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What’s In My Bag: Everyday Handbag

There’s an ongoing joke at my office about the size of my daily handbag. While I switch things up fairly regularly, some of them could be considered… Sizeable. On weekends I tend towards crossbody bags and carry less with me, but during the week, when I’ll be away from my apartment for 12+ hours a day, I tend to haul my whole life around with me.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s in my bag:

What's In My Bag Every Day Handbag Givenchy Antigona San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

Plus, there’s the handbag itself. This is my baby – A large Givenchy Antigona. I have a medium-sized Antigona as well and it’s the ultimate Mary Poppins bag. You can fit an unbelievable amount of things in it. I always, always take this as my carry on bag when I travel.

What’s in YOUR handbag?

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Urban Expressions: What’s In My Bag

Hello, my name is Caity, and I am bag lady.

That statement is true on a number of levels. Not only do I carry at least two bags on a daily basis – Purse and gym bag – But I’m also a very serious collector. I would happily spend the rest of my life in basic head-to-toe black if I had access to all the handbags that I wanted.

I’m that girl.

And since my bag is essentially a home-away-from-home on a daily basis I thought I’d give you a peek inside.

What's In My Bag Urban Expressions Eco-Friendly Vegan Handbags San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

Bag: White Janie Tote c/o Urban Expressions. I love giant totes like this that I can fill with all my daily essentials.

Calendar: Moleskin Planner. I’m old school and carry an oversized calendar with me everywhere. Addresses, to do lists, notes, etc. – This is my lifeline.

Accessories: There’s always a little black velvet jewelry bag in my purse filled with daily jewelry must haves like my Kamryn Dame bracelets & choker, signet ring, favorite Marrin Costello earrings, and classic pearls.

Make-Up: I usually have my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage compact, Burt’s Bees pink grapefruit chapstick, and a Chanel lipgloss in case of an emergency!

Electronics: I’m an Android girl and could live without my Samsung Galaxy. It takes amazing pictures!

Tell me – Are YOU a bag lady too?

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