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Travel Style

One of the many times that I feel like I was born into the wrong decade is when I travel. Why? Because I dress to travel!

So there I sit, surrounded by tracksuits and Uggs, feeling utterly out-of-place & daydreaming about scenes from North By Northwest and Sabrina. I mean, hello – Train station + Turban!

Travel Dress to Fly Audrey Hepburn Sabrina Turban San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

While a chic white turban and toy poodle sound divine, I try to be a bit less theatrical when I travel. Most of the time. ūüôā

Travel Style:

Comfort¬†– Being comfortable is the most important thing when I fly. Especially now that I’m recovering from a spinal injury, I’m not adding to my overall misery by wearing four-inch heels or a mini skirt.

Duration¬†– If it’s a¬†short jaunt to LA I have one type of travel uniform, however if it’s an¬†international trip I usually bring a change of clothes as well as a toiletry kit. You have to plan ahead.

Destination¬†– It’s easy to forget, but try to keep in mind that it could be a completely different temperature when you land. Layers are key!

Travel Dress to Fly Traveling Flying Cashmere Pashmina San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Accept no substitution – A cashmere pashmina is a must! Collection 59 Solid Pashmina Wrap fromBloomingdale’s}


Black¬†– Traveling in all black is something¬†that I’ve come to terms with¬†over the years. It helps with matching, frantic last-minute sprints to the airport, and spillage.

You only have to realize you’re wearing navy blue and brown when you thought it was black and grey one time before you come¬†to the realization that black-on-black is the answer to stress free travel.

Layers – My usual in-flight uniform is slim black pants, a tank top or sweater depending on the season, cropped or boyfriend blazer, and an oversized pashmina.

Layers are important because when you travel your already overstressed body has to cope with constantly changing temperature. From 90 degrees as you get out of the cab to room temperature in the airport to freezing air blowing in your face – All within the span of 30 minutes!

International –¬†For a¬†long flight {8+ hours} I usually board and de-board in one outfit and spend the majority of the flight in something cozier. In my under-the-seat-bag go thick socks, leggings, a long-sleeved tunic, and a toiletry kit.

Travel Dress to Fly Traveling Flying San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Travel Beauty Tips Eve Lom Recovery Mask Beauty Blogger

{This is the BEST mask ever – Eve Lom Rescue Mask}

Tip: Pay attention to your skin when you fly internationally! I take off my make-up, moisturize, sometimes do a face¬†mask, and keep my toothbrush handy when I’m going to be traveling out of the US.

Want more? Check out Who What Wear’s 13 Celebrity Airport Looks To Inspire Your Spring Travel Wardrobe¬†and Vogue’s adorable Modern Manners: Travel Etiquette‚ÄĒThe Rules of the Road.

What’s¬†YOUR travel style?

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New York City

One of my New Year’s Resolutions major goals for 2014 is to squeeze in as much traveling I possibly can this year. Having back surgery last Summer definitely put a damper on my jet setting in 2013! ūüôā

And I’m getting right on this goal – The next couple months will be filled with long weekends away and shorter getaways that I’m really looking forward to.


My first stop?

New York City, baby! For a much-needed long weekend filled with fashion, friends, and fabulous times in the city that never sleeps!

Are you planning to get away too?

Check out some of my packing suggestions, travel prep tips, and recommendations to help make your next trip memorable!

 Where are YOU going on your next trip?
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Travel Tips

With my excitement for¬†a year filled with¬†traveling, and exploring new cities on my mind I’ve got a serious travel bug right now, so here are a few of my tried & true Travel Tips that you can employ for YOUR next trip.



Rolling is key. Rather than fold your clothes try rolling them into little bundles. Not only do you get fewer wrinkles this way, you also save precious space for other things. Like more shoes!

I’m a big supporter of plastic bags & pouches when I travel – Not only for liquids & toiletries, but to keep smaller things together {think: jewelry, belts, accessories} and separate things like tights which may get runs if a shoe buckle or zipper snas them.

I also never check bags – It’s one oversized handbag and a carry-on bag for me regardless of the duration of the trip. I moved to Italy when I was 21 with just a rolling weekend bag!


