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MCLV Style: Airport Fashion

When I’m traveling I have a standard uniform – The pieces may change slightly, but I have to confess that my airport fashion has been consistent for years.

Airport Fashion Travel Style Traveling Bay Area San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

Leather Leggings – BCBGMAXAZRIA

Black Tunic – Les Mechantes

Antigona Satchel – Givenchy

Skull Print Scarf – Alexander Wang

Airport Fashion Travel Style Traveling Bay Area San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

I want simple, easy to accessorize, and comfortable. That means leggings or stretchy slim-fitting pants with an oversized tunic. And I always keep a pashmina with me in order to avoid using airline blankets during a flight.

Airport Fashion Travel Style Traveling Bay Area San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Photography by KatwalkSF}

These faux leather BCBGMAXAZRIA leggings are currently on repeat because they go with everything and are dangerously comfortable. They’re the perfect travel style paired with this Les Mechantes tunic and my favorite Alexander Wang skull print scarf.

What do YOU wear when you travel?

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Travel Style

One of the many times that I feel like I was born into the wrong decade is when I travel. Why? Because I dress to travel!

So there I sit, surrounded by tracksuits and Uggs, feeling utterly out-of-place & daydreaming about scenes from North By Northwest and Sabrina. I mean, hello – Train station + Turban!

Travel Dress to Fly Audrey Hepburn Sabrina Turban San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

While a chic white turban and toy poodle sound divine, I try to be a bit less theatrical when I travel. Most of the time. ūüôā

Travel Style:

Comfort¬†– Being comfortable is the most important thing when I fly. Especially now that I’m recovering from a spinal injury, I’m not adding to my overall misery by wearing four-inch heels or a mini skirt.

Duration¬†– If it’s a¬†short jaunt to LA I have one type of travel uniform, however if it’s an¬†international trip I usually bring a change of clothes as well as a toiletry kit. You have to plan ahead.

Destination¬†– It’s easy to forget, but try to keep in mind that it could be a completely different temperature when you land. Layers are key!

Travel Dress to Fly Traveling Flying Cashmere Pashmina San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Accept no substitution – A cashmere pashmina is a must! Collection 59 Solid Pashmina Wrap fromBloomingdale’s}


Black¬†– Traveling in all black is something¬†that I’ve come to terms with¬†over the years. It helps with matching, frantic last-minute sprints to the airport, and spillage.

You only have to realize you’re wearing navy blue and brown when you thought it was black and grey one time before you come¬†to the realization that black-on-black is the answer to stress free travel.

Layers – My usual in-flight uniform is slim black pants, a tank top or sweater depending on the season, cropped or boyfriend blazer, and an oversized pashmina.

Layers are important because when you travel your already overstressed body has to cope with constantly changing temperature. From 90 degrees as you get out of the cab to room temperature in the airport to freezing air blowing in your face – All within the span of 30 minutes!

International –¬†For a¬†long flight {8+ hours} I usually board and de-board in one outfit and spend the majority of the flight in something cozier. In my under-the-seat-bag go thick socks, leggings, a long-sleeved tunic, and a toiletry kit.

Travel Dress to Fly Traveling Flying San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Travel Beauty Tips Eve Lom Recovery Mask Beauty Blogger

{This is the BEST mask ever – Eve Lom Rescue Mask}

Tip: Pay attention to your skin when you fly internationally! I take off my make-up, moisturize, sometimes do a face¬†mask, and keep my toothbrush handy when I’m going to be traveling out of the US.

Want more? Check out Who What Wear’s 13 Celebrity Airport Looks To Inspire Your Spring Travel Wardrobe¬†and Vogue’s adorable Modern Manners: Travel Etiquette‚ÄĒThe Rules of the Road.

What’s¬†YOUR travel style?

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