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Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is often met with horrified shrieks of denial, frantic trips to the gym, or even late night Google searches for “How many calories are in red wine?” This year I decided to do things a little differently and try to get excited about swimsuit season instead.

I mean, tropical vacations, lazy days on the beach, and fun, flirty suits in bright colors, bold prints, and eye-catching cuts? Sign me up!

To help get you in the mood for swimsuit season Moi Contre La Vie has partnered with InStyle Swimwear to bring you some fun bathing suit styles to swoon over and even a little discount to get you started!


{Chloe Cozumel by L*Space}

I’m kind of obsessed with this suit!

I love the basic black and the rainbow print, and I even love them mixed together. This set is not only incredibly flattering, but quite functional. If you’re like me and enjoy spending your vacations being active {SCUBA diving, horse back riding, ATVing, parasailing…} then this is the suit for you. Really pretty and eye-catching, but it’ll stay on and stay comfortable for the day!


{The Ava by Vitamin A}

I love the lace-up details on this suit, they give it a flirty vibe, and the olive-green hue is really flattering – Not only will it look lovely against a tan, but it’s a great color for the ghostly pale like me as well.

Keep in mind though that strapless suits aren’t for everyone – If you’re heavier on top you may want to find a style with more support so you’re comfortable & secure.


{Savasana by L*Space}

Speaking of active – If you’re in the market for a suit that’s functional enough for your weekly lap swimming as well as knock-em-down cute, the Savasana should make the list.

I love the sporty chic style with the little cut-outs as well as the grey & yellow color combination, it’s both versatile and fun.


{Martini by Profile by Gottex}

If you’re in the mood for a one-piece don’t think for one moment that you’ll be relegated to the boring or frumpy section of the swimwear shop. This sleek one-piece is classic and flattering, but still sexy as hell.

And with something as beautiful and versatile as this suit you’ll probably want to just pull on a maxi skirt or wrap a sarong around your waist and head straight from the beach to the restaurant!


{Raja Bandeau by Pily Q}

If “less is more” is your go-to when it comes to your vacation style than this suit is a killer choice – The silhouette is minimal but the print & colors are fun and bold.

The simple bandeau style is really easy to wear – And accessorize – And the rolled sides on the bottoms will flatter a number of body types.

Related Reading: Get yourself ready for swimsuit season – Mentally and physically – Can be a challenge. Check out last year’s Swimsuit Season series for tips, recommendations, and inspiration! Swimsuit Season: How To Get Bikini Ready, Swimsuit Season: Travel Workouts & Swimsuit Season: Find The Perfect Swimsuit.

What’s YOUR favorite style of swimsuit?

If you’re as taken by these fun, flattering suits as I am you’ll be thrilled to hear that Instyle Swimwear is offering my lovely readers a little discount. Using the code MCLV10 you’ll get 10% off from 29 January to 12 February – So start shopping!

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Swimsuit Season: Travel Workouts

Welcome back to the Swimsuit Season Series – So far we’ve covered how to mentally & physically prepare for swimsuit season {Swimsuit Season: How To Get Bikini Ready}, and how to choose the perfect bathing suit {Swimsuit Season: Find The Perfect Suit}. So today we’re going to chat about how to stay in shape, and confident in your swimsuit, while you’re on vacation.

Swimsuit Season Workout Motiviation Fitness Gym Travel Workouts Fitlife San Francisco Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Blogger

My Tried & True Tips:

  1. Since you “can’t outtrain a bad diet” I focus on what I’m eating while I’m on vacation – Rather than over indulging and feeling worse for wear after sugary cocktails and giant meals, I drink TONS of water and make the focus of my meals fresh fruit and salads. Bonus? You get to sample all the fabulous local produce!
  2. Even if you’re a sunbather and prefer mellow time laying on the beach try to fit in some healthy activity – Hiking, swimming, snorkeling, beach yoga, SCUBA diving… Wherever you’re vacationing there are sure to be some great outdoor activities you can participate in.
  3. Bodyweight activities like push-ups, planks, and core work are your best friend while you’re traveling. They’re quick, effective, and can be done anywhere – From an airport to a hotel to the pool.

