn’t miss anything fabulous – Reception, Dapperhood Menswear, Emerging Designers & Ready-To-Wear.

Out of all the shows that I covered – What was your favorite show/designer/piece?

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San Francisco Fashion Week: Ready To Wear

While I always look forward to Fashion Week – Regardless of the city or the designer – What I get most excited for are the Ready-To-Wear collections. I wholeheartedly believe that fashion is art, and you can always count on some shows to be a wild, dramatic, over-the-top presentation, but sometimes you just want to see clothes that you would actually wear!

Am I right?

Enter Ready To Wear – The collections of pieces that are – Drumroll please – READY TO WEAR!


0-268 0-258 0-250 0-225 0-209 0-165 0-109 0-107 0-89 0-81 0-78 0-59

{Photography by Jennymay Villarete of J. Villarete Photography}

{Check out more pictures on Facebook}

Ready-To-Wear Designers:

  • Artemis by Shock Feathers [Womenswear]
  • J & J [Womenswear/Menswear]
  • Mariya Milavidova [Womenswear]
  • Mansoor Scott [Womenswear]
  • Rebecca Cho [Womenswear]
  • Blue by Saks 5th [Menswear]
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs w/ Vince [Menswear]
  • Red by Saks 5th [Menswear]

Check out my other San Francisco Fashion Week posts {Reception, Dapperhood Menswear & Emerging Designers} and be sure to stay tuned for reviews from the rest of this week’s shows!

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San Francisco Fashion Week: Dapperhood Menswear

After the fun, fashion-filled reception party to kick off San Francisco Fashion Week {more pictures on Facebook} we headed straight into the runway shows.

And what better way to start then with menswear?

San-Francisco-Fashion-Week-Dapperhood San-Francisco-Fashion-Week-Dapperhood-Menswear San-Francisco-Fashion-Week-Dapperhood-Menswear-Runway


San-Francisco-Fashion-Week-Dapperhood-Menswear-Runway-IV San-Francisco-Fashion-Week-Dapperhood-Menswear-Runway-III San-Francisco-Fashion-Week-Dapperhood-Menswear-Runway-II

The collections that we saw were classic with an emphasis on clean lines, tailoring, bold Fall colors, and structured outerwear. In other words – Great real world style that you’d want to see walking down the streets in San Francisco.

Some trends to keep an eye on when you’re shopping for Fall and Winter gentlemen? Rolled jeans, plaid & washed denim button-down shirts for layering under your outerwear, and subtle prints like plaid, tartan, and pinstripes in darker, moodier hues.

{Check out more pictures on Facebook}

Stay tuned for a review of the Emerging Designers show!

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MCLV Style: White & Florals

Aftering sharing some of the fun shots from the opening celebration for this year’s San Francisco Fashion Week I wanted to show what I wore to the reception event on the first day. It’s all about the white & florals!


{You can shop similar pieces by clicking these hyperlinks: Dress – Kate Spade, Heels – Zara, Blazer – Zara & Bag – Kate Spade}


{Check out outtakes from this shoot here – Log into Facebook to view}


{Photography by Jennymay Villarete of J. Villarete Photography}

Picking through your wardrobe & putting together stylish looks can be a challenge during months like September and October. During this transition period between Summer and Fall I really like to mix traditionally “Summer” pieces with cold-weather layering pieces. Adding a structured blazer like this white one to a sweet sundress is the perfect evening look for a September night in San Francisco.

After I piled on my favorite gold accessories and grabbed a bag big enough to hold my giant camera, I was ready to go for a few hours of fashion fun.

What’s your favorite style for the Summer-to-Fall period?

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San Francisco Fashion Week

This week has been a fabulous blur of fun events, beautiful clothes, and interesting, fashionable people. I was thrilled to cover San Francisco Fashion Week for Fashion +Tech and will be sharing some of the amazing shots from the shows and events.

Let’s start with the opening night’s reception party!

SFFW13-Reception SFFW13-Reception-XI SFFW13-Reception-X SFFW13-Reception-VIII SFFW13-Reception-VII SFFW13-Reception-VI SFFW13-Reception-V SFFW13-Reception-IX SFFW13-Reception-IV SFFW13-Reception-III SFFW13-Reception-II SFFW13-Reception-I

{Check out more pictures on Facebook}

One of the things that I love most about fashion events is the individualism – This is a group of people who quite literally wear their creativity and personality on their sleeves. From masterly print mixing to fun, eye-catching accessories, to vintage and homemade pieces, this party was a sea of eye candy.

And don’t forget that I was covering the event for Fashion +Tech which means, as the moniker would imply, that there was a dose of modern technology mixed in with the fashion for the evening. From musical handbags to iPhone accessible pants to video game & virtual reality inspired pieces.

Stay tuned for more from San Francisco Fashion Week – I have three more runway shows to share plus my own looks for the week.

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