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MCLV Travel Diary | How to Beat Jetlag

I still remember my first terrible jetlag experience. I flew to Tokyo for work and didn’t get on local time for the entire trip. It was awful. Though getting back on San Francisco time was a breeze…

Luckily I’ve done a lot of traveling since then and I’ve picked up some great tricks and tips to help beat jetlag.

Today’s essentials.


For international travel I highly recommend an overnight flight. Arriving at your destination in the morning is a great way to give yourself a fighting chance to get on the local time. If that’s not an option, try to schedule a flight that arrives during the day. Which leads to my next tip…


When you land in your destination – Go outside! The most basic way that your body knows what time it is, is light. Your body is used to being awake when it’s light out, and asleep when it’s dark. So head outside for a walk, sightseeing, or laying on the beach/pool deck. Let your body know what time it is after all those hours in the clouds.


Getting in a sweat session once you land in your destination is a must. You’ve been seated forever for a while so the movement will help get your blood moving and loosen your muscles. Walk, run, swim, gym session – Whatever you have the time and energy for! Even 10 minutes of stretching can be super beneficial. I love to travel with booty bands since you can do so much with them and they take up zero space.


It’s so tempted to start the flight with champagne or start drinking coffee the moment you wake up. Fight the urge and order water. Staying hydrated will help you in so many ways – Keeping your muscles from cramping, helping you fight off what the guy coughing next to you has, hydrating your skin… It works wonders. I like to pack a water bottle on my travels and refill it throughout the day so I’m not relying on single use plastic.

Stay Awake:

Naps are SUPER tempting when you’re in a new time zone, but don’t give into the urge. In fact, try not to sit down! If you sit on a comfy hotel bed you’re toast. Try as hard as you can to stay up until a reasonable “bedtime” in the local time zone. I always have a plan for after I land to help me stay moving. On our recent trip to Australia we had a field trip planned for as soon as we unpacked our suitcases!


You’ve gotten light, you’ve worked out, you’ve stayed awake – Now what? Now you have to try to sleep through the night! Melatonin or magnesium can help you stay asleep once you’re down. Working out will also help wear you out!

What’s YOUR go-to jetlag tip?

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MCLV Travel Diary | Healthy Preparation Hacks

While it may be a little TMI, we all know how quickly an upset stomach or digestive issues can ruin a trip.

Real quick.

And since I have a finicky system to begin with, I take a lot of care when I’m traveling. I also have a few tried and true healthy hacks that I start before I leave for a trip, that I thought I’d share. Any and all of these tips can be started a few days before a trip and continued through the trip if you’d like.

This Glowing Green Smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse filled with spinach, avocado, pineapple, chia seeds and almond milk for more energy, focus and glow! | Healthy Smoothies | Weight Loss | Energizing Smoothies | Breakfast | Snack | #greensmoothie #skincare #glowingsmoothie #smoothies #feelgoodfoodie


Drink ALL the water. Travel is dehydrating. Flying is dehydrating. Hot locations are dehydrating. It will help your skin, your digestion, and your jetlag. So drink up. And sadly, that doesn’t mean coffee or champagne. Water is where it’s at. Can’t make yourself drink water? Try adding fruit for a spa water treat or a sugar-free electrolyte mix.


Another way to get and stay hydrated is enjoying smoothies and/or low-sugar juices. I tend to favor smoothies since you’ll get all the great fiber from the fruits & veggies, but to each their own!


I always start taking a daily probiotic a week or so before a trip. A non-refrigerated variety is great since you can bring it along on your trip.

Ginger & Lemon Tea:

Nothing soothes an unhappy tummy quite like ginger tea – And bonus points for a lemon ginger mix. I frequently have a tea at night so before I trip I just swap whichever herbal tea is on rotation for lemon ginger.


I’m a huge Natural Calm fan and it’s especially helpful for travel. Magnesium is calming and helps your body prepare for bed, which is extra helpful if you get thrown into a new time zone. I take it every night and bring packets with me when I travel and even on the plane. You can also try magnesium-rich foods in the evenings – Nuts, dark chocolate, spinach, tofu, avocados, and legumes are good sources.

You can see more about how I stay healthy while I travel here:

Do YOU have any travel tips?

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MCLV Travel Diary | Packing Health Goodies

I tackled my Summer packing list and my toiletry essentials recently so I wanted to carry on with the MCLV Travel Diary series and talk about my “health” bag.

What does that mean?

Well, in addition to the usual things like toiletries and some serious snacks, my suitcase always has a health bag. If you’ve ever had a trip ruined by your body or your body’s reaction to something, you’ll understand the wisdom of carrying some of these items. Everything from teas to superfood supplements to first aid, these are my happy traveler, good health necessities.