Swimsuit Season Workout Motiviation Fitness Gym Travel Workouts Fitlife San Francisco Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Blogger

{Images from Workout Motivation}

Expert Suggestions:

  1. Try classes & activities in the city you’re visiting – Whether you’re walking through the park or hitting up a local gym, you can experience a little more of the city while you get in some exercise. Read: 4 New NYC Workouts That Are Actually… FUN
  2. There are some simple moves & bodyweight exercises that you can easily do while you’re on the road, even from your hotel room! Read: Get Trim, Lean, and Toned – At Home & 6 Key Benefits of Non-Equipment Workouts & 15 Exercises to Try Today!
  3. Don’t forget to keep yourself motivated by uploading a fun new playlist – Workout Playlist: Girls Rock

What’s your secret weapon for staying in bikini shape while you’re traveling?

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Swimsuit Season: Find The Perfect Swimsuit

One of my personal goals for June was to get myself toned & ready for bathing suit weather – You can check out my first post on this topic for tips & recommendations on getting fit – Swimsuit Season: How To Get Bikini Ready.

Step two in the journey towards enjoying swimsuit season is finding the perfect suit for your body type. I for one don’t fit into any of the convenient body type categories magazines use and finding the right bikini is definitely an exercise in trial and error. Check out the three great new suits that I picked out for 2013 at the bottom! <3


Check out these previous posts from MCLV on finding the right suit for your body & some of my favorite suits from seasons past – Bathing Suit Season… Le Sigh and Bathing Suit Season.



{Pictures from Swimsuit Season Pinterest board}

As for me, my new bathing suit purchases this year include this fierce TopShop Bandeau Suit, a too cute Forever 21 Zebra Bikini, and to fulfill my love of one-piece retro inspired swimsuits I picked up this fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs Maillot Swimsuit.

Need more bikini porn? Check out my Swimsuit Season Pinterest board for all the inspiration you can handle!

What’s your favorite style swimsuit for this year?

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Swimsuit Season: How To Get Bikini Ready

Step one in the race for the beach is getting yourself healthy & in shape. And, of course, mentally preparing yourself… 🙂 So read on for what my Swimsuit Shape-Up plan is and some great tips & suggestions for getting yourself ready for your first beach, river, pool trip of the season!

Swimsuit Shape-Up:

My four-week plan to get bikini ready hinges on three important factors: (1) Spending some quality time at the gym, (2) Making healthy food choices, and (3) Staying motivated. For me the third is almost as important as the first two in terms of reaching my goals. We’ve all gone on a super healthy kick only to burn out a few days later and fall off the wagon!


Here’s my plan for the next four weeks:

  1. Eat Clean – No takeout, nothing processed, no packaged foods. Whole foods only. Smoothies, salads, stir fried or sautéed veggies & raw produce. Not sure what to snack on when you’re busy or traveling? Try baby carrots + hummus, Larabars, raw almonds, or a healthy sweet treat like mini gluten-free protein cakes or energy bites.
  2. 4-5 Weekly Workouts – Getting to the gym consistently is incredibly important so I’ll be aiming for 4-5 workouts a week including full-body circuits, core focused routines, and physical therapy. Plus daily walking.

Tips & Recommendations:

Sometimes, as hard as you work, the day you have to suit-up is thwarted by bloat or water weight. FitSugar is full of tips for getting back to your lean self – Flat Belly, Fast: 15 Ways to Debloat Today.


Your mentality when it comes to bikini time is important – Like with most of life’s obstacles, if you approach it with a negative mindset you won’t get the results you’re hoping for. Not sure how to improve your outlook? Read Garance Dore’s Don’t Freak Out.

Does the idea of adding weight training to your fitness routine intrigue you but you’re not sure what the first step should be or where to start? Check out Natalie Jill Fitness’s You HAVE to lift HEAVY if You Want to Lean Out and Change Your Body for some great insights!

Not sure what foods are best in the last few days before a trip? Try rehydrating and fiber-filled fruits and vegetables – MindBodyGreen has all the details in their 5 Best Foods For A Beach Body.

Something to keep in mind when you’re working hard to meet a fitness goal are the perils of over-training. If you don’t give yourself enough time for recovery and get enough sleep, you won’t see the results you’re hoping for. Check out this great piece on rolling our your muscles from Women’s Health – Soothe Muscle Soreness.

What are YOU doing to get yourself ready for swimsuit season?

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