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MCLV Style: Caftan Vacation Style

Every once in a while I’ll see a piece – Or more often, a handbag – And immediately in my head I shout: “Mine!”

And that’s just what happened with this bold red caftan from Les Mechantes.

Caftan Vacation Style Les Mechantes San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

Red Caftan – Les Mechantes

Red & Gold Heels – ShoeMint {Similar here, here & here}

Gold Chainlink Necklace – Banana Republic

Gold Wire Cuffs – BCBGMaxAzria

Caftan Vacation Style Les Mechantes San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

I saw this baby while Les Mechantes was doing their pop-up at The Yard near the ballpark – It’s such a fun, bold color and the draped silhouette is flattering and, most importantly, utterly forgiving.

All perfect for a relaxing vacation lounging seaside in Crete!

Caftan Vacation Style Les Mechantes San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Photography by KatwalkSF}

What I love about this caftan is how you can make it casual and breezy with sandals and a beaded necklace, or take it straight to glam with eye-catching gold jewelry and some killer red high heels.

Do YOU have a favorite vacation piece? 

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Vacation Beauty: 5 Must Have Products

When I’m traveling I want my beauty and skin care routine to be as simple and effective as possible. A few killer products with minimal preparation time is what I always strive for.

For my tropical Spring Break adventure this year I rounded up my favorite goodies for my trip so read on to see what five products have made the cut!


I recently fell head-over-heels in love with eco-friendly Bay Area skin care company Algenist.

Vacation Beauty 5 Must Have Products Travel Packing San Francisco Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger

For this trip I’m packing their divine Regenerative Anti-Aging Lotion for nighttime TLC along with my favorite travel oil for daytime wear – Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47.


After seeing great results from the Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Lotion I just had to try out their Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid with SPF 50, and I can confirm that I was not disappointed.

It’s the perfect lightweight sunscreen for your face and neck on a daily basis. Zero grease!


I’m a huge fan of Tarte Cosmetics and their Cheek Stain in Tispy {a gorgeous sheer coral hue} is the perfect one-stop-wonder when you’re traveling.

Use it on your cheeks, lips, and eyes for a touch of shine and color. There’s nothing perfect for sun-kissed skin!

Vacation Beauty 5 Must Have Products Travel Packing San Francisco Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger

Lip Balm

Keeping lips healthy and protected from the elements is a necessity on active trips like mine – Between salty air, sea water, and a shining sun, it’s easy for that sensitive skin to start to look a little worse for wear.

I keep Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Stick with SPF 15 in my toiletry kit for this very reason!


In all of my years of concealing I’ve never used a product as effective, and versatile, as Yves Saint Laurent’s TOUCHE ÉCLAT. Ask any beauty guru or make-up artist and they’ll inevitably have this baby in their tool bag.

Cover blemishes, brighten eyes, highlight… This is a true multi-tasker!

What’s YOUR vacation beauty routine?

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Spring Break: Packing

Here’s the third, and final, installation in my Spring Break series. If you missed out on the first two you can find them here: Spring Break: Preparation & Spring Break: Shopping.

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I pack. Why do I get this question so often? Because I don’t check bags and always manage to get everything into a single carry-on that I can, actually, carry.

So today I’ll be breaking down some of my top tricks for minimizing and getting everything that you need into one bag.

Spring Break Travel Wanderlust Packing Tips Beauty Fashion Travel Lifestyle Blogger San Francisco

[1.] Choose Versatile Pieces

Nothing in your bag should have a single purpose. For a Spring Break-type of trip think – A simple black maxi dress that can be thrown over a bathing suit around the pool or worn with a cropped jacket & wedges for dinner.

I usually focus on solid colors that can be mixed and matched with ease so for this trip, in addition to workout/hiking gear, I’ll be packing cropped pants, tunics, soft t-shirts, a skater skirt and a simple maxi & skater dress.

[2.] Minimize Footwear

Whether you’re planning a warm weather vacation or a work trip, choose shoes that can go with various pieces in your bag and don’t double up on types – i.e. You don’t need three different pairs of heels for a weekend away. I promise!

For my upcoming 10 day trip I’ll be bringing a pair of Brooks running shoes, Loeffler Randall ballet flats, and these cute, go-with-everything nude Aldo sandals.

[3.] Learn To Accessorize

The quickest & easiest way to spice up a look is with accessories. Belts, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and scarves can change your outfit so completely that it looks like different pieces!

This chic little blue Asos dress can go from barefoot on the beach over a retro one-piece swimsuit with my favorite striped Kate Spade tote to dinner out on the town with a cropped jacket, ballet flats & an envelope clutch.

Spring Break Travel Wanderlust Packing Tips Beauty Fashion Travel Lifestyle Blogger San Francisco

[4.] Plan Ahead

If you plan looks in advance you can pack the absolute minimum. When you start blindly throwing things into you bag, you lose track of what you’re packing and end up with a suitcase filled with things you don’t need. I’m not saying you need to plan out each day, but have an idea of what’ you’re preparing for.

