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Vacation Fitness | Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

While it’s always fun to try a new workout regime or set a goal for yourself  in the gym to get ready for a big trip – You may also want to get in some fitness while you’re traveling.

Not only do I enjoy working out, and the ensuing endorphin high, but my body also benefits greatly from regular workouts, which isn’t something I want to let go of while I’m on the road.

Below are a few tips for fun, social ways you can get in some sneaky, or not so sneaky, fitness when you’re on vacation.

Vacation Fitness Tips to stay healthy on the road San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Virgin Sport SF Bay Area Half Marathon

  1. Explore on Foot – When you’re visiting a new city, try exploring on foot to view the city from a different angle. You’ll get to sightsee and stay active.
  2. Bands – I usually travel with a resistance band in my suitcase. It takes up no room and you can do a full range of workouts. Check out these band workouts from Tone It Up here.
  3. Bodyweight Workouts – When I’m out-of-town and don’t have access to a gym, I’ll try to start the day with a short bodyweight workout. Push-ups, squats, mountain climbers, planks etc. You can get a full body workout in just a few minutes.
  4. Start Peddling – Renting a bike is a great way to see a new city and cover some serious mileage over the course of a day. Don’t forget your helmet!
  5. Water Sports – If you’re vacationing near a lake, river, or the ocean, you should check out what water sports are available. From swimming to water skiing to SCUBA diving, there’s a fun way to stay active in the water.
  6. Running – My favorite way to explore a new city is going for a run. London, Paris, Rome – I’ve run through them all. Especially in the morning, it’s such a beautiful way to see a place wake up. I love it when I’m escaping the city as well – Trail runs and hikes are a great way to see the local landscape.

What’s YOUR favorite way to stay fit while you’re on vacation?

This the fifth post in the Virgin Sport #GoFitYourself series. If you’re in the Bay Area, you should check out the Virgin Sport Fitness Festival in San Francisco this October. Haven’t heard about it yet? Check out the first post here – Virgin Sport San Francisco.

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Traveling & Eating

I’ve been traveling a great deal this Summer. In fact, I’ve only been in San Francisco for one weekend over the last two months. While that mostly just means errands and “life” things getting done during the week rather than on weekends, it also means I’ve become something of a professional in the art of food packing.

I like to have healthy options available when I travel, but more than that, I don’t want anyone worrying about feeding me or stressing about menus that are Caity-friendly when they could be focusing on more important things.

So what are some of my go-to snacks & easy meals for weekends away?

Trail Mix: While store-bought mixes are a great option in a pinch, I like to make my own with raw nuts & seeds if there is time. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & organic raisins. Trader Joe’s has great options for raw nuts & organic dried fruit made without chemicals.

Homemade Larabar Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Raw Dairy-Free San Francisco Bay Area Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Healthy Recipe

Bars: I’ve been making this Homemade Larabar recipe about once a week. They’re perfect for traveling and you can just throw in whatever ingredients you have on hand.

Energy Bites: I keep a batch of Protein Energy Bites in my freezer at all times. They’re the perfect pre or post-workout snack AND ideal for traveling.

Crudite: Sliced veggies and hummus are an easy go to. You can even simplify things further by snagging pre-washed bagged veggies from your local grocery story. Perfect if you’re short on time!

When YOU’RE traveling, do you bring food?

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MCLV Style: Airport Fashion

When I’m traveling I have a standard uniform – The pieces may change slightly, but I have to confess that my airport fashion has been consistent for years.

Airport Fashion Travel Style Traveling Bay Area San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

Leather Leggings – BCBGMAXAZRIA

Black Tunic – Les Mechantes

Antigona Satchel – Givenchy

Skull Print Scarf – Alexander Wang

Airport Fashion Travel Style Traveling Bay Area San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

I want simple, easy to accessorize, and comfortable. That means leggings or stretchy slim-fitting pants with an oversized tunic. And I always keep a pashmina with me in order to avoid using airline blankets during a flight.

Airport Fashion Travel Style Traveling Bay Area San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Photography by KatwalkSF}

These faux leather BCBGMAXAZRIA leggings are currently on repeat because they go with everything and are dangerously comfortable. They’re the perfect travel style paired with this Les Mechantes tunic and my favorite Alexander Wang skull print scarf.