I’m all about mixing & matching when I travel. Separates increase your options exponentially since each piece can go with something else in your bag. Just add diversity with eye-catching accessories!

Limit the shoes. I know this tip won’t be a favorite among my fashion-loving readers but it’s one that I live by. 2-3 pairs of shoes for a trip – A pair of flats, heels, and boots if it’s a cold weather adventure. {Plus gym shoes if applicable!}

When I’m on a long flight I pack socks, leggings¬†& slippers in my purse. I also keep a little¬†toiletry¬†kit in there as well with the following essentials: lotion, tooth-brush & toothpaste, face cleansing wipes & a face mask. After take-off I head to the restroom to change into a more comfortable outfit, clean my face, and prep my skin to recover from the flight.



Face masks, unscented¬†lotions, and face-cleansing wipes are my saviors both on long flights and when I’m traveling. They’re always the first thing I check to make sure is in my¬†toiletry kit.

Don’t forget the sunscreen! Whether you’re heading to the beach or a snowy Winter wonderland you need to protect your skin. I usually bring two smaller tubes when I travel¬†– A¬†gentle, oil-free variety for my face and my trusty Neutrogena for the rest of me.

My top beauty tips for when you’re traveling? Water and sleep. Honestly, no product has yet to be invented that can do as much for your body, face, and skin than getting enough water and sleep.


As tempting as it is to guzzle Diet Coke, coffee, or booze on your flight, opt for water instead. And coconut water. And more water. I always buy a large water & coconut water once I’m through the security check to take on the plane with me. If you’re really nice sometimes the flight attendants will even refill them for you.

I pack food for my flight rather than nosh on the expensive processed junk food on the plane. In fact, I usually pack for my trip as well as my flight since I like to have snacks with me at all times. My go-to travel goodies are:

  • Larabars
  • Raw Almonds
  • Fruit & Nut Trail Mix
  • Emergen-C Packets
  • Vega Protein Powder Packs



It doesn’t matter if your flight is only¬†an hour-long, flying is hard on your body. Stretching & walking are important so try to get up and move around if you can. When I’m on longer flights you can usually find me in the back doing yoga. ūüôā

The first thing that always goes into my bag for a long trip are my gym clothes. If I use up the suitcase space for them I’m even more compelled to go to gym or out for a run. {Note: I usually skip them for shorter weekend trips}

Need some more tips? Check out Travel Time & Wanderlust.

What are YOUR best travel tips?

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Weekends Away – Styling, Deciding & Packing

With Summer tragically coming to an end, this three-day weekend for the Labor Day holiday is something to cherish and celebrate. Maybe even something to get out-of-town for!

We always have magazines, websites, blogs, and even friends¬†giving us advice and suggestions, telling us what’s fashionable, what we¬†should wear, how best to accessorize our looks… But what about how to pack all of that fabulous¬†into a weekend bag?

Whether you’re heading to the beach for a relaxing, low-key weekend or planning a killer weekend of parties in New York City,¬†long weekends are¬†all about preparation! So with that in mind here are some great articles on packing, traveling in style, and how to maximize your suitcase space for this holiday weekend.


If you’re looking for great styling tips or fun new ways to pair the pieces in your wardrobe Wendy’s Lookbook is the perfect inspiration. But she can also help you prep for a trip with advice on what to wear when you travel and how to pack your jewelry, bags, shoes, and delicate pieces – Up In The Air:: Comfy Maxi Dress & Packing Segment.

The Jet-Setter’s Ultimate Guide to Traveling (Anywhere) in Style¬†features everything from¬†the Must Haves for¬†a tropical vacation to what you should bring when you’re heading up to New England. Comfortable shoes, nautical-inspired stripes, chic sunglasses – Whatever you’re considering

Who knows better than a stylist how to pack the perfect pieces for a trip? WhoWhatWear knows this well and their segment Ask A Stylist with Nicole Chavez is just what you should be reading if you’re beach bound – I have lots of weekend trips planned for this summer, so I’m wondering what are 10 essentials I need to pack?


The jet-setting crowd probably knows better than most just what should be added to your bag before a trip – They do it all the time! Check out Olivia Palermo’s What To Pack: A Long Summer Weekend. And I couldn’t agree more about the steamer –¬†My friend got me one for my birthday a few years ago and it was without a doubt the greatest gift I’ve ever received!