For this upcoming trip – Heavy on exploring and staying active – My styles will be broken down into three categories:

  1. Sightseeing/Wandering
  2. Hiking/Active time
  3. Water Activities

[5.] Stay Organized

Ziploc bags and zippered pouches are a traveler’s best friend so stock up. Not only should you separate liquids to avoid spills, but you can bag your shoes and dirty clothes to keep the rest of your luggage clean, and even keep jewelry from getting tangled.

I always keep an eye out for cute little pouches and pull them all out when I start packing.

Need more packing help? Check out – Carry On Packing & Vacation Planning: Packing.  

What’s YOUR top packing tip?

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Spring Break: Shopping

Welcome to the second installation of my Spring Break series. In preparation for my upcoming trip to Greece I’m sharing some of my tips and recommendations for getting ready for your next trip.

{If you missed the first post you can check it out here – Spring Break: Preparation.}

Today I’ll be sharing some of the shopping I’ve done to get myself ready for this island-hoping adventure.


I had most of the basics that I wanted to take with me for this trip but I picked up a few fun new pieces and accessories to help me put together some EASY looks while I’m overseas.

This Les Mechantes caftan was the first thing to get swooped up during my shopping weekend – Perfect for dinner out, throwing over a bikini, or sightseeing.

I also swooped up a new pair of cropped white jeans from Paige Denim {On sale – Bonus!} and cozy t-shirts and tunics from Splendid for layering.

Spring Break Shopping San Francisco Fashion Beauty Style Travel Blogger Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizer


The very first thing that went into my suitcase was sunscreen. Of course. It doesn’t matter whether you’re as pale as me or perfectly tanned, you need to protect your skin when you’re going to be increasing your sun exposure. Especially if you’ll be at a different part of the equator than your skin is used to.

My top picks for this trip – i.e. sun, sand, and lots of travel time – Are the Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47, the utterly divine Eve Lom Rescue Mask {I actually put this baby on while I’m on the plane and by the time you land your skin looks amazing}, and Algenist Firming & Lifting Eye Gel. I just discovered this anti-aging San Francisco-based company and I’m completely obsessed!


If you’re anything like me, you plan ahead when you’re traveling. Not only am I staying in houses rather than hotels so that I’ll have access to a kitchen, I’m also going to take some Must Haves with me to ensure I stay well fed during my trip.

Some of my go-to travel snacks are:

Need more travel preparation tips? Check out my posts on Carry On Packing and Weekends Away: Styling, Deciding & Packing.

And don’t head out for your next trip until you take a peek at this Must Read – Travel Etiquette!

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Spring Break: Preparation

As I’m amping up for my island hoping adventure in mid-April I thought it would be fun to do a little series to share how I get ready for a Spring Break-style vacation.

Today we’ll cover how I preparing for two weeks of bikini-wearing, then I’ll be back to chat about shopping for my trip, and how to pack for your next get away.


One of my favorite health-related adages is: “You can’t out train a bad diet.” A close second is: “Abs are made in the kitchen.” What do both of these sayings have in common? They reinforce the truth that diet is extremely important when it comes to getting into shape or losing weight.

While I’m a great fan of green juices and have tried – And enjoyed – A few juice cleanses over the years, those aren’t sustainable habits. Definitely a great way to jump-start a healthy new approach to your diet, but don’t try to survive on juice alone for extended periods of time. If you want to get your booty into fighting shape what you need to do is clean up your diet.

Stirfry Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo San Francisco Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Recipe

Load up on healthy, fresh whole foods like local produce and whole grains. Cut processed foods, eating out, and convenience items. Not sure where to start? Look up your local Farmers Market and go on a fun tasting adventure – See what looks good and load on up healthy, local produce.

Currently I’m chowing down on veggie-filled stirfry dishes, protein smoothies, energy bites & focusing on clean green eating.


While diet may be more important, exercise still plays a major role in getting your body into top fighting shape. And even more crucial is exercising consistently.

I’m currently keeping myself engaged and enjoying myself by mixing things up. In my mind my current exercise regime can be broken down into three different categories:

Beginners Fitness Workout Gym Fitness FitLife Lorna Jane Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle San Francisco Blogger

  • Gym – Aiming for 3-4 workouts a week and these circuits include everything from jump roping to bodyweight moves like push-ups, planks & lunges to weight training.
  • Running – My 1-3 runs a week are my favorite stress-reducing pastime, when I hit the road I’ve got a grin on my face and can’t wait to explore. I’m currently doing 1-2 shorter runs midweek that are 3-4 miles long, and a longer weekend trail run that’s between 6-10 miles depending on how much time I have.
  • Classes – I love taking classes after work during the week when my schedule permits. Pilates and yoga are my go-to’s, but I also really enjoy boxing and can’t wait to add martial arts to my repertoire.

Looking for some ideas to mix things up at the gym? Try bodyweight and core moves, kettlebells, and medicine balls. All great ways to increase strength!

How are YOU getting ready for Spring Break?

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