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Fitness Friday: Boxing

If you’re keeping up with my Fitness Friday series for July you’ll know that I’m having a blast trying different classes offered by Fitness App Vint. After meeting the team for a workout and launch party, I took on the challenge of giving some of their trainers a go. First I tried the strength training class – A mix of rings and body weight moves, and then I got to try the class I’ve been most excited about – Boxing!

After a blood pumping warm up we worked on form and footwork. It was almost like one of those motivational training montages from a sports movie. Except that by the end I could barely lift my arms.

Fitness Friday Boxing Vint Fitness App Workout Gym Working Out

But even as I jabbed and shuffled and crossed, I had a grin on my face. This is a workout that’s not only great for toning your whole body, but incredibly fun.

Luckily I have some solo exercises I can practice on my own while I schedule my next session!

Have YOU ever boxed?

Want to join the Vint revolution with me? Get a $10 credit if you sign up here!

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Fitness Friday: Strength Training

Last Friday I shared my first experience with San Francisco-via-Stockholm fitness app Vint. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve partnered with them for the month of July to bring you some experiences from the trenches!

The first class that I signed up for was Strength Training with Brandon. The usual space was out of commission so we met in a nearby park for a bodyweight and ring workout. There was one other guy there and we had a blast chatting and cracking each other up while Brandon tried his best to crush our spirits.


South Park San Francisco Fitness Lifestyle

Sort of.

One of the reasons I was so excited to give Vint a try is because I’m bored and plateauing with my usual workouts. This strength training session really pushed me. I was exhausted and already feeling sore when the hour came to an end and as I sit writing this, four days later, I’m still sore.

And it feels AMAZING.

When I put in the work, I want to feel it, you know? So tell me… When was the last time YOU were really sore from a workout?

Want to join the Vint revolution with me? Get a $10 credit if you sign up here!

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Fitness Friday Spotlight: Vint Fitness App

If you’re an MCLV regular you’ll know that I’m an active person. I lift, run, do yoga and Pilates, dabble in boxing… I consider myself pretty fit these days despite a chronic back injury.
Well on Saturday this little lifestyle blogger made her way down to SOMA for a fun morning of workouts and healthy treats with Stockholm based fitness app VINT. Not only did I get to meet some amazing fitness & lifestyle bloggers, trainers, and the fabulous team behind the app, but I got to do two workouts with the group.
For a flat monthly fee the app lets you sign up for personalized training sessions at times and locations that are convenient for YOU. Everything from bodyweight bootcamp-style workouts and boxing to dance and yoga. Classes will never have more than 4 people but you may find yourself enjoying one-on-one sessions as well.
It sounded like a pretty killer deal to me and I was excited to put some of their trainers through their paces Saturday. After two bodyweight group workouts I was sweaty, breathless, and pumped up. And then I tried to sit up on Sunday morning…
Vint Fitness App San Francisco Fitness Food Lifestyle Bay Area Blogger
{Check out some more coverage on this fun event from fitness badass Ashley of A Lady Goes West, my partner for the pair workout, Jenna of Jenna Rose Colored Glasses, and fellow fashion & fitness blogger Jill of Champagne For Everyday.}
Since injuring my lower back core has become a way of life.  I take my core work very seriously and I thought that the days of being sore from an abdominal-centric workout were long gone. However as I tried, and failed, to sit up on Sunday I realized that I’d just found a workout that pushed me even further than I push myself.
I’m officially a convert!
You can even get yourself a $10 discount on your first workout if you sign up right now! Click here & join the revolution!
What’s YOUR favorite fitness app?
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