Sometimes the hardest part about packing isn’t deciding what to put into your bag –¬†it’s trying to pair down what you’re taking and fit it efficiently into your luggage. We’ve all¬†experienced the horror of¬†laying out all of the¬†perfect outfits on the bed but then realizing you can’t zip up your bag.¬†Summer Suitcase: Tips For Packing Light.

Beauty Products:

Flying. Sunburns. Celebratory cocktails. Late nights. While all of these add up to a great vacation, they can leave you looking tired and haggard if you’re not properly prepared. And while¬†I’ve talked about my makeup essentials before – MCLV’s Makeup Bag & Always On Hand¬†– what about the things that you need to take with you for a weekend away? Or, heaven forbid, the mini sizes you’ll need to stock up on before climbing onto a plane?

Stock up on mini sizes of your favorite products next time you’re at your usual beauty counter or invest in mini bottles to keep your toiletries kit from overflowing. Read other great tips from Vogue in Beauty: Pack Lightly.

Or you can get creative when you travel and search out fun, new products to try out like¬†cool balms and powders that become the liquids we’re used to when you¬†add water!¬†Refinery 29 has all the things to try in their Travel Accessories – Toiletries Checklist.

Those of us who travel often –¬†even just for weekends away – learn to keep a fully functional toiletry¬†kit prepped at all times. Learn from the best and see what The Glamourai keeps in hers – { The Glamourai Guide } To Quick Getaways.

Now tell me the truth, after reading these inspirational pieces on how and what to pack, are YOU ready to get out-of-town for the long holiday weekend?

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Links You’ll Love


Who knows more about traveling in style than a model who spends her life hoping on planes to new destinations for short periods of time? So check this out –¬†Jessica Stam Shares Her Best Travel Tips¬†with Modelinia.

If you’re decorating like The Glamourai than you’re probably in the market for new and exciting wall art. Next to rugs and furniture, art is one of the most expensive parts of decorating a home, so why not make a piece yourself? { DIY } Tumbling Block Art.

Do you have Olympic fever? Why not admire these fantastic athletes for more than just their athlete prowess Р6 Stylish Olympians Who Have Amazing Off-Duty Style!


Sometimes you need to turn to the experts for tips and ideas –¬†5 Style Tips Stolen From Our Favorite Bloggers.

As you know I’m quite dedicated Zara fan, so why not indulge ourselves in some fabulous fashion courtesy¬†of the much-loved¬†Spanish retailer – Lace & Leather, Florals & Frills: 12 Fabulously Femme Zara Finds.

Health & Fitness:

One of my favorite apparatuses in the gym is¬†the medicine ball, it’s versatile and always gives me a¬† great workout. Don’t believe me?¬†¬†Ab Exercises Using a Ball – 3 Core-Strengthening Moves Using a Medicine Ball.

10 Foolproof Ways To Get The Happiest, Dreamiest Sleep Ever!

If you want to be healthy one of the most important factors is getting enough sleep. From hectic schedules to stressful lives to poor diets, there are many ways that your sleeping habits can be affected for the worse. Gala Darling has you covered – Hey, Tired Girl… Here’s How To Get The Happiest, Dreamiest Sleep¬†Ever!

If you’re interested in a vegetarian or vegan diet but are worried about your protein intake – Don’t! Read my Plant-Based Protein post or The No Meat Athlete’s Protein for Vegetarians ‚ÄĒ A Simple Guide to Getting What You Need.


Dessert time! Check out these delicious, raw, nut-based vegan bars from FitSugar (Forget the Oven! Nutty Vegan No-Bake Treats) or try mom, baking genius, and author of Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love Sarah Matheny of Peas and Thank You’s Triple Chocolate Zucchini Cake.

My number one suggestion to people who ask for dieting and healthy lifestyle tips is to keep track of what you’re eating. Mindless snacking and eating multiple servings in a sitting are the biggest threats to a healthy diet, so check out these apps and start keeping track of what you put in your mouth – Food Journal iPhone Apps to Lose Weight on the Go.

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