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Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials | 2018 Edition

After tackling the Fall basics that I was relying on earlier this season, I wanted to give you a peek into what’s in my closet for Winter 2018. There’s a lot of layering on top of the Fall pieces, but it’s still pretty simplified as I’m trying to create a more minimalist wardrobe for myself. {Which is, as I’m sure you can guess, an ongoing work-in-progress}

As I mentioned in the Fall Edition of my Wardrobe Essentials, my goal with this series is to help keep my closet and my day-to-day life simple. I was getting tired of all of the unnecessary extras and decided to launch a decluttering campaign for my life. And that trickled down into my closets and my fashion style.

I’ve always loved having great investment pieces, so it wasn’t much of a stress to simplify my approach to dressing a bit more, and I’ve really enjoyed the results. It probably helps that I wear a lot of black. 🙂

My top three tips for preparing your wardrobe for a new season?

  1. Begin with a closet clean out. You don’t know what you’re working with or what you need or what should be replaced, until you clean things out.
  2. Stick to a palette. Whether its neutral shades or black or specific colors or prints, just find your personal sartorial palette. Once you know your hues, you can mix and match with ease.
  3. Practice one in, one out. That means not adding a new piece until you sell or donate an existing piece. This helps keep your wardrobe paired down and easy to navigate.

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Without further ado, here are my minimalist essentials for Winter 2018.

What’s in YOUR closet to kick off 2018? Does a minimalist wardrobe appeal to you?

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Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials | Fall Edition

Over the last year I’ve been working on simplifying my life and that has meant decluttering my wardrobe. So, with a more minimalist approach to fashion in mind, here’s a peek at my wardrobe essentials for Fall.

I’ve never loved the concept of a “capsule wardrobe,” but in my late twenties and early thirties have learned to appreciate the “quality over quantity” approach to shopping and building a useful closet. There’s no denying that having high-quality, perfectly fitted pieces that can be effortlessly mixed and matched for a given season is a great approach.

It simplifies getting ready, reduces the wasted space of tons of pieces in your closet that you don’t wear, and it allows you to save money that you may have spent chasing a trend or buying fast-fashion pieces that would fall apart in a few washes.

So what are my minimalist essentials for Fall? So glad you asked. 🙂

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What are the minimalist basics that YOU need for Fall?

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Fall Wardrobe Essentials

When the seasons change it’s time to rearrange your closet and pull things out from the back or out of storage to add back into your wardrobe.

Now that we’ve survived daylight savings and Fall is officially here, I wanted to tackle my Fall essentials for the season.

This isn’t about trends or what’s appearing on magazine covers, it’s more about the timeless, high-quality staples that you’ll be wearing season after season when the air starts to get chilly.

What I love about these staples is that regardless of your style, there’s a version of these pieces that will suit you to perfection. You just have to find it!

Paris Meets San Francisco Les Lunes Separates Workwear Bodysuit Shopping San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Workwear Office Style Separates Trench Coat Rag & Bone

{Rag & Bone Trench via The Real Real}

Trench Coat:

Trench coats can be a year-round basic. If you tend towards the classics, you’ll need a timeless khaki trench coat, if you like to make a splash, you may want something edgier like this army green version. So many great options out there for Fall!

Slim-Fitting Denim:

I’m not what you’d call a jeans girl. In fact, I’ve had people ask whether I even own jeans. The answer is – Yes. I own jeans and I wear jeans. But only in Fall and Winter.

I’ve found that season after season a solid black or dark-washed denim are the answer to all of my styling questions. They look great with sweaters, they look great tucked into tall boots, and they look great



Some people look amazing in a classic turtleneck – a la Audrey in Funny Face. I, however, do not. But give me a chic little mock turtleneck and I’m a happy girl. They’re perfect for layering this time of year – Whether you like them best paired with jeans and boots or under a cold-weather jumpsuit.

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Oversized Handbag:

I adore crossbody bags, especially for running errands or for throwing over a little printed dress during the Summer, but come Fall this girl needs some more space. An oversized shoulder bag or tote is especially great if you live in a city like San Francisco where you end up hauling around an umbrella and scarf all season long.

Ankle Boots:

Whether you’re a little boho and like a fringe covered boot or a bold red suede or a mid-calf height, every girl needs a killer pair of booties for Fall.

They go just as well with tights and a mini skirt as they do with slim-fitting denim and a perfectly fitted sweater.

What are YOUR Fall wardrobe staples? Am I missing one of your favorites in my list?

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