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MCLV Travel Diary | How to Beat Jetlag

I still remember my first terrible jetlag experience. I flew to Tokyo for work and didn’t get on local time for the entire trip. It was awful. Though getting back on San Francisco time was a breeze…

Luckily I’ve done a lot of traveling since then and I’ve picked up some great tricks and tips to help beat jetlag.

Today’s essentials.


For international travel I highly recommend an overnight flight. Arriving at your destination in the morning is a great way to give yourself a fighting chance to get on the local time. If that’s not an option, try to schedule a flight that arrives during the day. Which leads to my next tip…


When you land in your destination – Go outside! The most basic way that your body knows what time it is, is light. Your body is used to being awake when it’s light out, and asleep when it’s dark. So head outside for a walk, sightseeing, or laying on the beach/pool deck. Let your body know what time it is after all those hours in the clouds.


Getting in a sweat session once you land in your destination is a must. You’ve been seated forever for a while so the movement will help get your blood moving and loosen your muscles. Walk, run, swim, gym session – Whatever you have the time and energy for! Even 10 minutes of stretching can be super beneficial. I love to travel with booty bands since you can do so much with them and they take up zero space.


It’s so tempted to start the flight with champagne or start drinking coffee the moment you wake up. Fight the urge and order water. Staying hydrated will help you in so many ways – Keeping your muscles from cramping, helping you fight off what the guy coughing next to you has, hydrating your skin… It works wonders. I like to pack a water bottle on my travels and refill it throughout the day so I’m not relying on single use plastic.

Stay Awake:

Naps are SUPER tempting when you’re in a new time zone, but don’t give into the urge. In fact, try not to sit down! If you sit on a comfy hotel bed you’re toast. Try as hard as you can to stay up until a reasonable “bedtime” in the local time zone. I always have a plan for after I land to help me stay moving. On our recent trip to Australia we had a field trip planned for as soon as we unpacked our suitcases!


You’ve gotten light, you’ve worked out, you’ve stayed awake – Now what? Now you have to try to sleep through the night! Melatonin or magnesium can help you stay asleep once you’re down. Working out will also help wear you out!

What’s YOUR go-to jetlag tip?

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MCLV Travel Diary | Healthy Preparation Hacks

While it may be a little TMI, we all know how quickly an upset stomach or digestive issues can ruin a trip.

Real quick.

And since I have a finicky system to begin with, I take a lot of care when I’m traveling. I also have a few tried and true healthy hacks that I start before I leave for a trip, that I thought I’d share. Any and all of these tips can be started a few days before a trip and continued through the trip if you’d like.

This Glowing Green Smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse filled with spinach, avocado, pineapple, chia seeds and almond milk for more energy, focus and glow! | Healthy Smoothies | Weight Loss | Energizing Smoothies | Breakfast | Snack | #greensmoothie #skincare #glowingsmoothie #smoothies #feelgoodfoodie


Drink ALL the water. Travel is dehydrating. Flying is dehydrating. Hot locations are dehydrating. It will help your skin, your digestion, and your jetlag. So drink up. And sadly, that doesn’t mean coffee or champagne. Water is where it’s at. Can’t make yourself drink water? Try adding fruit for a spa water treat or a sugar-free electrolyte mix.


Another way to get and stay hydrated is enjoying smoothies and/or low-sugar juices. I tend to favor smoothies since you’ll get all the great fiber from the fruits & veggies, but to each their own!


I always start taking a daily probiotic a week or so before a trip. A non-refrigerated variety is great since you can bring it along on your trip.

Ginger & Lemon Tea:

Nothing soothes an unhappy tummy quite like ginger tea – And bonus points for a lemon ginger mix. I frequently have a tea at night so before I trip I just swap whichever herbal tea is on rotation for lemon ginger.


I’m a huge Natural Calm fan and it’s especially helpful for travel. Magnesium is calming and helps your body prepare for bed, which is extra helpful if you get thrown into a new time zone. I take it every night and bring packets with me when I travel and even on the plane. You can also try magnesium-rich foods in the evenings – Nuts, dark chocolate, spinach, tofu, avocados, and legumes are good sources.

You can see more about how I stay healthy while I travel here:

Do YOU have any travel tips?

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MCLV Travel Diary | Packing Your Travel Toiletries Bag

Welcome to back to the MCLV Travel Series! After chatting about getting ready for your next vacation in this post, today we’re covering the first step in packing – Your travel toiletries bag!

I’ve broken down the goodies into four categories and you may not need all of the items or all of the categories, but it should give you a good starting point when you work on your kit!

MCLV Travel Diary Wanderlust Traveling How to Pack your Travel Toiletries Kit San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger


These are the “don’t leave home without them” essentials that you really don’t want to forget. I’ll generally go for natural and/or fragrance free products since I don’t want to irritate my sensitive skin while I’m traveling. I often have to pack these for two because someone never remembers shampoo or floss.