What do YOU wear when you travel?

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Travel Etiquette

Welcome back to another Etiquette post. If you’ve missed out on the first two posts of this series you can catch-up right over here: Salon Etiquette & Gym Etiquette.

Whether you’re heading out-of-town for a weekend on the train or hopping on a plane for a few weeks away from it all, there are some rules to live – And travel – By when you hit the road.

Read on for some of my top Travel Etiquette tips to help you navigate the world of travel without breaching etiquette or falling victim to poor manners.

Travel Etiquette Wanderlust Travel Quotes San Francisco Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Beauty Blogger

[1.] Remember – You are not alone

Please, for everyone’s sake, refrain from doing the things that you would only do in the privacy of your home – From nail clipping to singing aloud – These aren’t for public consumption.

We all thank you!

[2.] Be cognizant of noise levels

I listen to music non-stop while I’m traveling, it helps pass the time and keeps my stress levels down, but I always make sure that I’m not disturbing the people around me. Speakerphone conversations, phone calls of a personal nature, and hearing-ruining volumes that everyone around you can hear should all be avoided.

[3.] Watch what you eat

Highly aromatic foods can disturb or even nauseate the people around you so try to keep that in mind when you’re planning/buying your travel meals. There are tons of easy-to-carry foods that have little to no scent so try some of those on your next trip – Salads, fruits & veggies, nuts & trail mix, and energy bites and all tasty, healthy options.

I once sat next to someone who ate a rotisserie chicken on a train from Paris to the South of France and I swear I could smell it on my clothes and in my hair for the next two days!

[4.] Keep an eye on your things

Yes, the automated voice over the loudspeaker urging you not to leave your belongings unattended is easy to tune out, but that doesn’t mean that she’s wrong. Make sure you’re tidy, that you know where all of your luggage is, and that you’re not in other people’s way. I spend a good portion of my time in airports and train stations tripping over people’s rolling suitcases because they don’t know where they left them.

For the sake of my perpetually clumsy, I urge you to keep an eye on your things!

Travel Etiquette Wanderlust Travel Quotes San Francisco Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Beauty Blogger

[5.] Be reasonable

Repeat after me – When you’re traveling, SHIT HAPPENS.

And sometimes, that shit is bad. Delayed flights, lost reservations, missing luggage – It sucks and it’s easy to lose your cool over. Tension and stress are high, but try your hardest not to take it out on the people around you. It’s not the gate attendant’s fault that the plane left without you, and the poor crew manning baggage claim didn’t intentionally ruin your trip by misplacing your suitcase.

Rather than overact and risk ruining your trip with a bad attitude, try deep breathing, going to your happy place, or thinking about how much worse things could really be. Not helping? That’s why there’s a bar at the airport!

{Images from Wanderlust}

What travel rules do YOU live by?

Want to see more of my travel tips? Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing my upcoming Greek Island adventure.

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Wanderlust: Travel In Style

One of my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions was to start traveling more. After a spinal injury had kept me home for a few years, I was excited to finally get back to my Wanderlust To Do List. Last year I visited some of my usual destinations – New York, Los AngelesAlbuquerque – But I also made time for trips to London, Maui, and New Orleans. All for pleasure rather than business which made it all the more fun.

This year I’m taking a longer-than-usual trip to visit some of the Greek Islands and am counting down the days. I’ve also got trips to Los Angeles and New York planned, as well as some fun road trips and perhaps, if I’m lucky, another quick jaunt over the pond to London.

Want some tips on travel that I’ve picked up over the years? Check out some of the posts below!

Now here’s some inspiration for your next adventure – There’s nothing quite like traveling in style!

Wanderlust Travel In Style Traveling Packing San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street StyleWanderlust Travel In Style Traveling Packing San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street StyleWanderlust Travel In Style Traveling Packing San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

Wanderlust Travel In Style Traveling Packing San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

Wanderlust Travel In Style Traveling Packing San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Images from Wanderlust}

What’s YOUR dream destination for 2015?

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