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MCLV Travel Diary | Packing Your Travel Toiletries Bag

Welcome to back to the MCLV Travel Series! After chatting about getting ready for your next vacation in this post, today we’re covering the first step in packing – Your travel toiletries bag!

I’ve broken down the goodies into four categories and you may not need all of the items or all of the categories, but it should give you a good starting point when you work on your kit!

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These are the “don’t leave home without them” essentials that you really don’t want to forget. I’ll generally go for natural and/or fragrance free products since I don’t want to irritate my sensitive skin while I’m traveling. I often have to pack these for two because someone never remembers shampoo or floss.

Skin Care:

Here’s where things get interesting! My daily skin care routine changes all the time as I add in new products and adjust things based on how my skin is doing. I also love using samples and trying new products while I’m traveling, since they’re so conveniently sized. I know some people refuse to use new things when traveling, so it’s all about what makes you comfortable.

Here’s what I’m packing skin care wise for my next trip:



Regardless of whether you have a finicky stomach or food allergies like me, sometimes it’s a good idea to have certain items on hand when you’re traveling. I keep a bag with all this stuff in my toiletries kit:

What goes in YOUR toiletries kit?

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MCLV Travel Diary | Toiletries

My general packing mentality is to plan well and pack light – And that applies to toiletries as much as it does to my ‘no more than 3 pairs of shoes’ policy.

I never check bags so my toiletry kit contains lots of minis and travel or sample size products. I love trying new things while I’m on trips, as well as packing my favorites. However, I will confess, that when the boy plans to check a bag, I will hide some of my full-sized beauty essentials in his bag. That’s especially helpful on tropical trips since it allows me to bring ALL THE SUNSCREEN.

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Here’s a peek at my current travel essentials:

What’s in YOUR toiletry kit?

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MCLV Style: New York City

New York City BABY!

As I’m sure you picked up, I was beyond excited for this trip – Seeing my best friend, attending IFBCON, and getting the chance to spend some quality time in NYC, a city that I’ve been having a love affaire with for years now.

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Check out more outtakes from this shoot here – just log into Facebook to view

When I was packing for my trip to New York I found myself in a quandary – it was going to be extremely hot and humid but I’m a fairly formal dresser. Luckily for my internal body temperature this was the first Summer that I’ve worn shorts since Junior High, so I packed a few pairs for the trip. But how to style them? Shorts & a tank might be an appropriate bathing suit coverup, but for walking down the streets of New York City? Definitely not!

So with that in mind I paired my exposed zipper shorts from Zara with a striped tee with a rhinestone embellished collar, tons of chunky silver jewelry, ankle strap heels, and an oversized envelope clutch. I was comfortable temperature-wise, but still felt stylish enough to strut my stuff all over Manhattan! 🙂

Interesting in more fashion from my September trip to New York City? Check out these previous posts:

Did you have fun wearing shorts over the Summer? What’s your favorite style of shorts to wear when the weather heats up?

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