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Spring Cleaning | Tips & Tricks to Help You Out

I live for Spring Cleaning.

That may seem like a weird statement, but I find it truly cathartic to go through my closets and cupboards and donate things that I’m not using, or put them on Poshmark, or throw away items that can’t be repurposed or mended. Since I’ve been in a minimalist state of mind the past year or so, I’ve been spending time regularly cleaning things out and trying to keep everything as simple as possible. But I find that I’m still excited to dig into everything for a deep cleaning this Spring.

Peplum Romper Boho Bohemian Hippie Chic Festival Fashion San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{This romper is an example of something that I put up on Poshmark after a closet clear out! I had forgotten it was even back there.}

First up, and usually the most challenging, is the closets.

  1. Step one – Check sizes and condition of your clothing and accessories. Here’s where you round-up the items that aren’t being used in your closet. If you’ve never worn something because it’s too big or a pair of shoes never gets used because they pinch or if you broke a belt and keep meaning to have it fixed, pull all those items out and go through them. If it’s something that you truly love and will either find a way to use or have fixed, create a pile. If you’re never going to use it or if it isn’t fixable, decide whether it should be sold, donated, or thrown away.
  2. Step two – Clear out your Fall & Winter clothes to make room for Spring & Summer. For some that means moving things into storage or another closet, for others, it means swapping the back of the closet for the front. Be sure to be gentle with storing certain items – I like to polish boots before they’re returned to their boxes, make sure overcoats are on the appropriate hangers (to avoid those stretched out shoulders), and I put books or other items inside handbags to help them keep their shape.
  3. Step three – Go through everything. Every hanger, box, shelf, and cupboard should be reviewed. Here’s where you find pieces you forgot about, things you’ve never used, items that you forgot to return etc. Now it’s time to pass judgment. If you haven’t used it in a year, it may be time to let it go. If you don’t like the style or the trend has passed, time to let it go. If you can’t remember why you bought it, time to let it go. And so on and so forth.

Note: Be brutal! I used to have a terrible habit of hanging onto things I didn’t use or want, just because I didn’t want to get rid of them. Like holding onto a dress because some day Letting Go of Your Fantasy Self post I might fit into it. Or keeping a pair of heels that I physically couldn’t walk in, because they were beautiful and had a designer label. If you need some help on this front, check out my Letting Go of Your Fantasy Self post.

You can also check out Minimalist Challenge | Closet Cleaning with Poshmark & The Real Real for more suggestions and recommendations to get you cleaning.

Stay tuned for the next post in this Spring Cleaning series – Tackling your kitchen!

Do YOU love Spring Cleaning as much as I do?

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Decor Dreaming & Inspiration

While closet cleaning & wardrobe detoxing are huge favorites of mine, they do tend to go hand-in-hand with me wanting to redecorate my entire apartment. Which is an especially dangerous feeling when you live alone and there’s no one to keep you from overhauling your living space multiple times a year.

I’m currently obsessing over black & white color schemes, animal prints, and luxurious, touchable fabrics, and textures.

Decor Dreaming Apartment Decorating Home Decor San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Black & White

{I can’t decide what I adore most in this shot – The framed black & white vintage maps. The combination of textures & fabrics. Or the divine glass-topped matching tables.}

Decor Dreaming Apartment Decorating Home Decor San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Black & White

{I’m a symmetry girl usually but I’m mad about this gallery wall featuring different sized prints with mismatched frames. It’s really eye-catching & eclectic.}

Decor Dreaming Apartment Decorating Home Decor San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Black & White

{The rug, the lighting, the bookshelves… Such a gorgeous, minimalist loft space.}

Decor Dreaming Apartment Decorating Home Decor San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Black & White

{This, my friends, is how one executed the desired “pop of color” trend when it comes to home decor.}

Decor Dreaming Apartment Decorating Home Decor San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Black & White

{I have a soft spot for dark, moody furniture hues in light-filled spaces and I love how the extras make this black desk suit the space perfectly.}

{Images from Belle Maison Pinterest Board}

In the mood for more decor inspiration & organization tips? Check out Spring Cleaning: Closet Detox, Spring Cleaning Recommendations, and Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks.

What are YOUR decor obsessions right now?

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Spring Cleaning: Closet Detox

I love Spring Cleaning. Love it.

I probably go through this similar ritual at least once a quarter. It’s cathartic. I love getting rid of clothes and doing deep cleans and rearranging my things. Somehow it gives me a different perspective.

In years past I’ve focused on reorganizing my closets and storage spaces, but this year I put in some much needed effort on the curating side of things. I went through every single piece in my closets and in my drawers to see what I wanted to keep, what I’ve never worn, what can be sold, what should be donated… It was quite a process but the end result of was an amazing sense of accomplishment and sartorial peace of mind.

Now I know if I reach for something it will fit and won’t need to be tailored or sent to the dry cleaners prior to being worn. Everything is current, and ready to wear.

Spring Cleaning Closet Organization San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

So how did I get through this process? Read on!


