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Quick Weeknight Dinners

I have a habit of getting into a rut with midweek dinners and make the same things most evenings. They’re healthy, satisfying meals, don’t get my wrong, but there’s not a lot of diversity or creativity happening Monday through Friday. Giant salad beasts, sautéed or roasted veggie dishes, and stir fries are the usual culprits.

In a bid to cook with more types of produce and – Most of all – Keep my palate entertained, here are some ideas for quick weeknight dinners that will get all of us inspired in the kitchen.

Quick Weeknight Dinners Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Dairy-Free San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Recipes

Give me fresh produce and giant salads – And I’m a happy happy girl. I’m currently working my way through Eating Bird Food’s Seven Slimming Meal-Sized Salads and LOVING them. I love making dinners that I can effortlessly adapt for veggie eaters as well as omnivores, so these salads are perfect.

Do you know what a Dragon Bowl is? Me either. But when I saw The Blenderist’s description, I HAD to try it. “Brown  Rice + Roasted Vegetables + Steamed Leafy Greens + Raw Crunchy Vegetables + Nutty Dressing or Sauce.” Yum!! I’m really looking forward to making my own versions of this dish with other veggies and sauces.

Veggie burgers are delicious and quick addition to plan-based meals since you can crumble a satisfying and protein-packed burger into anything from a salad to a stir fry. I can’t wait to try out Pure Ella’s Gluten-Free Vegan Black Bean Burgers!

Quick Weeknight Dinners Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Dairy-Free San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Recipes

Want to give Taco Tuesday a run for its money? This One Pan Mexican Quinoa from Damn Delicious is a winner – Quick, easy, tasty, AND perfect for leftovers.

I start dinner as soon as I get home from the gym so dishes that I can put on the stove and leave while I bustle around the apartment are perfect during the week. This Spicy Vegan Jambalaya from Life Is A Strawberry is at the top of my Must Try List.

You’ll note that most of these picks fall on the simple side. For me, a successful school night recipe is easy and uses ingredients that I already have on hand. Or ingredients that I can swap out with something similar that I do have in the fridge. I feel like weeknight dinners shouldn’t be overly complicated, that just adds to the stress of your day!

I’m not a paint-by-numbers type of girl in the kitchen, I tend to eye amounts and switch ingredients for things I have on-hand or that sound better to me.

What can I say? I’m a rebel. 🙂

Tell me – What type of weeknight dinners do YOU make? Any quick & easy recipes I’m missing?

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