Travel Diary Wanderlust Traveling Health Goodies Healthy Living San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Goyard

  • Ginger Tea – Helps with upset stomachs which is good if you have food allergies or get motion sickness
  • Digestive Tea – Please don’t make me explain this one…
  • Sleepy Time Tea – To help me relax during long flights and bad nights
  • Daquil & Nyquil – Just in case
  • Mini First Aid Kit – You never need this. Until you need it. Better to have it, I promise.
  • Dramamine – I’m usually fine on boats, but nothing ruins a day on the water faster than getting sea sick
  • Beano – This can help if you have a sensitive system and are eating new foods
  • Pepto Bismol Tablets – This is another must have when I’m traveling, perfect for those little upset stomachs that sometimes pop up when you’re off your routine
  • Motrin – Great when you’re sore, have a headache, or whatever else pop up
  • Miscellaneous Feminine Products – Because, you never know…
  • Natural Calm – My go to nighttime calming product
  • Kora Organics Noni Glow Skinfood satchets – Superfood supplement packets that you dissolve into water, it’s an easy way to get some nutrients while you’re traveling

What do YOU travel with to make sure you stay healthy and happy? What should I add to my kit?

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MCLV Travel Diary | Summer Packing List

I’ve talked about travel and my packing tips in the past, so in honor of the start of Summer, I thought I’d tackle a warm weather packing list for your trips this season.

When it comes to packing – I am a minimalist. I want to have everything that I need, obviously, but nothing more. I never check my bag and will plan my outfits ahead of time.

Below is my packing list for a five day Summer trip. I’ll be driving rather than flying, which always gives you a touch more flexibility in terms of packing. 🙂 The weather will be in the high 80’s so take that into consideration if you’re personalizing my list for your needs! https:


In general, I’ll keep things basic when it comes to beauty products. If I’m flying, I’ll check my ziplock to ensure that I have all of my essentials and see if I have any great new samples to add. When I’m taking a road trip, I’ll take my full-sized daily rotation.

Summer Packing List Traveling Travel Diary How To pack San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness LIfestyle Blogger






What’s on YOUR Summer packing list?

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Travel Diary: Chania Crete

Welcome to the first MCLV Travel Diary entry for my 2015 trip to Greece. Since I’m having such a wonderful trip I wanted to take the time to share a bit of what I’ve learned and experienced.

Travel Diary Chania Crete Lighthouse Travel Lifestyle Fashion Food Fitness Blogger

Our first destination was Chania –  Pronounced Ha-Nee-A – A picturesque port town located near one of the two airports on Crete. We rented an adorable two bedroom apartment a block and a half off the water which turned out to be the perfect location. Walking distance to the main square circled by cafés, grocery shopping, bakeries, and other little shops, close to a gorgeous old cathedral, and a few minutes from the restaurant-lined port.

We loved having the apartment as a jumping off point and spent a week happily making ourselves at home and taking day trips to all the nearby Must See locales. If you go online, fill out a form & pay a small fee you can register for an international drivers license and rent a car, the easiest and most efficient way to traverse the mountain covered island of Crete.

Below were some of our favorite destinations in and around Chania:

Chania Lighthouse – One of the Mediterranean’s oldest lighthouses, known as the jewel of the city. It’s a great little walk out to the sea wall and over to the tower, and it’s a landmark that you can see from all around the surrounding areas. I did a daily run from our apartment around the port with a little breather at the lighthouse each morning before we headed off on our next adventure.

Tamam – This little restaurant was one of the best meals we had while we stayed in Chania. Great atmosphere, lovely wine list, and seriously killer food. I didn’t think I’d find myself at a restaurant with too much food to consume but when I finally stopped to breathe I still had three half-full plates in front of me!

Travel Diary Chania Crete Lighthouse Travel Lifestyle Fashion Food Fitness Blogger Elafonisi White Sand Beach

Elafonisi – This small island off the Southwest coast of Crete has beautiful white and pink sand beaches, a stunning view of the aqua sea, and even some rocky crags for climbing. Whether you’re in the mood for snorkeling, rock & shell collecting, sunbathing or swimming, this is a charming location.

Milia Mountain Retreat – Up in the mountains above Chania there’s a sustainable, organic community that has a rustic eco-tourist approved restaurant. We stopped for a tasty lunch after a day at Elafonisi – Lots of veggie friendly options in a gorgeous mountainside cabin and they love to tell you about their food.

Imbros Gorge – This rocky canyon is a great hike for the actively minded tourist. Open most of the year and fairly easy to traverse, the 11km gorge is a great place for bird watching, the occasional sheep sighting, and enjoying the natural beauty of Southern Crete. Even the drive had some breathtaking vistas and stunning views of the snow-capped mountain range running through the center of the island.

Tavern Strata – This little family owned restaurant was our first stop upon arrival and we were welcomed by extremely friendly staff who helped us with our Greek sayings, answered all our first-timer questions, and served us excellent food & the best wine we had on the island. Unfortunately they don’t sell bottles of it, so if you want to taste this amazing local blend you have to stop by & ask for the house red!

Travel Diary Chania Crete Lighthouse Travel Lifestyle Fashion Food Fitness Blogger Elafonisi White Sand Beach

Chania Diving Center – After getting certified in the South East Asia and diving state-side in Hawaii, the sea life of Crete may not have been the most extraordinary I’ve witnessed, but the coral-covered caves and caverns were a Must See. We were lucky enough to get a private day of diving with the experienced & knowledgeable owner of CDC and loved everything from the dive sites to the shop front to the snacks!

Have YOU ever been to Greece?

Be sure to stay tuned for the Travel Diary for the rest of my stops on this Greek adventure, and follow me on Instagram for more pictures!

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