I talked a bit about my first time using Twice here – Girls Night Out Fashion – And I’ve had nothing but great experiences since then. You order a selling kit online, fit the bag with clothes, shoes & handbags from approved brands {everything from Zara to designer pieces}, and then you’ll get an email with an offer for your order. Easy peasy Japanesey.


Poshmark is, without a doubt, the easiest and best way to sell your clothes and accessories online. The app makes it super easy and effective to not only sell, but shop as well.

You can check out my closet here under the username Moicontrelavie.


The rest of the clothes and accessories from my closet cleaning whirlwind were donated to the Goodwill.

Spring Cleaning Closet Organization San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

{Images from Closet Porn Pinterest Board}

Getting rid of so much this year was really cathartic, I somehow feel lighter and more free, and an added bonus is that now I can actually move the hangers in my closets!

Want more Spring Cleaning suggestions, not to mention a killer dose of interior decor inspiration? Check out Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks and Spring Cleaning Recommendations.

How do YOU approach Spring Cleaning?

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Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks

I vacillate between thinking of Spring Cleaning as a necessary evil and counting down the days before I can get started.

Why? I think that your relationship with Spring Cleaning depends entirely on: (1) How organized you feel your home already is, and (2) How much you’re itching for a change.


When I’m feeling prepared, Spring Cleaning doesn’t seem that daunting. Having just moved, things haven’t degenerated much yet so I’m ready to rearrange, clean, organize, and make some changes. In the past, however, I’ve been so overwhelmed that I skipped Spring Cleaning entirely… 🙂

Since I’m still finalizing the style of my new place what I’m excited to tackle this Spring is rearranging and updating my décor {i.e. finishing my stalled decorating} and focusing on organizing my closets and cupboards.


Adding colorful accents like pillows, throws & rugs, updating your wall art, and rearranging furniture to give your rooms a different feel are all quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive ways to give your home a fresh feel.


{DENY Designs Kal Barteski “Carpe Diem” Decorative Pillow}

My apartment décor is black & white but I added a splash of drama with eye-catching gold vases & metallic silver candles and fun decorative pillows to keep things visually interesting.


My Spring Cleaning this year is going to be focused on organizing my closets. I did a great job of getting rid of things when I moved in November so now I’m going to organize my closets so that everything is accessible and in good shape.

Here’s my tentative plan of attack:

  1. Visit the Container Store for clear storage cubes – I’ll stack these on the floor of the closets and they’ll hold everything from stationary and documents to beauty products, belts & wallets. Getting smaller things out-of-the-way and in one central location makes finding things a breeze when you’re in a hurry.
  2. Once the smaller pieces are arranged and no longer clogging up drawer and surface space I can concentrate on my clothing and accessories. First I like to go through everything and see whether things need to be mended, dropped at the dry cleaners, or whether they need something special to keep them stored like boot inserts or padded hangers.
  3. I prefer to keep things hung up when there’s space so my dresses, tops, skirts, and pants are arranged based on color and length on matching hangers.
  4. Jeans, t-shirts, pajamas, undergarments, and gym clothes are folded in my bureau and in under-bed bins so I’ll go through them and make sure everything fits and is ready to go. Shaking things out and refolding is a good habit to get in, otherwise you’ll pull something out only to realize you can’t wear it without steaming or ironing.
  5. Finally – Last but not least – Shoes. I need to do some serious damage control on my verging-on-out-of-control shoe collection. I’ll check to see whether each pair fits, whether anything needs a trip to the cobbler, and find a fun new way to arrange them.


If you’re in the mood be sure to check out my other posts on Spring Cleaning & Closet Organization

What’s YOUR favorite part of Spring Cleaning?

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Spring Cleaning Recommendations

When Spring starts to peek out its head my need to clean, reorganize, and purge become overwhelming. I want to redecorate and cut my hair and rethink my beauty routine and clean out my closets. Needless to say it’s a productive time of year in my household.



The first task that I tackle each Spring is rearranging and inventory my closet – Move your warm weather clothes so they’re more accessible, store your Winter pieces, and make a list of new pieces that you want to add for the season.

*Need more inspiration to get into your closet and start cleaning? Check out my Closet Porn Pinterest board for some seriously gorgeous closet shots that’ll motivate and inspire you!

Home & Office Decor:

My go-to reorganization tip for Spring is adding color or fun prints to a room – It’s amazing how much of a change a boldly colored pillow or bouquet of flowers or new piece of art can change the feel of a room!


*Not sure where to start? Check out my Belle Maison Pinterest board for home decor that’ll make you swoon!



Something that’s easy to forget is that your beauty products, skin care, and makeup all have expiration dates. Spring is a great time to go through your makeup bag and bathroom drawers and throw out old or never used bottles – Make room for something new!

*Check out my Beauty Must Haves board on Pinterest for some fun new products to try & new ways to organize your goodies

Are you a fan of Spring Cleaning? Tell me – What’s your #1 tip or go-to project each Spring?

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