Skin Care:

Here’s where things get interesting! My daily skin care routine changes all the time as I add in new products and adjust things based on how my skin is doing. I also love using samples and trying new products while I’m traveling, since they’re so conveniently sized. I know some people refuse to use new things when traveling, so it’s all about what makes you comfortable.

Here’s what I’m packing skin care wise for my next trip:



Regardless of whether you have a finicky stomach or food allergies like me, sometimes it’s a good idea to have certain items on hand when you’re traveling. I keep a bag with all this stuff in my toiletries kit:

What goes in YOUR toiletries kit?

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Wanderlust | Caribbean Adventures

What’s a Friday without some daydreaming? This year my Wanderlust is taking me down to explore the Caribbean to search for new experiences.

While I love traveling and still have tons of places to visit, the last few years have been focused more on diving trips than visiting new cities or hiking through ancient ruins. Hopefully I’ll get some of those on the calendar in the next few years, but for now I’m enjoying tropical destinations, exploring the oceans, and seeing new plant and animal life.

After Costa Rica and Cozumel, this year’s destination is the furthest south of the Caribbean islands, Bonaire, in the Dutch Antilles.

Boneaire Caribbean Wanderlust Travel Diary Traveling San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Beach Tropical{Is there anything that makes you think of vacation more than crystal clear water?}



Boneaire Caribbean Wanderlust Travel Diary Traveling San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Beach Tropical

{The diving is supposed to be INSANE. Lots of undisturbed areas and beautiful plant and animal life. I’m hoping to find Atlantis.}

Boneaire Caribbean Wanderlust Travel Diary Traveling San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Beach Tropical

{Isn’t this insane? It’s salt. Salt pyramids. So crazy}

Boneaire Caribbean Wanderlust Travel Diary Traveling San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Beach Tropical

{Beach me please. I love jumping off of cliffs into water and tide pools, but sometimes a beach is just what the doctor ordered. Even though I hate sand. :)}

Boneaire Caribbean Wanderlust Travel Diary Traveling San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Beach Tropical

{I’m beyond excited to take my diving to a new level on this trip – We’re going to level up and get our Advanced Open Water certification while we’re on vacation.}

{Images from Wanderlust Pinterest Board}

What’s next on YOUR travel calendar?

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MCLV Travel Diary | Vacation Planning

It’s nearly that time.

The weather is starting to warm up. You’re starting to have (more) trouble concentrating at your desk. Social media is filled with beautiful people posing in beautiful locations… That means time for Summer vacation!

So, as we’re heading into vacation season, I thought I’d do a series of posts to help you prepare, pack, and execute a killer trip. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a vital step in the process and feeling like your trip is ruined.

MCLV Travel Diary Vacation Planning Wanderlust San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger How to Pack Plan

Handbag – Givenchy Antigona Satchel

Striped Bikini – Polo Ralph Lauren

Black Straw Hat – Ted Baker London

There’s lots to cover, so let’s get going!

Travel Documents:

You’ve planned the trip, now it’s time to make sure you can get there!

  • Photo ID and/or passport {make sure they aren’t expiring within 6 months of your trip!}
  • If you’re renting a car, do you need an international drivers license?
  • Do you need a travel visa?
  • Will you be purchasing travel insurance?

Travel Warnings:

Before a trip to a new country, or even a new city in a country I’ve already been to, I like to do a few quick checks to make sure that I’m totally prepared.


These may seem like no-brainers, but you’ll be glad that you made sure to check!

  • Weather – Be sure to check the weather! It’s easy to fall into the trap of “it’ll be warm” and not check the specifics. Especially when it comes to tropical locations, because being aware of storm and monsoon seasons can make all the difference in the world!
  • Food – I like to review the restaurants and shops near my accommodations before I leave using TripAdvisor. That way I know that I can find something to eat in a pinch. I also like to pack a snack bag for my trips.
  • Language – If you’re going somewhere that speaks a different language, it’s a good idea to learn a few helpful phrases. Apps like Duolingo are a great way to brush up on or learn bits of new language. Even if everyone is predominantly able to speak English, they’ll appreciate the occasional please and thank you in their native tongue.
  • Stay in Touch – I always use WhatsApp when I travel internationally, no data fees or international phone plans necessary, just download the app and text whenever you have WiFi.
  • Currency – Be sure to check on what the local currency is at your destination and do some research on the best exchange rates. Often times your bank will have a good rate and you can just use a local ATM. Which brings me to my last tip – Update your credit card company and/or bank with your plans so that you don’t get fraud alerts while you’re traveling.

Next up – Packing! Stay tuned for posts on packing your toiletries, clothes, and extras to make sure that you have everything you need, but aren’t bringing the whole house!

What’s YOUR most important item to tick off when you’re getting ready for a trip? Am I missing anything?

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