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Healthy Snack Ideas

Keeping healthy snacks around is important – Not only will you make better, healthier choices when mealtime rolls around, but you also don’t want your blood sugar dropping from going too long between meals.

Were you late to work and skipped breakfast? Snack!

Missed lunch because you ran from meeting-to-meeting all day? Snack!

Haven’t sat down for a meal since your child was born? Snack, snack, snack!

Homemade Larabar Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Raw Dairy-Free San Francisco Bay Area Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Healthy Recipe

Personally, I keep snacks in my purse, desk, and in my suitcase when I travel. They range from quick kitchen prep to pick up at your local Walgreens.

Easy Prep:

These are the snacks that you can prep in advance or whip up quickly, which are perfect for road trips or if you have access to a kitchen at your office or in your hotel room.

Protein Snack Energy Bites Date Balls Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Raw Dairy-Free San Francisco Bay Area Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Healthy Recipe

No Prep:

When I’m traveling or running around town these are my go-to snacks at your local corner store/drug store.

  • Nuts, seeds, or trailmix – Go for raw, not roasted or sugar-coated
  • Larabars – My favorite kind of bar between the ingredients are the cleanest I’ve ever seen for processed food!
  • Fruit – Most stores will have bananas or apples, or you can grab a bag of raisins
  • Rice, Pop, Black Bean, Chickpea, Sugar Snap Pea, or Sweet Potato Chips – Check the ingredients for the least amount of sugar available

What’s YOUR favorite snack?

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